Should you ever need to disassemble the Rubber Broom, hold the broom vertical, with the head at the top.  Rest the handle on the floor and hold it with one hand.  With the other hand, take the broom head and make a rocking motion, while pulling the head upwards. This will release the vacuum seal between the boom head and the handle, allowing you to remove the head.

The soft natural rubber bristles are suitable for cleaning any delicate surface in the home, they will never scratch furniture. They are tough enough to clean effectively rough walkways outdoors without wear or loss of shape. It is also an excellent wet scrubber, because it is made of one piece of natural rubber. It’s rubber broom one side and a squeegee on the other side. While scrubbing with water any floor, just flip it over and remove excess water with its internal squeegee. 

Don’t have a lot of space? Don’t have a lot of tools? This truly compact tool rack offers space-saving dimensions but huge holding power for your long handled garden tools. If you only need to store a couple of tools, this will not waste precious floor space like some of the larger racks do.

My grandkids had spilled orange soda on my oriental rug and I’ve tried a variety of ways to clean it without much results. This broom paired with a high traffic rug cleaner finally got the stain out. The brush has the right toughness and density to work the product into the rug and removed the stain after it had dried.

By outfitting your establishment with any of these mop sinks, employees will be able to drain dirty water into a contained unit rather than dumping it outside. You’ll even find larger units with side cabinets that store all your other mopping supplies in one convenient location. And, since all of our sinks are constructed from durable materials, you can expect to receive a product that will last you years of reliable service. Make sure you have wet mops, wet floor signs, and wet mop buckets to thoroughly clean your hard floor surfaces. If you’re wondering where to buy mop sinks, we have a large selection of mop sinks for sale at the lowest prices.

This broom picks up all the pet hair on our tile floors, even in the grout lines. We have 2 black labs and a long hair cat that shed everyday. The rubber broom also works great in the garage. I just wash it off and it is ready to use again after it dries.

This broom is so much more efficient than any other broom I’ve ever used that I’ve already ordered another one. It’s lightweight and gathers so much debris with one stroke that there’s no need to go back over your work endlessly. I would highly recommend this product.

I received the Shiwala mop yesterday and put it all together. No problem. I needed to wash my kitchen floor, which is hardwood. Spray worked fine but the mop didn’t stay flat on the floor. It kept turning on its edge. Didn’t matter how I used it. It wouldn’t stay flat. I tried various things but it just wanted to work on the edge only. Not sure why. I checked the manual but when the mop arrived the mop itself was already attached so I assume it was correct.

The product arrived BROKEN. I contacted the seller to inform them it was broken when I opened the box and they asked for pictures. I sent pictures and haven’t heard from them sense. I decided to make the best of it and rig it so I could use it. Okay so where do I start now? lol The spin bucket gets stuck, the rim on the spin bucket pops off, the pole is horribly cheap and VERY short. I love the idea but this is a terrible design and made from cheap materials. The mop head constantly pops off, after a few uses the spin action either on the mop or the bucket gets very stripped out and you can’t spin the mop anymore.. When you mop instead of the head staying in place it spins and moves as you mop so mopping does no good. It’s more like rolling a ball on the floor type action then wiping the floor. The mop bristles hardly touch the floor, Basically the only part is a very small section under the mop the actually does any cleaning at all. VERY POOR DESIGN CHEAP MATERIALS. This product when I purchased it was SOOOO over priced for what I received AND it took forever to get.

These tool organizers are great! I was impressed with how well they are made – and didn’t take very long to put up in my garage. I was so happy with the two I purchased for myself, that I purchased two more to give to my neighbor as a Christmas gift! Thanks! Kate in FD

Mop Sink Service Basin. a solid fiberglass mop basin is a great addition. Mop Sink Service Basin. ThisMop Sink Service Basin. – Integral molded in drain for connection to 3” ABS, PVC (Sch. 80) or cast…

We do not deliver on Sundays, but do sometimes deliver on Saturday depending on the carrier that is delivering your order. The best way to determine the date of delivery is to check the status in My Account .

