It’s well made, is quite sturdy–it hangs by four really long screws in predrilled holes in two studs–and looks good. The only thing I would quibble about is that it takes a while to get everything level and to drill the four holes with an electric drill before installing it. But it was easy enough. Just make sure you have the center of the stud. Mine are exposed so it was a no brainer (I heard that!). And the holes really do have to be drilled with a 3/16 drill. Any more and the attachment will lose strength. Any less and you will break your hand putting the screws in.

Phillip’s departure left a void in the Broom Cupboard and to re-establish Children’s BBC without him, it was relaunched with a new look in September 1987. Andy Crane, complete with new hairstyle, became the new regular afternoon presenter.

Yep and per our expert- Yes and that’s a good thing! You want your broom to grab the pet hairs instead of them flying all over the place. When you feel like your broom is too full of pet hair, give it a quick wash in your sink or bathtub.

We eliminated 12 dust mop heads that failed our flour test or didn’t hold up well in the wash. We tested each of the three finalists again with sifted flour and washed them one more time before long-term testing them all for several months in an apartment with two cats. The long-term tests revealed which dust mop could go the longest between cleanings, which could hold the most dust overall, and which ones held up best over multiple washings.

For BCC fan Joel, The Amazing Cosmic Awareness of Duffy Moon, a programme about a boy named Duffy who buys a ‘mystical’ book that helps him overcome adversity by being able to THINK BIG! – Calum

Greater emphasis was being placed on the use of trailers throughout the television industry at this time. A notable exercise in the run up to the launch of the 1988 season of But First This was the suffixing of all trails with a further generic mini-trail for But First This, using part of the opening titles and theme music. This caused confusion on more than one occasion, with Simon being put back on air too early before the second part of trailer had finished!

Lots of people like the $7 OXO Good Grips Compact Dustpan and Brush Set, but it’s way too small to use as your primary dustpan. It also doesn’t have any kind of handle or grip, and the brush is really hard to remove from the dustpan once it’s locked in.

Our pick has a comfortable black rubber grip made from the same thermoplastic rubber as the red lip and the rubber fingers that clip onto different-sized broom handles. It was the only dustpan we tested with a comfortable handle, the rest were varying degrees of awkward to hold. The end of the OXO’s handle has a hole to hang the dustpan when it’s not clipped to your broom.

Philippa Forrester had stayed with Children’s BBC and presented short bursts of Children’s BBC in the mornings as her studies permitted. She also provided holiday cover for the afternoons, becoming the first female presenter to do so since Debbie Flint.

Home Depot’s $13 HDX 15 in. All Purpose Large Angle Broom with Dust Pan is one of the worst brooms we tested. It isn’t effective at cleaning up flour or cat litter, and its dustpan’s lip is too steep.

Children’s BBC was produced on a shoestring budget and although two small studios were available within the Presentation department at Television Centre, the expense involved in their daily operation would be prohibitive. And so Children’s BBC was presented from a continuity suite, a small room adjoining the BBC1 Presentation Control Room (officially known as Network Control One, or NC1. This suite was the usual home of the continuity announcer, who would announce programmes out-of-vision and do his or her own vision mixing.

The only thing the instructions don’t tell you is that the horizontal boards can only fit one way, which isn’t super obvious until you spend 15 minutes struggling to install them the wrong way like I did, so try rotating them if it seems difficult to fit them into the pegs.