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Furinno 3 Piece Collapsible Storage Box and Closet Organizer Set Furinno Non-Woven Fabric Soft Storage Organizer make the best sto…rage and organizing needs in your room. Simple and convenient design perfect to organize your drawer space neatly and… read more

Tall, spacious outdoor storage shed organizes and protects various tools and supplies. Transform your patio, lawn or garage into a… storage magician. This vertical storage shed is a tall spacious locker, only more attractive and stronger because… read more

Here’s a slick use for that old wooden tennis racquet that’s gathering dust in the garage. Drill a hole in the handle and screw it to the underside of a workbench. Position the racquet so it can swing in and out from under the table. Use it to hold tools, parts or other small items. Do you enjoy finding unusual uses for everyday things? Here’s a collection of DIY home hacks you’ll love.

Color: White ClosetMaid Cubeicals Wire Bin ClosetMaid cubeicals wire bins are a convenient way to hold hobbies, large toys, media …and office supplies. Designed to work perfectly with ClosetMaid cubeicals storage organizers. Features: -Material: Steel… read more

Arrow Milford 10 ft. 3 in. W x 12 ft. 2 in. D Metal Storage Shed Attractive horizontal siding combines with a vinyl coating to giv…e you a handsome and durable storage solution. A roomy gable roof allows for plenty of headroom and space to work in or… read more

Wet mops also come in a range of materials, in both the handles and the mopheads. Our experts advised against wood handles—they can swell, split, splinter, and harbor bacteria—so we restricted our search to metal, plastic, and fiberglass handles. Mopheads can be made of cotton, nylon, rayon, mixed fibers, or microfiber. In the surprisingly wide world of mopping, each has a role.1 But after I laid out our specific aim—to recommend a really excellent, unfussy, economical wet mop, designed to clean kitchen and bathroom spills and tracked-in muck in a typical home—Warner, Wright, and Kerr all agreed that microfiber was the way to go.

What are your thoughts on the Promist microfiber spray mop with the flat rectangular head? Are those any good? Kind of like the Swiffer wet jet, but with a reusable microfiber head and a solution container you can mix yourself. I’d be curious to see what everyone’s thoughts are on that style, or if it just pushes dirt around without really picking anything up. I’m probably better off just getting something like this I would imagine.

The solution is to create a framework of horizontal wood strips and inexpensive shelf standards. It can hold almost any arrangement of shelving and hooks, at any point on the wall, and it’s easy to rearrange.

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Siding Color: Charcoal/Cream Arrow EZEE 7 ft. 10 in. W x 7 ft. 2 in. D Metal Storage Shed Introducing the EZEE 7 ft. 10 in. W x 7 …ft. 2 in. D Metal Storage Shed that builds in half the time. It is a galvanized steel shed that is durable and made to… read more

Before you can begin cleaning and organizing the garage, you have to sort what you have stored in there. Grab a lot of boxes and start organizing things by similarity. Once you know what you have and what you need to store, you can hang hooks, put up shelves to hold plastic bins and otherwise get everything perfectly organized. Via: Abowlfulloflemons – Home Organization 101: Week 2 “The Garage”

Cardboard concrete-forming tubes are inexpensive ($7 at any home center) and provide a great place to store baseball bats, long-handled tools and rolls of just about anything. Rest the tubes on a piece of 2×4 to keep them high and dry. Secure each tube to a garage stud with a plumbing strap.

The bucket included with the EasyWring has a built-in wringer that users say is effective and easy to use: Just pull up on the mop handle to fold the mop head, put the folded mop head into the wringer, and push a pedal to wring out excess water. Many say they use the EasyWring for cleaning walls and other vertical surfaces, something a flat mop head is better for than a round string mop.

When you shop at Ace, you’ll find a variety of storage and garden sheds that blend well with outdoor furniture sets and even match your home’s style. Their beautiful and durable designs are meant to be showcased rather than hidden in the corner of your yard.