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Coat closet: A closet located near the front door. Usually used to store coats, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, gloves, hats, scarfs, and boots/shoes. This kind of closet sometimes has shelving. It only has a rod and some bottom space used for clothes stored in boxes or drawers. Some may have a top shelf for storage above the rod.

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The challenge: This compact space has a very specific purpose: storing the tools you need to get household jobs done. But with brooms, mops and unwieldy vacuum hoses tumbling out, and a jumble of cleaning products in the way, what should be quick and easy can be a real headache. These tips will help you choose the right spot for storing housekeeping necessities and organize them well.

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Before you can wet mop, start with a dry cleaning to remove bigger debris. That means either sweeping with a broom, dusting with a dust mop, or using a good vacuum cleaner designed for hard floors. We cover vacuums in separate reports on upright vacuums, canister vacuums, stick vacuums and robotic vacuums. Also, if you really need a deep cleaning, we recommend some steam mops for that task as well.

The cleaning solution used with the WetJet, Swiffer WetJet Multi-Purpose Cleaner (Est. $25 for a pack of 3) gets good feedback for its effectiveness, pleasant scent and quick-drying abilities. In fact, that quick drying time, a result of both the cleaner and the Swiffer WetJet Pad Refills (Est. $12 for 20), is one of the most raved-about features of the Swiffer WetJet. Many reviewers say the first section of the floor they mop is dry before they get to the end of the job, and they love the convenience of not having to deal with a damp floor for long.

No mop in our test did as well as the O-Cedar at cleaning up a large, messy spill. With the mophead dry, it completely soaked up a cup of water, slush, grit, and grime with a few figure-eight twists of the microfiber strips. With the mophead damp (soaked and wrung), the process took a little longer, but it still absorbed the whole spill quickly and without any special effort. And it did as well on a quarter-cup spill of Coke. The O-Cedar’s performance surpassed other string/cloth-mops (Joy Mangano, Libman), which took somewhat longer and left a bit of grit behind; the spin-mops (Mopnado, Casabella, and O-Cedar Quickwring), which smeared the liquid around before soaking it up, and never captured all the grit; and the sponge and flat mops (OXO and Swiffer), which spread the whole mess like paint, and never fully absorbed any of it.

Over 7-ft tall for extra headroom and workspace. Large 4-ft 7-in x 5-ft door opening fits most riding mowers. Durable vinyl coated… steel finish. Precut predrilled parts for faster assembly. Lockable sliding doors add storage space. Arrow recommends… read more

Thanks for sharing these tips. We just purchased a new home, the house is big, but storage space is limited. I like the idea of hanging the folding chairs, they are always in the way. I also really like the PVC holders for yard tools.

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With a capacity of over 8,500 cubic inches, you’ll always have a place for your tools, make-up, clothes, arts & crafts, kitchen ac…cessories, gardening supplies, and more. Strength and durability are the hallmarks of The Original Pink Box, and with our… read more

This luxurious closet takes design to a whole new level with its decorative millwork, glass doors and built-in vanity. The mirrored closet door and ornamental vanity mirror visually enhance the closet. The shoe closet is neatly tucked behind double doors that open to reveal neat rows of shelves in varying heights to accommodate flats, heels and boots with ease. Design by Clos-ette

Color: Tan ClosetMaid Cubeicals Wire Frame Bin ClosetMaid cubeicals wire bins are a convenient way to hold hobbies, large toys, me…dia and office supplies. Designed to work perfectly with ClosetMaid cubeicals storage organizers. Features: -Material:… read more

The Keter Patio-Store Horizontal Shed provides accessible storage The Keter Patio-Store Horizontal Shed provides accessible storage for your backyard garden or poolside. With its 35 cu. ft. storage capacity this shed boasts a spacious interior that can hold up to two 32 Gal. trash cans or a wide array of patio accessories pool equipment or garden tools. With …  More + Product Details Close

The Newburgh’s stylish gable design is perfect for storing anything, from lawn and garden equipment to bicycles and outdoor gear. …Features: 10 year limited warranty. Low gable steel roof design. DIY assembly With pre-cut and pre-drilled parts…. read more

Save more and waste less with the new and improved Rubbermaid Reveal™ Spray Mop. The Reveal™Spray Mop features a washable, reusable microfiber pad, refillable bottle and non-scratch scrubber to loosen stubborn spots.

72 French Heritage Closet Set with 4 Adjustable Hanging Rods and Bridges. Set includes one 24 base and top, two 24 bridges, and… four adjustable closet rods.Clutter in your closet? The French Heritage Closet System, in fresh Parisian White finish,… read more

Where do you like to store your broom? Personally, I’m a fan of the empty slot beside the refrigerator. But there are plenty of places, and organizing tools, that can more elegantly stash that cleaning essential — often while maximizing what otherwise would have been wasted space. See how nine space-saving broom closets get the job done.

Swiffer sweeper multi-surface wet mop textured cloths trap lock dirt deep in cloth. They are safe to use on all finished floors. Use with Swiffer sweeper. Textured wet mopping pad cloths trap and lo…

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Get 3 super durable microfiber mop pads when you ordering from us. The mop pads fit almost any mop on the market. Clean your floors faster and more effective than ever before. The Best Features & Bene…

More ideas for extras: A vacuum hose guide is a worthwhile (and sanity-saving) investment that wrangles that unwieldy hose. In a smaller cabinet, wall-mounted wire baskets are a good option for keeping small items at hand.

Siding Color: Charcoal Arrow EZEE 9 ft. 10 in. W x 8 ft. 2 in. D Metal Storage Shed Introducing theEZEE 9 ft. 10 in. W x 8 ft. 2 i…n. D Metal Storage Shed – a shed that builds in half the time. The shed is a galvanized steel shed that is durable and… read more

String Mop Heads are available in cotton, microfiber, nylon, PET, polyester, and Rayon construction. Synthetic floor mop fibers are designed to withstand laundering better and dry faster than natural fibers, reducing growth of harmful bacteria. Rayon mop heads are ideal for applying floor finishes and disinfectants.