While most people seem to prefer a microfiber mop such as the Libman and O-Cedar mops for heavy-duty cleaning, a basic sponge mop may still be on your list because it’s not as cumbersome for quick jobs. If so, the Rubbermaid RCPG780 PVA Sponge Mop (Est. $30) is among the best-rated sponge mops out there. Though pricier than other sponge mops, reviewers say this commercial-grade option is more durable than the competition, with a sturdier handle and a PVA mop head that stands up to heavy-duty scrubbing.

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The Joy Mangano Miracle Mop is, like our top pick, a long-handled mop from a well-regarded manufacturer. Beyond that, the comparisons end. It weighs almost 5 pounds wrung out, versus the O-Cedar’s two pounds; its handle is fat and as flexible as a noodle, instead of trim and stiff; its telescoping mechanism is fussy instead of intuitive (you have to lock and unlock the sections with narrow collars that blend visually with the handles). We found its built-in wringer effective but tricky to master (you unlock the wringer, pull the mop strands tight, and twist to wring them out, then reverse the process to start mopping again). And it was the only mop that failed to dry over the course of 36 hours, instead remaining very damp. A reviewer on Home Shopping Network—the main Joy Mangano retailer—sums it up: “Too tall, too clunky, too heavy, awful.” And with just 2.2 stars (out of five) across more than 2,400 HSN reviews, that’s a common opinion.

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When faced with the problem of not being able to see all of her flats and sandals stuffed in a box, Savannah of Oh So Pretty the Diaries, came up with a simple yet functional solution. With the use of pliers, she transformed cost-effective wire hangers into a display that is as imaginative as it is sensible.

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Ideally, a kitchen cabinet can hold both brooms and mops, as these two tools do the lion’s share of the work in this room. In addition to a tall, narrow space to hold them, you’ll need a safe place for cleaning solutions.

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Ok, so it is a bit hard to find, kinda speakeasy like, gotta ask a local at Okanes how to find it. And it is tiny. But they make a killer Morrocan Coffee and if you want to impress out of towners this should be on your list of pub crawl joints. Great place for a dark, cold night rendezvous.

To maximize the overhead garage storage space above garage rafters, install attic decking panels to create a useable and accessible surface for storage. Before you start this project, though, consult a knowledgeable building professional to make sure your rafters are rated for the extra loads.

A Beautiful Mess loves her slatwall system because it is completely interchangeable and evolves with your organizational needs. If you’re someone who enjoys pretty work spaces, you will be inspired by this space.

One of your others listed under the competition section made by the same company as what is recommended, the O-Cedar EasyWring microfiber mop and included bucket is about $10 less the combination of the recommended buy when purchased as a set compared to the two separate items for the mop and bucket. Is the Microfiber Cloth Mop really worth the additional $10 over the triangle shaped mop head? I just have a small amount of laminate and tile in my house so I don’t need anything crazy expensive or fancy, just something that will get the job done and do it well.

The O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop is sturdy, light, nimble, easy to assemble, and a superb performer. It did a better job of soaking up a large spill than any other mop in our test—and did so when dry or damp. It excelled on basic cleanup and on sticky spills, on both wood and tile floors. And it performed reasonably well as a dust mop. Its long handle and cloth-mop design mean you stand upright when working, reducing back strain, and its collapsible handle—with a unique hook—is easier than other mops to store. Unlike many of its competitors, the O-Cedar is simple in design, with no moving parts to operate or break. Finally, the head is both replaceable and machine-washable and -dryable (up to 100 times, according to O-Cedar), which breaks down to about 7¢ a cleanup—so beyond being a standout performer, it’s seriously thrifty.

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Last, when we said we eliminated spray mops, we were talking about the iconic Swiffer WetJet primarily. It’s one of several. They are designed to dust and wipe hard floors, can’t be wrung, and lack the thick absorbent material needed to sop up spills and deep-clean floors.

At the same time I judged the buckets on similarly utilitarian physical criteria: size and weight (both empty and filled), balance, complexity, and general usefulness—essentially, whether or not their design meant they could function as everyday buckets for non-mopping jobs. For the spin mops in particular, which to work properly require the mophead to fit completely into a bucket-mounted centrifuge, I paid special attention to whether any strands hung outside, and whether the centrifuge sprayed any water onto the floor or kept it all in the bucket’s confines.

