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British quality stylish design and high performance garden tools have a 10 year guarantee. The Digging Fork has a 28-in weatherproofed hardwood shaft split to form a wishbone handle. The head is mirror polished for minimal soil adhesion … more

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Wide 9-Drawer Ball-Bearing GRIPLATCH Workstation – Black,id:009053955000,price:$377.99,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:New,list:Browse Results,position:12,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-41-in-Wide-9-Drawer-Ball-Bearing-GRIPLATCH-Workstation-Black/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D168557&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38674765},{name:Craftsman 26 in. Wide 3-Drawer Standard Duty Ball-Bearing Rolling Cabinet – Black,id:009031016991,price:$70.14,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:13,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-26-in-Wide-3-Drawer-Standard-Duty-Ball-Bearing-Rolling-Cabinet-Black/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D84564&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38605943},{name:Craftsman 53 in. Wide 8-Drawer Standard Duty Ball-Bearing Workstation – Black,id:009031011991,price:$296.94,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:14,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-53-in-Wide-8-Drawer-Standard-Duty-Ball-Bearing-Workstation-Black/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D85171&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38588353},{name:Craftsman 52 10-Drawer Soft Close Rolling Cart – Black,id:009058653991,price:$348.24,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:15,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-52-10-Drawer-Soft-Close-Rolling-Cart-Black/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D161633&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38483545},{name:Craftsman 65 Workstation,id:009058636991,price:$647.94,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:16,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-65-Workstation/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D186117&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38378301},{name:Craftsman 41-Inch 8-Drawer Heavy-Duty Ball-Bearing Rolling Cabinet,id:009058646991,price:$237.54,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:17,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-41-Inch-8-Drawer-Heavy-Duty-Ball-Bearing-Rolling-Cabinet/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D154085&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38300761},{name:Craftsman Pro Series Craftsman 52-Inch 12-Drawer Rolling Cart – Black,id:009058667991,price:$719.94,brand:Craftsman Pro Series,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:18,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-52-Inch-12-Drawer-Rolling-Cart-Black/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D169373&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38624995},{name:Craftsman 26 in. 4-Drawer Standard Duty Ball Bearing Rolling Cabinet – Black,id:009031014991,price:$107.94,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:19,district:,region:,prod
uctUrl:/Craftsman-26-in-4-Drawer-Standard-Duty-Ball-Bearing-Rolling-Cabinet-Black/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D85013&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=37971689},{name:Craftsman 52-Inch 10-Drawer Soft Close Rolling Cart – RedBlack,id:009058651991,price:$348.24,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:20,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-52-Inch-10-Drawer-Soft-Close-Rolling-Cart-Red-Black/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D161627&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38392893},{name:Craftsman 5-Drawer Tool Chest and Cabinet with a 58-piece Tool Set,id:009058635991,price:$59.93,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:21,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-5-Drawer-Tool-Chest-and-Cabinet-with-a-58-piece-Tool-Set/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D187879&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38148715},{name:Craftsman 40 In. 14-Dwr Ball – Bearing Grilplatch Car,id:009004526991,price:$629.94,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:22,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-40-In-14-Dwr-Ball-Bearing-Grilplatch-Car/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D183601&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38654289},{name:Craftsman Harley-Davidson® 5-Drawer Top Chest,id:009037964991,price:$129.93,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:23,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-Harley-Davidson%C2%AE-5-Drawer-Top-Chest/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D151560&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38461903},{name:Craftsman 26 in. Wide 3-Drawer Standard Duty Ball-Bearing Rolling Cabinet – Red,id:009046461000,price:$41.39,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:New,list:Browse Results,position:24,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-26-in-Wide-3-Drawer-Standard-Duty-Ball-Bearing-Rolling-Cabinet-Red/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D130637&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=33067183},{name:Craftsman 43-12 2-Drawer Deluxe Mechanic Cart,id:009059355991,price:$120.93,brand:Craftsman,category:Tool Storage,type:Refurbished,list:Browse Results,position:25,district:,region:,productUrl:/Craftsman-43-1-2-2-Drawer-Deluxe-Mechanic-Cart/d/product_details.jsp%3Fmd%3Dct_md%26cid%3D143%26pn%3D1%26ps%3D25%26pid%3D20382&mode=seeAll&itemSelectionType=all&invId=38401639}]}})

I have a hard time keeping track of all my hand tools. Half the time, they get left in the garden to rust in between planting sessions. And don’t get me started on all those gardening gloves that no longer have a mate! This simple solution from The Coupon Project repurposes a canvas shoe organizer to keep everything contained.

All your garden tools and supplies will be right where you need them with this rolling Garden Tool cart from Pure Garden. The spacious interior and removable tool tray are ideal for keeping all your gardening supplies in one convenient … more

I always have a bucket on hand in the garden for any weeds I come across. Hearth and Vine took hers up a notch by making a tool belt to wrap around the outside. Having all your garden tools attached to a bucket means you can just grab it and go!

