3. The rubber broom as defined by claim 2, wherein the intermediate plate has at least two retaining tongues protruding upward, which may be aligned with corresponding openings entering the broom body in the lateral direction and which are configured to be penetrated, together with these openings, by retaining bolts.

Help organize your tool shed or garage with Help organize your tool shed or garage with the Rolling Tool Cart from Suncast. This tool organization vehicle holds a maximum of 30 tools and up to 150 lbs. evenly distributed. The included 4 high quality casters allow you to take your tools where you need them. The integrated steel-core …  More + Product Details Close

Tips from the Experts: Mop sink requirements are normally determined by the municipality in which the restaurant is located. Most municipalities require some basics which are: 1) Separate compartments for washing, rinsing and sanitizing. 2) A certain number of feet the sink should be from any cooking equipment. –Hap

CMS Features: -Double pantry faucet and pot filler. -Made in the USA. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -43. Overall Length – Side to Side: -21. Overall Width – Front to Back: -26. Overall Product… more

The Dutch Rubber Broom has a durable squeegee built-in along the entire length of the solid rubber head.  This feature doubles the use of the tool.  The squeegee is great for removing snow and slush from vehicles in the winter. Squeegee your floors and windows after cleaning them.  You’ll find just as many uses for the squeegee as you will for the rubber bristles of the Rubber Broom.

The bristles may be configured in a columnar shape, but if needed may also have a tapered cross-section in the protruding zone. In addition to circular profiles, preferably rectangular profiles are used, extending perpendicular to the direction of cleaning. A reciprocally overlapping assignment of the bristles has proved advantageous. Insofar as cylindrical configurations are used, there is the additional possibility of giving the bristles a polygonal, X-shaped or Y-shaped profile, at least in the protruding zone, thus achieving a substantially improved cleaning effect. The rearward zone may have a round profile, in order to provide good elasticity in all directions. The cleaning effect achieved during the intended use may thus be improved substantially. Scraper lips may likewise be integrated into the set of bristles, preferably in an arrangement in which every other row within the set of bristles is constituted by at least one scraper lip. Such a scraper lip may also have multiple sub-lips succeeding one another in the direction of movement, or spaced laterally apart, being of a limited length and in a staggered assignment to one another. This improves the flexibility of the scraper lip as a whole. With reference to the scraping away of dirt and/or water from uneven surfaces, and particularly from recesses, an improved squeegee effect may thus be achieved.

Mop Sink with Stainless Steel Capped Corner Drop, Without Faucet, Body Material Precast Terrazzo Composed of Marble Chips Cast In Portland Cement, Color Palomino Tan, Overall Length 24, Overall Width …

INCREDIBLE CLEANING TOOL: Ravmag’s large rubber broom will get your floors cleaner than ever with less time and less effort to do it. The versatile broom sweeps wet and dry surfaces and can be used indoors and outdoors with the same great results.

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A few years ago I was fortunate enough to have some money *and* a reliable contractor, and the result was a new garage. But once it was done, I couldn’t bring myself to put nails or hooks into the shiny new walls that I had just painted. So I went off to look at tool racks.

Instead of two hangers next to one another, I bent one of the wire stubs from the previous step and welded it to the tip of one of the commercial hangers.  If you look closely, you can see that the right side of the U shaped piece is lower (nearer to the camera) than the left side.  This is what allows the hammer to hang with the handle straight and vertical as in the Introduction photo.

Furnish and install molded Mop Receptor Model MSR-2424 / MSR-3624 (specify) as manufactured by Florestone Products Co. Molding will be done under heat and pressure using matched metal dies. The unit will be one piece with no seams. Shoulders will be no less than 1 wide and 9½ inside. Receptor will have ribbed underbody and integral drain providing for a no-caulked connection to a 2 or 3 ABS pipe (specify drain size). Drain grid will be 18-gauge stainless steel, flat type, #430.

Your satisfaction is our goal, and we want you to make your purchase with complete confidence.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Rubber Broom, return it by mail (see contact page for address) for a full refund.

I always thought pegboard and hangers were too extravagant. I have sometimes used a piece of plywood and some nails in place of hangers. Once I had some commercial hangers, but drilled a few custom holes in some plywood about 3/16 inch thick. That meant deciding where each tool would go and never changing its location, unless I drilled new holes. Only in recent years did my wife insist I have a metal workbench. It came with pegboard and some hangers.

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Mop Sink, Without Faucet, Body Material Durastone(R), Color White, Overall Length 24 In., Overall Width 24 In., Overall Height 10 In., Bowl Size 24 In. x 24 In., Bowl Depth 10 In., Back Splash No, Drain Opening 3 In., Includes Drain Seal and Stainless… more

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Machine washable microfiber mop refill for 360 Degree Spin Mop. Prevent wood floor, laminate scratch during cleaning by using microfiber mop. Features: 360 Degree Spin Mop. Easy to install, snap on mo…

After you’re done mopping up your mess, you can leave any leftover water or cleaning solution in the mop’s chamber to be used later. If the mop’s head has become excessively dirty, it can be removed from the handle and put in the washing machine at this point.

wherein, the peripheral rim of the broom body is covered by bristles protruding out in the lateral direction, and the bristle ends lie in one plane, and wherein the bristle assembly forms a part of a deformable base and the base touches the lower side at least along the peripheral rim of the broom body.

