This broom has saved me a ton of times, AS WELL AS my back. I own a salon with painted concrete flooring. Using a regular broom was ridiculous. hair gets swept and instead of going into a pile, it just flies up into the air and lands wherever. This broom head saves SO MUCH time, with much less effort because of the static electric charge built up so loose hair am sticks to itself. … Awesome broom. Try it. U won’t be disappointdd.

Multi-Purpose 2-Tier Wheeled Utility Cart. You don’t have Multi-Purpose 2-Tier Wheeled Utility Cart. You don’t have to break your back or the bank with this all purpose foldable cart. Perfect for toting groceries laundry cleaning supplies or picnic gear. This cart is sizeable enough to hold all your belongings and functional enough to easily navigate curbs and steps. …  More + Product Details Close

Floor mop sinks help to keep you from lifting heavy buckets of dirty water, which in turn makes it far easier to change out cleaning water without splashing or injury when compared with raising buckets to a leg mounted mop sink. This floor mounted mop sink is constructed with the intent to last a lifetime. Constructed of durable 16 gauge stainless steel and featuring a 1-1/2 backsplash, this mop sink is designed to connect to 2 waste piping. Easy to clean three sided apron enclosure means this can be placed against any wall, providing versatility in installation. Install under a wall mounted faucet or near a spigot for easy bucket filling!

MAGIC MOP 360° SPINNING STAINLESS STEEL SPIN BUCKET 2 MICROFIBRE MOP HEADS GREEN. This mop is ideal for hard floors and requires no wet hands. The flexible mop head allows for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas.

The product arrived BROKEN. I contacted the seller to inform them it was broken when I opened the box and they asked for pictures. I sent pictures and haven’t heard from them sense. I decided to make the best of it and rig it so I could use it. Okay so where do I start now? lol The spin bucket gets stuck, the rim on the spin bucket pops off, the pole is horribly cheap and VERY short. I love the idea but this is a terrible design and made from cheap materials. The mop head constantly pops off, after a few uses the spin action either on the mop or the bucket gets very stripped out and you can’t spin the mop anymore.. When you mop instead of the head staying in place it spins and moves as you mop so mopping does no good. It’s more like rolling a ball on the floor type action then wiping the floor. The mop bristles hardly touch the floor, Basically the only part is a very small section under the mop the actually does any cleaning at all. VERY POOR DESIGN CHEAP MATERIALS. This product when I purchased it was SOOOO over priced for what I received AND it took forever to get.

Take the chore out of cleaning floors with the DR FUSSY Spin Mop Bucket System – Microfiber Mop with Easy Wringer Bucket! This easy-to-use mop and bucket combination takes the toil out of mopping with…

The Sweepa Rubber Broom is an amazing product for your home and garden. It has a 12 solid rubber head with a squeegee on the reverse side and an extra long 51 inch steel handle for strength.  It’s virtually indestructible.

Mop Sink, Floor Mount, 24-5/8l X 21-1/2 W X 15-1/2h Overall, 20 Wide X 16 Front-to-back X 8 Deep Bowl, 16 Gauge Top With v Edge, Full Skirt, 2 Nps Drain With Stainless Steel Removable Strainer Plate, 304 Stainless Steel Construction, Nsf (flyer) more

The bucket comes with 4 L capacity which can hold water to clean the mop head. The built-in wringer makes it easy to squeeze the wet mop head of dirty water so you can easily wipe the floor clean. You don’t need to get your hands dirty to squeeze out water from the mop head.

Designed in durable plastic with 20 openings, the garden tool holder keeps rakes, brooms, shovels and more neat and out of the way. Easy assembly. 23 1/2 high x 23 wide x 15 deep. Uses wasted space to hold tools upright.

I cut a piece of 3/4 x 3/4 angle iron and tack welded it to the ends of the vertical pieces.  Then I finished the welds.  This angle iron will cradle the tip of the side cutters.  The side cutters should slip in and of the hanger for it very easily.  File any weld material or the corners where the side cutters stick when moving in or out of the hanger.

Have you tried traditional mops, spray mops or steam mops and got frustrated by how ineffective or overpriced they are ?. – and a good cleaning job for most floors usually means all kinds of heavy lifting and moving furniture!

Anthony was very easy to work with.  He cleaned a rental house that was left filthy.  There were dog stains that had been left in the carpets and dirt and grime all over the ceiling and kitchen.  Anthony quoted the job on Friday and was ready to do the work on Monday.  Everything was done as expected and the cost was very reasonable.

Additional items that can help you in your cleaning tasks include step-ladders for reaching inaccessible places, vacuum bags to store your stuff when you plan to clean your cupboards, and laundry bags, hand gloves, and disposable bags. View these items and many more at Home Utility. Cleaning up your home is essential for healthy living. Browse the choices available at Snapdeal to get suitable tools for the job.

I found some freestanding racks, but they were plastic, pretty expensive and didn’t seem to hold much. Then while shopping at home cheapo I saw a store display rack that looked about right, and I figured I’d try copying it. It worked out pretty well!