The mop can be rotated 360 degree, clean your house thoroughly. Type: Flat mop. Mop Material: ABS. 2 x Mop Cloth. Fits: Room, Wall, Window, Ceiling. – It can clean your room, window, air-condition, wall and other high place that are not easy to be washed.

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Every thing was great! I didnt have any problems with it so far. I did what the pamphlet said and works fine. nothing broke it seems like it would last… The only thing is that I am tall and the stick is very short for me. It looks like it might be fine for someone that is between 5ft-53 So I just have to stand straight and just kind of push it. Other than that its great! I absolutely love it.

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Love Love Love this broom! Got my first one in 2002 at a hair show. Keeps our salon floor so much cleaner than a conventional broom! Still have and use that first one I purchased. We’ve expanded our salon twice and HAD to get another one each time. Now they have the 13.5 sturdier one which is even better! The 12 is perfect for home. I’ll never go back to a regular broom!

• Dry/Wet Mop – No Marks, Safe, and Easy to Clean. New spin-dry water bucket allows you to choose how wet the micro-fabric mop head should be. The mop cleans, removes dust and absorbs water, making the floor clean and dry right away.

Here you see a cold chisel in use to pound a second, relatively sharp bend in the 3/16 rod.  I alternated between pushing the rod with a cold chisel and pounding on the end of the 3/16 rod until its bends replicated those in the commercial hanger. 

When the sunny days come back, we can not wait to get back to gardening. Nature awakens and with it, the garden is reborn from its lethargy of winter … A multitude of things is to make and remake every year for the garden looks its best at the most beautiful in the summer. And for this, we must be ready to draw: shovel, rake, hoe, shears and other garden tools essential for working the land and beautify green spaces.

When using the broom in wet applications, a back and forth scrubbing motion, or using a circular pattern, will give the best results.  Rubber makes a great scrub brush.  Use the Rubber Broom as a scrub brush on floors, patios, pool/boat decks, etc.  The soft flexible bristles do not scratch and you can use almost any cleaning agent.  After cleaning, flip the broom over and use the squeegee to dry.

Terrazzo mop-service basins feature portland cement and marble chip construction. They are suitable for commercial use, and they feature integral stainless steel drains to ease installation. Stainless steel caps help to protect against heavy use. The low mount design helps to make it easy for maintenance personnel to place mops and buckets inside with minimal lifting.

This is a small, lightweight product, but for $12-13 it is more than worth the price. Assembles in about 30 seconds. Cleverly designed to hold large and small yard tools, with slot for small pruning shears, etc., among the rakes and shovels. I got two and put them in two corners of a garden shed. It instantly made it more organized. I’ve seen similar products for twice the price, but no apparent advantages. I’ll probable get more!

This Advance Tabco 9-OP-20 mop sink is a floor mounted unit, thus eliminating any heavy lifting of containers. The 9-0P-20 is made of a heavy-gauge, 304-series stainless steel. Advance Tabco 9-OP-20-X…

Best. Broom. EVER! I love this thing. You do have to make sure there is a solid connection between the handle and brush, but once that’s established, there isn’t much that can escape these bristles. Hardwood floors couldn’t have a greater friend. This broom won’t scratch like a regular broom, but dust and dirt won’t escape like with a dust mop.

And of course I won’t marry the broom. But I was droning on and on about it’s faultless perfection until my husband finally said, Why don’t you marry it. I will not say I thought about it a bit too long. I won’t. Nope. I didn’t. And I’m sticking with my story.

Forget expensive disposable pads and replacement mop heads every few months, the 360° Magic Spin Mop is easy to clean and re-use time after time. The microfibre head is so effective at picking up dirt that you don’t even require any cleaning solutions, just use warm water on your floors to reduce your footprint and save you money.

The only suggestion I would give to the producer/seller is to use better quality screws, because just soon I tried tightening the ones provided in the package the head stripped off, I had to go thru the hassle to take’em out and use 2 same length bolts I luckily had in my hardware box.

It’s just the broom head it doesn’t come with the handle. It’s not clear in the description that the handle is not included and the handle costs more than the broom head. The description says 3 in 1 and shows images of all three parts as if they are all included, no where does it say the other pie…  see moreof bought it’s review