A compact and stylish solution for mopping the floor, the Spray Mop has an in-built water tank that allows the user to control how wet the floor becomes by using the trigger handle to wet the floor before the Eco Cloth pad scrubs away dirt on any hard floor.

These units were developed when the need arose to more efficiently drain power-driven floor maintenance equipment. Their 6 drop front styling allows the janitor to automatically dump waste water. Made from the same high quality materials, the CORLOW and HILOW series have the stainless steel cap cast into the threshold to protect the area of greatest use. In addition, the HILOW series is also available with caps on all horizontal shoulders.

This All-Purpose Acrylic Squeegee features a lightweight design This All-Purpose Acrylic Squeegee features a lightweight design for easy handling. It boasts a high-impact plastic handle and an aluminum channel streak-free rubber blade. It’s also great for spreading grout and mastic smoothing window film and removing liquid from any smooth surface.  More + Product Details Close

Includes many large Straight Hooks and two styles of Rubber Padded Bicycle Hook. I have more 8 and 12 Straight Hooks, and Rubber Padded Bicycle Hooks, available in a separate ad. Two styles of Rubbe…

This broom has saved me a ton of times, AS WELL AS my back. I own a salon with painted concrete flooring. Using a regular broom was ridiculous. hair gets swept and instead of going into a pile, it just flies up into the air and lands wherever. This broom head saves SO MUCH time, with much less effort because of the static electric charge built up so loose hair am sticks to itself. … Awesome broom. Try it. U won’t be disappointdd.

The soft natural rubber bristles are suitable for cleaning any delicate surface in the home, they will never scratch furniture. They are tough enough to clean effectively rough walkways outdoors without wear or loss of shape. It is also an excellent wet scrubber, because it is made of one piece of natural rubber. It’s rubber broom one side and a squeegee on the other side. While scrubbing with water any floor, just flip it over and remove excess water with its internal squeegee. 

We are a family business committed to cleaning homes, offices and commercial facilities to enhance indoor air quality. We are glad to help various individuals who work long hours daily but have no time to clean their homes.  Individuals who no through no fault of theirs are sick, disabled or elderly as a result struggles to keep up with cleaning.  We offer to help offices and commercial facilities with maintenance particularly now clean condition of such areas has become a customer service factor. We are not owners that sit in the office and allow the crews to do everything.  we are involved and have passion for what we are doing. Our philosophy is customers are the reason for our business and we will do our best to make them happy and comfortable. Our overall objective is to stand out as one of the most trusted and reliable cleaning company.

Hundreds of flexible rubber bristles work together to remove more dirt with less work. They bend and flex to get into corners, and under ledges, all the while forming a solid wall of cleaning muscle that powers through dirt to clean floors easily.

Once its chamber is full, you’ll be able to use your mop to spray the water or cleaning solution inside it onto your floor. To do so, you’ll need to pump the handle of your mop one to several times. As you do so, you should see liquid squirting out the front of the mop.

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Let me start out by saying I love this product – it was easy to install, I was able to hang everything including shears, and it looks good too! Its constructed of hard plastic, but appears to be durable; the hangers are angled and deep enough to store two items on each hanger. Here are few tips for installation:

I cut a piece of 3/4 x 3/4 angle iron and tack welded it to the ends of the vertical pieces.  Then I finished the welds.  This angle iron will cradle the tip of the side cutters.  The side cutters should slip in and out of the hanger for it very easily.  File any weld material or the corners where the side cutters stick when moving in or out of the hanger.

Wall Mounted Mop & Broom Holder Hanger Tidy Storage Cleaning Rack Organizer Tool Features 1 x Wall Mounted Mop Holder. Maximum load bearing 5KG. Paste it on a clean wall. Easy to use, do not hurt the …

The underside of the broom body may be constituted in the central area by a separately produced intermediate plate, insertable into an opening in the broom body and joining the broom body and the supporting layer together. Although the additional production of the intermediate plate entails some additional outlay, the resulting savings in materials and weight more than make up for that outlay. Moreover, the intermediate plate affords the possibility of molding the supporting layer into virtually any desired shape that protrudes convexly downwards, and attaching it immovably to the broom body without requiring the use of a secondary adhesive. For this purpose the supporting layer may be provided on its upper side with protrusions extending parallel to its longitudinal direction and having a T-shaped profile, the protrusions being inserted into downward-opening recesses having a corresponding cross-section in the intermediate plate. Furthermore, such an anchoring of the supporting layer has elastically resilient characteristics in certain regards, very largely precluding the possibility that the supporting layer may unintentionally become detached from the broom body during the intended use. Moreover, with such a configuration it is not necessary to use materials of related types in the production of the broom body and the supporting layer or bristles, so as to permit a sufficiently stable attachment between them. Hence in the production of the broom body, the intermediate plate and the supporting layer, materials may be used which are specifically adapted to the particular requirements of the individual part concerned. It has proved advantageous to use polypropylene for the production of the broom body, polyamide for the production of the intermediate plate, and a thermoplastically processable type of rubber (TPE) for the production of the supporting layer including the bristles.