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These techniques are exclusive to Magic Mops professional cleaning team and cannot be found or matched anywhere else. Our staff will never cut corners to save on time or rush through any home in order to meet a deadline. Each and every customer can feel assured that when they hire Magic Mops to clean their home that they are getting the very best in the industry.

It is an object of the present invention to further develop a rubber broom of the aforementioned general type such that while being simpler and more reliable to produce, it permits the corners of spaces to be cleaned with the same ease as the known configuration.

All the product info implied this product could help get dog hair out of your carpet. Not a chance. A complete waste of time and money. I guess is not meant to imply that products have actually been tested.

Mop Sink, Floor Mount, 24-5/8l X 21-1/2 W X 15-1/2h Overall, 20 Wide X 16 Front-to-back X 8 Deep Bowl, 16 Gauge Top With v Edge, Full Skirt, 2 Nps Drain With Stainless Steel Removable Strainer Plate, 304 Stainless Steel Construction, Nsf (flyer) more

Usually floor mounted, a mop sink can give janitorial staff a convenient place to fill and empty mop buckets, clean mops and other supplies, and obtain water for other housekeeping tasks. The typical service sink sizes are 28-inches wide and 20-inches front-to-back, and 20-inches wide and 16-inches front-to-back. Each size is available in 6- and 12-inch depths. Useful accessories for a janitor sink include backsplashes to protect walls and floors from splashing water, and drop fronts for conveniently emptying containers.

Good Day, I was wondering about the Sweepa Rubber Broom for animal shelters. I understand this broom is at its best when pulling toward yourself, however at the shelter we need to be going forward as to always be able to keep an eye out for everything. NO carpet to worry about. With that said would it work well for fur, litter, etc., when pushing forward? Thank you for your time. Dee

Tools left on the ground in your workspace can be a tripping hazard waiting to happen. It’s important to have your tools in a safe place that’s out of harm’s way from yourself, other coworkers, or guests to your space. Don’t take the risk of leaving your tools on the ground for people to trip over, walk on, or injure themselves any longer.

Depending on how rake handles were attached, holes may already be in place. If not, use drill with 1/4” bit to drill a hole through each of the rake handle mounts parallel to the tines. This hole will be used to mount the rake head to the pallet.   

Master Tradesman, 15′ x 20′, Blue, Polyethylene Storage Tarp Covers. Lot sale of (5) new Master Tradesman 15′ x 20′ Blue Polyethylene Storage / Utility Tarps by KS America. Rolled Metal Rope / Bungee Grommets Every 3′.

Best. Broom. EVER! I love this thing. You do have to make sure there is a solid connection between the handle and brush, but once that’s established, there isn’t much that can escape these bristles. Hardwood floors couldn’t have a greater friend. This broom won’t scratch like a regular broom, but dust and dirt won’t escape like with a dust mop.

360° Magic Mop Spinning Stainless Steel Spin Dry Bucket 2 Microfibre Mop. Easy mop comes with one dual action mop bucket which includes a spin dryer &rinser mechanism. Dehydration basket is made of Stainless Steel for long and robust usage.

This truly compact tool rack offers space-saving dimensions This truly compact tool rack offers space-saving dimensions but huge holding power for your long handled garden tools. If you only need to store a couple of tools this rack will not waste precious floor space like some of the larger racks do. Easy to assemble never any tools required. …  More + Product Details Close

2. The rubber broom as defined by claim 1, wherein the supporting layer is provided on an upper side with protrusions extending parallel to its longitudinal direction and having a T-shaped profile, and the protrusions are inserted into downward-opening recesses having a corresponding cross-section in the intermediate plate.

We also provide cleaning services for commercial clients throughout the Pierce and Thurston county area. We pride ourselves in supplying professional cleaning services that will make you proud of your facility.