This mop handle is 5ft and works great with the mop heads I bought, I purchase the metal mop handle at home depot for way more than what this cost and was very disappointed with it. I truly love the handle and the price was great, webstaurant store is the go-to store for your everyday needs, will be stocking up next purchase.

Within the wet-mop category, you find a wide range of styles and materials: sponge mops, spin mops, string mops, cloth mops. Sponge mops use a sponge (obviously) to absorb stains and spills, and typically have a built-in mechanism that wrings by folding the sponge in half. Spin mops use short fibers mounted to a wide plastic head, and employ a bucket-mounted centrifuge to wring water out of the mophead. String mops use long ropy cords, and typically have a handle-mounted wringer that tightens and twists the strings to squeeze water out. Finally, cloth mops use broad fabric strips, and may use a handle-mounted wringer or a bucket-mounted colander to squeeze water out of the mop-head. None of these designs stood out in our reporting as obviously superior, so we tried each.

Solution: Mount mop and broom holders on the back of the closet door. (Try the Crawford Spring Grip; $4, acehardware.com.) They’ll be out of the way and can air-dry. Even better, for ventilation, insert a screen panel on the lower half of the door.

This is the newest of the McMenamin’s in Bend.  It is hidden in one of the new buildings and is a nice wood paneled space with views out its small top floor windows.  BTW when I say hidden it is,  just like the secret rooms in the new buildings.  There are no big McMenamins signs outside just a nondescript door with Broom Closet on it,  like a housekeeping door.  Peek inside and its a room with lots of different brooms on the wall….

Finally, with the mophead completely dry, the O-Cedar was tried out as dust mop. (Not its job. This was a tacked-on experiment, to see if our pick could do double duty.) It did OK, picking up cat hair well but only spreading grit (mostly kitty litter) around. Lightly dampened with plain water from a spray bottle, it did better, grabbing both hair and grit. A true dust mop (like our pick, also by O-Cedar) is superior at this job—the wide, flat head sweeps broad areas of floor with each stroke—but this wet mop can stand in for one in a pinch.

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Using signs is a good way to keep your employees and customers uninjured during the cleaning process. Wet floor signs let everyone know to watch their step as they are walking in a certain area. Without it, workers and customers may be likely to slip and fall.

My experience with the OCedar couldn’t be more different than what is described in the review. A follow up on my previous review: after the second use, it did not dry after 3 days and of course the smell got worse. The company sent a replacement head, which after 24 hours does not appear to have dried at all. For whatever it’s worth under the circumstances, my handle does telescope. How is it possible that my experience is so vastly different from the reviewers?

Premium-quality 4-ply cotton/synthetic yarn mop head for high-volume Premium-quality 4-ply cotton/synthetic yarn mop head for high-volume use. Absorbs up to seven times its own weight. Heavy-duty 5 in. vinyl headbands. Launder in mesh bag. Use with clamp- or spring grip-style handles (sold separately). Head Type: Wet Mop; Application: Floors; Mop Head Style: Looped End; Mop Head Size: Medium. …  More + Product Details Close

Spill Mop Pads come in a 10 pack dispensing carton that is compact enough to fit easily in most spaces. Each pad is made with highly absorbent material designed for quickly removing liquid, water-based spills. Pads turn liquid into gel so that once liquid is fully absorbed, it will not drip. Each pad holds up to 32 ounces of water. For use with 2017161 Spill Mop Handle. Up to two packs can fit neatly in 2017162 Spill Mop Storage Cabinet for convenient access. Pads turn liquid into gel so that once liquid is fully absorbed, it will not drip.

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Cabinets are really not that difficult to install yourself and you can save a virtual fortune by doing so. You can purchase cabinets already built and then just hang them on the walls yourself. The cabinets are great for storing things and keeping the garage neat and tidy and depending on the size and number of cabinets that you get, you may be able to store everything away so that your garage always looks completely clean. Via: Familyhandyman – Installing Large Garage Cabinets

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