Problems with dust in the modern city environment In today’s environment, dust can be a worsening problem with increased construction, heavy traffic, broken road surfaces, and summer burn off producing ash and other particles. This accumulated dust and dirt ends up on your floors. The magic mop is your answer. It is time-saving, easy to use, energy efficient, and loveable.

And this tool is perfect for delicate transplanting jobs. Hand trowel is used for digging when planting, transplanting, weeding, moving and smoothing soil. Transplanting Trowel:11.6(29.5cm). 1x Transplanting Trowel.

Unlike traditional brooms, the Rubber Broom doesn’t allow fine dirt to escape, collecting all your sweepings into one neat pile for pick up.  You can’t sanitize a traditional broom, but the Rubber Broom cleans easily with soap and water, preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and germs.

Well I bought my first one at a trade show back in 2004 and the only reason I had to buy another was that the head came detached from the broom and fell down the storm drain in front of our house! You can use for all manner of things and will never revert back to a traditional broom.

A spike on the back plate allows for quick positioning and easier mounting before fastening to wall. Trust Principal. Rubber coated hook provides added visibility, safety and grip. The Tornado Extende…

Model BTC363724. New, 38 Space, Rolling Long Handled Tool Rack by Structural Plastics Inc. Will Hold up to 38 Long Handled Tools, Tiki Torches, Bulb Changers, Paint Roller Extenders, Fishing Rods, Flag Poles & Just About Any Other Long Handled Item.

Boasting a 20 x 16 x 6 bowl, this sink is perfect for use in any restaurant kitchen or dish room as a sanitary way of disposing dirty water and other liquids. Type Mop Sinks. NSF Listed. Great for …

Size: 6 H x 25 W x 21 D Advance Tabco Single Floor Mounted Mop Sink Features: -For commercial use only.-Sink.-Product Type: Service sink.-Finish: Stainless steel.-Cabinet Included: No.-Shelf Included: No.-Material: Stainless steel -Material Details:… more

Best. Broom. EVER! I love this thing. You do have to make sure there is a solid connection between the handle and brush, but once that’s established, there isn’t much that can escape these bristles. Hardwood floors couldn’t have a greater friend. This broom won’t scratch like a regular broom, but dust and dirt won’t escape like with a dust mop.

Works as described on website. It really drags out the lint and debris on our newly purchased oriental-style rug. Vacuum cleaner suction just is not strong enough to do that. Very pleased with the results.

I LOVE this broom and have had a pr of them for more years than I can remember. Probably 20+ They don’t wear out since they’re rubber. Best thing on wood floors with shedding pets and outdoor debris off shoes. Gets the smallest stuff too. I,m buying a couple more for the patio & shed.

I was disappointed to hear that I had to wait 6 weeks before they ship the stuff. Now with Amazon prime there is no need for them to keep our money for that long! I would not buy from them any more. Hope the product is good.

Our service spans residential, commercial offices, reception areas, apartment buildings, health facilities, doctors offices, law firms, retail locations ,along with apartments, summer homes, and estates. Services include, but not limited to:

This product is exactly what my husband was looking for to stored shovels, rakes, and hoes in. It appears to be very sturdy. We shopped the internet and ebay before buying this product and found good reviews from other users. The one thing about this product that influenced our decision is that they upright supports are metal not plastic. also had the best price for this product. We saved a lot buy purchasing from WalMart. We opted to pay the extra $7 to have the item shipped directly to our home and it was here in 3 days. Even paying the extra for shipping to home it was cheaper than any other site we found by over $15. Money in our pocket not somebody elses. 🙂

Humans shed, too. Especially women with long hair. And while it’s easy to sweep up hair that lands on hardwood or laminate flooring, getting it out of carpets and rugs is a completely different story.  A vacuum is rarely able to suck up long strands, and when it does, it can clog the mechanism or worse, give off that awful burning hair smell. Suffice it to say, we thought we were going to have to manually pick up hair off our carpets forever, until we found rubber bristle brooms. 

If you use a standard mop, you’ll need to fill a heavy bucket with water or a cleaning solution, and drag it around with you as you clean. By using the Shiwala Magic Mop instead, you’ll eliminate the need for a bucket; plus, this mop’s 360-degree swivelling head will be able to reach places that standard mops are unable to.

Are you tired of piling up your long handled yard tools or household cleaning tools in a corner just to have them all fall over when you are trying to get the one you need. Keter has the solution for you with the Keter 35.5 in.

The Tool Hanger is designed to be a simple hanger bracket for shovels, brooms, and many other T- shaped equipment. Tool Hangers work best with Handlelok brackets included in the Tool Hanger Kit P/N K5009.

Easy shop project for home or school : build a garden tools shelf to organize your tool shed, garage or basement. Watch how I turn a couple of salvage boards and some screws into a handy storage rack perfect for hanging large/long gardening tools out of the way.