I use this broom to help me clean EVERYTHING! I poke a rag at several points in it and clean walls ansd windows. I clean the tub and shower stalls with it. This is all besides the obvious that it is the BEST broom around. Wood floors and anyone that has pets it’s a wonder! I can put a wet rag down and scrub away with it, the floor spotless in no time! Set the rag off a little and I can clean the baseboards with one easy swipe of the broom NO bending. Did I tell you I LOVE this broom! Thanks 🙂

Cleaning tools: broom, broom, mop, laundry bar, clean ball, laundry brush, bath brush, etc. ◊ Wall Mount Magic Mop and Broom Holder Hanger;. 249026 Magic Mop Broom Holder 1 set. Magic Mop Holder 5 Pos…

Keep your garden tools organized and sharp by cleaning them and then filling those empty clay pots in your homestead with sand. Afterward, stick the tools in. The step by step DIY article is available here!

Shiwala Magic Mop is a household cleaning tool with a swivelling microfiber head and a built-in portable sprayer for convenience. The microfiber head will rotate up to 360 degrees, so you can use this mop to reach into dirty nooks and crannies that many other mops would be unable to get to. You won’t need to replace the head frequently, as it can be cleaned when needed in a washing machine, and it’s safe to put in the dryer, too. Shiwala Magic Mop will safely clean up a variety of messes found on virtually all floor types, such as tile and wood.

In FIGS. 1 and 2, the supporting layer is encircled in the circumferential direction by a bead 10 which entirely encircles the rim of the underside of broom body 1. This precludes damage from occurring when the broom impacts against furniture. Moreover, the bead prevents dirt and moisture from penetrating into the interior of broom body 1, an advantage from the standpoint of hygiene.

The Mop Sink Faucet by T&S: Service Sink Faucet, 2-1/4 to 8-1/4 adjustable centers, 9-1/2 from back of inlets to center of outlet, brace adjustable for mounting up to 2-1/2, polished chrome plated finish, integral stops, vacuum breaker nozzle, pail… more

While some cleaning tools will only remove certain types of dirt, such as pet waste, this mop will wipe up virtually all common household messes, including those caused by food, drink, or tracked-in mud.

Organize all your yard tools with the monkey bar large yard tool rack. This rack will securely store 12-20 yard tools off the floor. Only 4 screws into 2 studs 48 apart, and you’re finished. No longer do you have to hang yard tools on nails on the wall where studs exist; this gives you the versatility to store everything off the ground and regain valuable floor space. This rack does not limit you on the size of yard tools; you can hang a wheel barrow, shovels, rakes, weed eaters, leaf blowers, and hedge clippers.

The Hurricane Spin Mop is the amazing mop and bucket system that cleans practically anything and everything, picking up dirt then spinning it away! Then place it in the dryer side and push on the peda…

a set of bristles arranged on the lower side of the broom body, the bristles being made of an elastic polymer material and forming one piece, the bristles being manufactured as a separate piece from the broom body,

For over 50 years, in addition to same day shipping, Sporty’s has offered same day returns and same day exchanges. Each day, we process all returns and exchanges before new orders go out. We know of no other company who does this!

Flex Seal Colors is the quick way to coat, seal and stop leaks fast. Flex Seal Colors as seen on TV combines liquid rubber bonding in an aersol can, allowing you to fix any leak almost instantly. Just spray on. Flex Seal Colors is perfect for gutters, roofs, pipes and nwo arts and craft projects.…

…Liquid Lawn is perfect for dry patches, dog spots, high traffic areas and frustrating shady sections. And it blends with your existing lawn. Hydro Mouse Liquid Lawn Refill covers up to 200 square feet. Includes 1 lb. Proprietary Grass Seed Blend and 2 oz. bottle of Magic Mousse Formula.

The products PAC offers are designed to mount life-saving tools safely and securely. Versatile and flexible mounting options provide the most efficient and accessible solutions for tools and equipment. Whether new or in-service vehicles, PAC products can be customized for individual needs and requirements.

Some mops featured on Snapdeal allow 360 degrees rotation of the mop head. Several of these items have microfibre cleaning parts for intensive cleaning. If you have parquet flooring, you can look for a wooden floor mop. Browse the products at Homecare home improvement.

Secure hold triple tool holder mounts to the wall and creates a place to store frequent and seasonally used long handled tools such as shovels rakes brooms other garden tools and even heavy items like string trimmings and lawn edges. The holder accommodates three long handled tools and safely and securely stores them. The holder is 35% stronger than the leading hooks providing superior strength. The spring opening and deep v-groove helps keep tools from accidently falling. Providing safety and…