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It is the unique design and materials that make it work so well. The broom head is made from natural rubber, and it is a one-piece solid molded head. This makes it incredibly durable and long-lasting, but also enables it to clean floors exceptionally well. There are other knock off versions that can be found, but most of these feature inferior rubber, cheap handles, rubber bristles attached to a plastic head, or all of the above. The broom we carry has a nearly indestructible head that will work better than all knock offs, and it comes complete with a commercial grade handle that telescopes for convenience. When you sweep with this broom a static charge will build up with each stroke. This helps to clean up the hair, but also prevents it from flying away as you sweep too. All of the debris you are cleaning will remain on the ground and right next to the broom. This is one reason why it is a powerhouse at sweeping. The other reason it works so well are the flexible natural rubber bristles. Each time you pull the broom towards you, the rubber bristles will also flex together to form a solid wall. This prevents even the smallest particles from being left behind when you sweep and ensures that you are able to completely clean your floor in less time, and with less effort. The flexibility of the bristles also allow this broom to conform to any surface, and even get down in cracks and crevasses, so it will work equally well on concrete, tile, linoleum and more. Use it on virtually any floor, because it won’t harm any surface type, and will produce great results on any floor and any kind of dirt, hair, fur or anything else.

A quick primer on sweeping: It is important. The science behind it is much more complicated than people think. The simplified version is that sweeping slightly increases the temperature of the ice while creating micro-scratches on the surface. The result is that players are better able to control for distance and trajectory as the rock travels down the sheet. The sport hinges on precision, so every brush stroke counts.

I bought this specifically because my beagle sheds terribly and adding in my long hair and light shedding pitbull leaves a lot of hair. This broom works great. After vacuuming the day it came I went over the carpeting with it and got huge wads of hair.Now I use it every other day and still get hair but not the huge mess like before.

Lift the mop and let excess water drip off. Once you’ve given it plenty of time to soak, lift your mop and hold it above the bucket. Mops often absorb way more water than they need, so hold your mop up for 2 to 3 seconds to let excess liquid fall back into the bucket.[5]

Keep specialty tools like scrapers and abrasive scrubbing pads at the ready; they’ll help you deal with sticky smears and blobs on counters and fixtures. Always spray the area generously with degreaser spray before scraping; cleaner helps loosen dirt and protects the surface from scratching. A cleaning toothbrush reaches into cracks and crevices; use it in corners, the grout between tiles, and around the rim of sinks and fixtures. The toothbrush’s long handle will keep your knuckles out of the fray; stiff bristles work best to scrape out hardened food or entrenched mold.

The O’Cedar 24″ Multi-Surface Push Broom ($23) is not totally perfect, but it is the best outdoor broom for most people. Out of all the brooms sampled, it was the closest to flawless. It has a lot going for it: a sturdy handle, excellent balance for its three-pound weight and 62” length, and an ability to easily move all kinds of materials with its 24-inch-long, 3.5-inch wide head. The head and bristles are synthetic, so you can sweep up wet or dry debris. In the head, an outer row of fine fibers combines with an inner core of coarse fibers. The mix makes it flexible enough to catch bits of dust, but it still has the stiffness and strength to move piles of sand, leaves stuck in the deck, or flighty pine needles. The black metal handle has a hook-hole at the end for storage, and the handle is secured to the head with a unique anti-rotation socket that prevents it from working its way loose (a common source of irritation with these tools). In a product category where a lot of items share a similar set of features, an unusually solid socket really sets this tool apart.

The only exception to the above rules is if you live in a location where you have to pay per load to do your laundry. It’s not cost effective to pay more than 50 cents each time you wash your dust mop, so we recommend hand washing it instead in a bucket (or your sink, or bathtub) with warm water and our recommended detergent. Rinse very thoroughly, then hang to dry.

The Weiler Palmyra Fiber Garage Brush with Wet Or Dry Sweeping ($17) is, as you might suspect, just a brush head. You’ll need to buy a handle ($5) to go with it. You might want to get a tube of glue, too. Vorce observed, “After eight pushes, you have to retighten the handle,” although she liked it because of its “good coverage.” In testing, it did a decent job on every task, although it wasn’t the best in any category. It required two pases to clear the pine needle residue, but just two; it left sandy streaks in the garage, but not terrible ones, and didn’t shed lines of sand at the beginning of new strokes. If you can get the handle to stay attached, this is a good overall broom.

The Sweepa Rubber Broom is a favorite among dog groomers, kennel owners, pet lovers, hair salons and barbers because it produces outstanding results with hair. Regular style push brooms and standard bristle brooms wear easily, and just don’t work very well. You can sweep a pile of hair over and over only to be left with more hair to sweep if you are using one of these. The fur and hair will fly all over, and you are almost guaranteed to have some left on the surface you are cleaning when you finish. All of these annoyances will be a thing of the past once you start sweeping with a Sweepa. You will be amazed at how well it works, and wonder how it is possible to get so excited over a broom. It not only produces superior results on hard floors, it will even work on carpet. The bristles and charge will pull hair out of your carpet even if it has been freshly vacuumed by one of those expensive vacuum cleaners. Short deliberate strokes will remove hair that you didn’t realize existed. Before you know it you will have an extremely clean carpet and a pile of hair that you never knew was there. This makes it ideal for cleaning stairs, and area rugs, but you can also remove the head to use it directly on furniture and upholstery too. It will work equally well on dog hair, cat hair or human hair, and everyone that uses one would agree. This is the best broom for sweeping up any kind of hair.

Documents and office supplies can quickly overwhelm your desk if not properly organized. Look for baskets that let you separate incoming paperwork from outgoing files, or choose smaller bins for an easy way to keep writing instruments, paper clips and other office essentials neatly stored and close at hand.

The Swiffer’s biggest appeal is the convenience of disposable cloths, and Procter & Gamble emphasized this advantage over washable dust mops in our interview. But despite the Swiffer’s ease of use and ubiquitous popularity, the fact that there are more effective cleaning options available—plus the Swiffer’s higher monetary and environmental costs—means that it isn’t the best choice for most people.

Whether you need a compact circular saw, an automatic screwdriver or a cordless drill, WORX has your DIY household projects covered! Our 2-in-1 Switchdriver drill & driver features a rotating dual chuck and was featured on The TODAY Show. The Clamping Sawhorses will hold your work in place while providing a handy clamp for your project materials. We also have a versatile multi-tool for cutting, sawing, sanding, scraping, polishing and more. Just charge the battery and put this cordless tool to work!

The slant of the O-Cedar Angler makes for a more natural, comfortable process as you brush dirt and debris into the dustpan. The pan has a rubber lip on it to direct soil inside, making it great for those who hate having to constantly re-sweep to get that last little bit.

To get expert opinions on those brooms, I took the lot over to the Massachusetts Audubon Habitat Sanctuary where Habitat’s property manager, Sandy Vorce, and Boy Scout Troop 304—all teens, including a few Eagle Scout candidates—were embarking on a fall cleanup. Sandy and the scouts used the brooms for forty-five minutes on pine needles and leaves along Habitat’s ragged, cracked asphalt driveway.

Hamilton was coaching a junior women’s team six years ago and wanted to help his sweepers improve their technique. But he knew there was no clear way to assess how well they were actually doing. It was all guesswork.

Bulb planters are made to dig precise holes for bulbs. Some are marked in inch gradients for exact hole depth. The digging tube grabs and removes soil to allow the bulb to be planted. A long-handled version allows extra pressure from the foot.

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