Style suggestion: Multi-purpose storage wall. Why: If your house is short on storage space of all kinds, transforming a blank wall right into a bank of cabinets can fix numerous storage problems in one design step.

I’ve been writing for Wirecutter since 2012, researching and testing home goods like cutting boards, kitchen thermometers, and paper towels. I also own a more than 100-year-old home with roughly 1,500 square feet of hardwood floor, along with sealed tile and stick-on vinyl. I co-own a coworking space with both engineered wood floors and tile in the bathroom. In short, I’ve spent a lot of time comparing products, and even more time cleaning floors.

Nancy, Great question. My tool shed has a dirt floor so I just ran a row of bricks along the bottom and the end of the tools rest on that. I didn’t want them resting on the dirt. I could have attached a wooden shelf for a bottom. On the short tools I did use the wooden sill as a bottom.

To avoid this problem, it’s important to always store your tools properly. It will not just make your garden shed (or a storage space) neat, but it will also allow you to quickly find the tool you need.

Battle rust-causing moisture with this surprising tool-kit addition: charcoal briquettes. These barbecue staples absorb dampness, common in garages and basements where tools are often stored. The briquettes tend to shed dust, however, so place them in a fabric bag before adding them to your box of tools.

This low profile but highly effective broom holder allows you to neatly organize your broom closet, garage, kitchen, laundry rooms or basement. WINOMO is equipped with friction grips that clamp down tightly and securely on broom or mop handles. The grips are designed to adjust automatically to the thickness of the handles. The weight of the broom serves to tighten the grip further but release readily when the broom you lift the handle.

I have a problem in my garage. I have many shovels, rakes, snow shovels, a hoe, and many long-handled garden tools. I have nowhere to put them, though. My garage does not have inside walls, just the main beams, and I cannot put nails into the thin wood of the walls or I can damage the siding. Where should I store all of my long-handled tools? Any suggestions? And please don’t tell me to get rid of some, this is not an option. Thanks for your help!

For heavier-duty cleaning or bigger homes where you might need longer-lasting steam, we recommend the Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System S5003D (Est. $100). It’s almost identical to our Best Reviewed spray mop/steam mop combo, the Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System S6002 (Est. $130), which we cover in our discussion of the Best Steam Vacuums elsewhere in this report. However, it does not convert to a spray mop as the S6002 does, and the S5003D has three steam settings as opposed to the S6002’s one setting.

I also am my husband David’s business partner. He is a talented kinetic sculptor. His work can be viewed at the Wood That Works website. I also contribute regularly to his blog, Exploring Kinetic Art with David & Marji.

The few negatives we have to report are the fact that you have to lay the mop sideways to fill or refill tank, which was tricky and not at all convenient, and that the provided filling flask is not marked with milliliters. This made it difficult to know how much water you were putting in the tank, or if you reached capacity. (We used a separate measuring cup for our tests.)

Not all FRP and plastic panels can be installed directly to wall studs; a lot of are designed to go over drywall or wood sheathing. Examine the setup guidelines to verify whether your panels can go directly over the studs.

I ordered two packs and both arrived with damaged corners and one panel had broken in two. Luckily, I think the damaged corners will be hidden with trim and the bits broken off are on the back side of the panel so am going to use them rather than try to return them. The problem is that the 8ft by 1ft panels are cumbersome to handle so the delivery person has a hard time unloading them and delivering them. I imagine they are handled badly throughout the process, being long and heavy as both packages arrived scuffed and scarred.

HOLDS FIVE long handled tools and has two hooks for hanging smaller objects like dustpan and brushes. Rolling ball design adjusts to the thickness of the different handles from 5/8 inch to 1 ¼ inch wide. Holds up to 7 ½ pounds in weight. Easily mounts to the wall and comes with 3 screws for attachment.

Before you can begin cleaning and organizing the garage, you have to sort what you have stored in there. Grab a lot of boxes and start organizing things by similarity. Once you know what you have and what you need to store, you can hang hooks, put up to hold plastic bins and otherwise get everything perfectly organized. Via: Abowlfulloflemons – Home Organization 101: Week 2 “The Garage”

Keep your extra pots on a shelf or in a cabinet. Having flower pots scattered around will make your space feel cluttered. You’ll also run the risk of breaking your pots, leaving dangerous pieces of sharp ceramic in your shed or garage.

Did you scroll all this way to get facts about garage wall art? Well you’re in luck, because here they come. There are 13681 garage wall art for sale on Etsy, and they cost $44.49 on average. The most common garage wall art material is metal. The most popular color? You guessed it: black.