This affordable, easy-to-assemble compact outdoor storage shed can be placed anywhere in the backyard or deck where storage is needed. Storage shed door can be pad-locked. 1 x Storage Shed. Gross weig…

Picnic Pack Willow Garden Basket 9-pc Garden Tools. Eco Friendly Garden Tote is Made with Willow Wood, Multiple pockets to store your Gardening Tools, Roomy interior is great for transporting supplies, beverages and snacks. more

For over 170 years, STANLEY® has developed and delivered tools that have helped to build this great nation of ours. Through decades of innovation, STANLEY has become a trusted name in tools for professionals and consumers alike. Today, we continue this tradition of innovation with a full lineup of products made right here in the U.S.A with materials from all over the world. We’re committed to creating the next generation of tools that will keep America running strong.

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Featuring 3 inch wide, strong plastic wheels for moving easily through tall grass and a large tray for holding your tools, work gloves and more. Size: Large. Color: Multi-Color. Gender: Unisex. Age Group: Adult. more

The 75 lb. Double-Arm Padded Hanger is made The 75 lb. Double-Arm Padded Hanger is made of steel and features protective padding. It is ideal use in the garage workshop tool shed basement and home. The hook is suitable for storing sports equipment heavy work tools furniture and more. Mounting hardware is included and easy-to-follow instructions can …  More + Product Details Close

Lift-Gate Charge. If you do not have the equipment to offload certain overweight items from the delivery truck, a truck with a lift gate must be assigned for delivery of your order. The lift-gate charge covers the cost of this special delivery. If you think you will need a truck with a lift-gate, please contact Customer Service Inbound Sales at 1-800-423-2567.

Basic screen-door fixes can be pretty cheap, and most can be DIY fixes. Replacing a door closer can cost less than $15. Door hinges and latches are usually less than $10, unless you are getting really fancy. You’ll probably only need a basic screwdriver and possibly some screws or shims. Replacing the mesh can be more difficult, so weigh the value of mesh replacement vs. full door replacement when considering the actual screen replacement.

If you want to go all out and create the gardener’s dream set up, look no further than Setting for Four’s amazing potting bench and garden tool storage. This build has everything, from shelves for pots and pegboard for hanging tools, to a working sink and hose reel! And the best part is that it’s made almost entirely with free pallet wood!

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Gladiator® GearTrack® Channels and GearWall® Panels provide the ideal base for our extended line of hooks, baskets, storage bins, and other wall accessories. The system allows you to effortlessly change your configuration anytime you wish.

Having a well-organized garage and tool shed makes it easier to find the tools and equipment you need right away. Menards® has the products you need to clear the clutter and find a place for everything with yard buildings, outdoor storage, and accessories.

This project doesn’t require much planning; just decide how much of the wall you want to cover with plywood. You can cover an entire wall floor-to-ceiling or cover any section of a wall. We left the lower 3 ft. of wall and upper 18 in. uncovered, since those high and low areas are best used for other types of storage. To make the most of our plywood, we combined a course of full-width sheets with a course of sheets cut in half. If your ceiling height is 9 ft. or less, a single 4-ft.-wide course of plywood may suit your needs.

Organize cleaning supplies with an innovative wall-mounted storage unit. OXO’s expandable wall-mounted organizer holds up to 12 long-handled items, including brooms, mops, duster, and umbrellas. The holders automatically adjust to grip specific poles, and you can remove them or customize spacing. Eight additional hooks add even more storage. Photo courtesy of OXO

Garage organization requirements can vary greatly depending on how you use your garage, hobbies,etc.  This section features our larger hooks from Shulte and storeWALL for hanging everything from a hammer to a Kayak.

Big Racks and Little Racks.  Steel Racks and Wood Racks.  We have a storeWALL – Slatwall Rack, Shelf or Platform for all of your garage storage needs.   Since the idea of having enough tools in your garage is a fairy tale, take a look at the wide selection of Tool Organizers we have available to help you organize the tools you have and plan to have in your garage.   Lawn and Garden products are a part of every garage and are an easy target for a garage organization effort with our Lawn and  Garden hangers. All of the items can be used on storeWALL – Slatwall or mounted directly on a standard wall surface.   Every sport has it’s own racquet, ball, helmet or setup.  The garage is the natural storage place for these items and we have a large selection of Sports-specific hangers/hooks to help you.

Metal Pegboard Strip Garden Tool Organizer by Wall Control Storage Systems offers great wall garden tool storage for a great value. This pack of two 16 wide by 2.5 high pegboard strips can be mounted side by side or individually in … more

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A pegboard is an easy and inexpensive way for you to organize your garage or DIY workspace. Combined with a rack system, this previously unused wall area can now hold everything from small parts to large yard tools. Because of the flexibility inherent to the pegboard system, this space can easily be reconfigured for years to come.

Make potting a pleasure with the Merry Garden Potting Bench with Recessed Storage. Ingeniously designed with a latticed tabletop that allows excess soil or refuse to be collected underneath, it’s built of kiln-dried fir for good looks and long wear. Available on Amazon; $140.

Our backyard shed is home to all our landscaping tools, holiday decorations and sports equipment. The storage shelves I built over the summer transformed the space by getting those plastic bins off the floor. But with the addition of a bunch of new outdoor tools this fall, it was starting to get cluttered again! I finally had enough, and built this simple garden tool storage rack to hold them all.