The Magic Mop was designed to essentially suck grease off of food.  If I recall correctly, it was touted to be made of the same synthetic fiber that is used to suck foam off of airport landing strips during a potential airplane crash.

Insert lag screws through the handles’ center holes, and twist on the nylon spacers. If a hole is too small, clamp the handle to your work table, put a ¼-inch bit in the chuck of a drill/driver, and widen it.

Pit Products offers a super variety of high quality strap, cords, tools, pegboard, and other hangers allowing you to store all of your equipment and tools in it’s own place to keep your space looking organized! The hangers are ideal for your trailer, workshop, garage, home, office or factory. Our hangers are great looking and durable. 100% made in the USA by skilled craftspeople who not only build the products, but use the products.

The intermediate plate may have at least two retaining tongues protruding upward, which may be aligned with the corresponding openings entering the broom body in the lateral direction and which, together with these openings, are penetrated by retaining bolts. After wear of the set of bristles has taken place, this arrangement makes it particularly easy to replace the worn set of bristles with a new one.

They called me on the wrong day to say they were coming for our scheduled appointment. They were polite about correcting their mistake. Other people I know who’ve used their services say this disorganization is normal.

The good thing about customizing one’s own hanger hooks is that you can make them fit a special tool or jig you have that is not easy to hang with the normally available hangers. And, as I said, I recently went to a store looking for a special hanger, but they had only one or two styles. None of them were what I needed. So, I decided to begin modifying standard hangers.

…pressure on the foot, leg and spine to relieve pain in the ankle, knee, hip and lower back. These foot relief insoles are made of thermoplastic and rubber and are treated with silver to check the growth of odor-causing fungus and bacteria. WalkFit Platinum insoles come with 3 arch inserts: Low,…

Love this broom for picking up dog hair all over my house! I tried a variety of regular brooms and they would certainly sweep up a pile; but I could also immediately go back and sweep up a second pile. This rubber got it all with one round!

Best. Broom. EVER! I love this thing. You do have to make sure there is a solid connection between the handle and brush, but once that’s established, there much that can escape these bristles. Hardwood floors couldn’t have a greater friend. This broom won’t scratch like a regular broom, but dust and dirt won’t escape like with a dust mop.

The relaxed lifestyle of French Wine country comes The relaxed lifestyle of French Wine country comes to life in Crosley’s new Roots Rack. Its rustic design is reflective of a time when recycling wasn’t a societal choice but a way of life. Starting with a solid pine top we simulate the popular reclaimed wood look by hand–etching a …  More + Product Details Close

If you have not tried this broom, I highly recommend it. I have several pets and a traditional broom always seems to leave hair behind, however this broom leaves no hair behind. I actually found this broom while at the hair stylist and the word in the hair market is, this is the only broom several salons use since it does such a great job with hair.

I read a lot of reviews before ordering this mop. I was reluctant to buy this because of so many complaints about how long it took to actually receive it. I ordered it on July 20, 2016 and received it on July 28. Good delivery time, quick and easy to put together, great mop, love it!

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Help organize your tool shed or garage with Help organize your tool shed or garage with the Rolling Tool Cart from Suncast. This tool organization vehicle holds a maximum of 30 tools and up to 150 lbs. evenly distributed. The included 4 high quality casters allow you to take your tools where you need them. The integrated steel-core …  More + Product Details Close

…feed the chain down the drain and let the flower stopper rest on the drain filter. This set of two disposable Drainwigs catches hairs in its soft rubber whiskers as they flow down the drain. Then, every 2-4 months, pull out the Drainwig, along with the hair and toss in the trash. There’s no more…

From unboxing to installation it took about 3 minutes – less time to install than it did finding my drill/screwdriver and deck screws (deck screws work fine for my install). This comes with no screws and that is fine with me I already have a box. I installed this inside the garage above a pegboard to get the giant yard tools up out of the way.

Hi, I bought this mop after goin through departmental stores and other online sites.This is cheapest for a spin mop.For those who are complaining about the 360 degree,On the box description it is clearly written and I quote The MOP HANDLE CAN B ADJUSTED THROUGH 180 DEGREE. So, its not fake product.It might take sum time to assemble the mop but once u assemble it ri8,the mop works just fine. Cleans quite good.Easy handling. Comes with a phenyl dispenser and an extra mop refill. What more can…

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Heavy duty, chrome plated brass dual handle sink faucet with top reinforcing bar and pail hook on spout. Vacuum breaker integral stops, chrome plated hot and cold handles. 3/4 hose end spout with pail hook, top reinforcing bar and mounting bracket…. more

Mop Sink, Without Faucet, Body Material Precast Terrazzo Composed of Marble Chips Cast In Portland Cement, Color Palomino Tan, Overall Length 24, Overall Width 24, Overall Height 12 In., Bowl Size 20 …

I began to rearrange my tools on the pegboard above my workbench so that it holds the tools I use most frequently rather than whatever I had room to place there.  In the photo is my hammer.  Notice how straight the handle hangs.  It was not always that way.  I had to do some customizing.  I may do more of that in the future because every time I go shopping for a pegboard hanger, the available stock has changed.

Hundreds of flexible rubber bristles work together to remove more dirt with less work. They bend and flex to get into corners, and under ledges, all the while forming a solid wall of cleaning muscle that powers through dirt to clean floors easily.

This set of mop and bucket will bring you an effective and efficient cleaning experience with minimal labour and little mess. New Split bucket mop. The handle is made of premium stainless steel. The mop gives you the ability to control the amount of water applied to the floor, as well as easy wringing and quick-drying floors.

This rack is sturdy, but to be expected of a 4′ piece of metal tubing costing $100. The key to capacity is to support multiple tools on each hook. The sales literature indicates you can hang hooks on the back side. This would be great for wide tools like a push broom. Unfortunately, it isn’t so. The short hooks fit flush to the wall. So there is no way to mount a tool on the hook. The result is a 50% reduction in potential mounting area. It would work, however, if the rack were mounted on exposed studs.

4 Replacement Microfiber Mop Head Refill For Hurricane Magic Mop 360° Spin Product Description – Machine washable microfiber mop refill for 360 Spin Mop – Easy to install, snap on mop refills – Cleans…