Now lets look at the Short Garage Wall Framing Elevation Components diagram at the right. This is the more complicated of the short walls since it contains the overhead door rough opening. Pay close attention that both short walls will fit between the two long walls which will be erected and braced first. The diagram shows where those long walls will be in relation to the short walls and you have to get your measurements exact on the widths.

Thanks for continued comments. I have just posted a new article reporting in on several of my organization schemes and how they held up after 1 year of use. The post is here. This one is still golden – others required modifications.

Nancy, Great question. My tool shed has a dirt floor so I just ran a row of bricks along the bottom and the end of the tools rest on that. I didn’t want them resting on the dirt. I could have attached a wooden shelf for a bottom. On the short tools I did use the wooden sill as a bottom.

Table 5-B REQUIRED SEPARATiONS IN BUILDINGS OF MIXED OCCUPANCY (in hours) shows Group I (Dwellings) and Group J (Private Garages) as being required to be separated by a 1 – hour fire-rated partition and 1-hour fire-rated door.

Repurpose a wheeled cart into a portable garden center. If you’ll be doing a lot of planting, a cart can help you keep all of your supplies together. This is a great option if you’ll be moving heavy objects like garden soil or large ceramic pots. [9]

As for the other tools such as spades, rakes, etc. I use hooks mounted to the walls of the shed. My hubby even felt the need to draw the outline of the tool and label each space in Sharpie. I hang these tools with the business end up.

DIY Rain Barrel – I will be building one of these next to my vegetable garden! DIY Rain Barrel – I will be building one of these next to my vegetable garden! DIY Rain Barrel – I will be building one of these next to my vegetable garden!

The Quickie Professional 7-1/4 inch Wire-Wound Corn Whisk Broom is ideal for small clean-ups. It is wire-wound fro strength and has 2 rows of reinforced nylon stitching. There is a sturdy metal hang-up feature for quick storage.

91PXL is a high performance Low Profile chain ideal for homeowners and professionals using light-weight chain saws up to 42cc, who… prefer low kickback. The new 91PXL cutter top-plates are 33% longer than standard 91 cutters. The low vibration, low kickback semi-chisel cutters give you an aggressive cutting edge. 91PXL chain also offers a forgiving sharpening profile and good stay-sharp. Bumper drive links paired with ramped depth gauges offer reduced kickback with strong performance. read more

The Karcher SC3’s long-reaching lance makes it an incredibly versatile cleaner that’s a breeze to handle when cleaning tight corners and awkward angles. Without the tools attached, it serves as a straightforward steam gun that can refresh clothes, remove dust from plants and perform a little moist dusting here and there.

I clean homes for a living and need a mop that will hold up. Love this mop, but after 1 year use it quite steaming all but a little bit. The first thing I did was try flushing it out with CRL to get rid of the mineral build up from hard water being I wasn’t using distilled water. This didn’t work, so I decided to take the body apart to investigate, be careful not to lose the tiny screws when removing. When I got it opened a small piece of rubber hose fell out, it had broken off from were the steam comes through. Be careful not to lose the spring that is in the end of the hose. My husband replaced the hose that was there. There is a clamp there just use pliers to clamp it back down. This mop works like new. Steams like a champ! Will continue to use an see how long it lasts. Other than this I love every thing about it. The water tank is small but it cleans two rooms before having to refill. I will also be using distilled water to make sure no minerals build up. For the price an if your mechanically inclined I recommend this product.

High traffic areas – We wanted to find out how well each steam mop cleaned up ground-in dirt and dust, and there was no better test for this than the laundry/mud room. Outside dirt is constantly tracked onto the linoleum floor here, leaving dusty and sometimes muddy footprints all over the surface. With each steam mop, we did the same number of slow passes on the floor and then checked the results. After cleaning, we considered the floor’s brightness, how it felt to the touch, and how much dirt was on the microfiber pad (meaning it was no longer on the floor!).

The Reliable Steamboy Pro 300CU 3-in-1 Steam and Scrub Mop can switch between a steam pad and a very stiff scrub brush, once you press with your foot to release one triangular section and press the mop onto the other. The switching mechanism works pretty well, but it’s a niche need, considering how small the terrycloth mop pad is and how often you’ll need to clean it for any sizable room cleaning. Small isn’t necessarily a dealbreaker for everyone, but the head is also more limited in flexibility than the one on the Bissell PowerFresh.

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So will the shared wall and any wall that that supports the floor above. Since one wall with be mostly overhead doors, there is probably only one wall left that might or might not have to be protected with drywall.

Use a hanging shoe organizer for even more storage space. Hanging shoe organizers with pockets are ideal for organizing any number of small objects. Group together seed packets, dowels and stakes, twine, weedeater string, or any of your other garden supplies.

A bit bigger than i was expediting. If you put a pole on it you would have a 3/4th size broom . I’m thinking as time goes on and the starmds snap and break it will get smaller as the are prone to do. One area of concern is the little loop to hang it. The cap is held on by a nail and the nail is not in there very well. If you bang the nail in you can’t flip the loop up. Catch 22. I will probably just replace the nail with a screw so I can set it at the right height and be done with it.

This is one of those clever “Why didn’t I think of that?” ideas. So simple, too! Use a sturdy kitchen paper towel holder (like this one shown in the picture) for your garbage bags in the garage. Because garbage bags are considerably heavier than paper towels, you’ll want to make sure the towel holder is secured well to the wall. You would also need a skinny rod to ensure that it will fit through the small opening in the center of the garbage bags.

If you’d like to be able to both vacuum and steam mop your floors without having to deal with two different appliances, reviewers say you need look no further than the Bissell Symphony Pet Vacuum and Steam Mop. Offering two-in-one convenience along with simple-to-use controls and a comfortable handle that adjusts for height, this Bissell performs very well as a steam mop, and does a nice job as a light-duty vacuum.

Garage was primed and painted. The floor was finished with a Khaki Floortex™ floor coating. The temporary wooden steps were replaced with precast concrete steps and given the same coating as the floor.

I knew a variation would work in our tool shed. I had some PVC left over from a sculpture project posted here. (Side note- following that link is worth it if you don’t know about our sculpture week. Risk it and take a look!) Instead of the suggested format, I cut the PVC scraps at an angle (approx. 30º) into 6 pieces and mounted them at the mid point and bottom of my shed wall. Here are the cut pieces. I saved the short end pieces and I was glad I did.

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Gardening tools can be awkward and hard to store, but there are tons of great options to help get you organized. For long handled tools like rakes and shovels, you could get a small standing rack for your garage or shed (here’s the standing rack that I have, or you can get one like this that fits in the corner). You can also store long handled garden tools by hanging them on hooks on the wall. I use this heavy duty long handle tool hanger for my garden tools too (I have a lot of garden tools!).

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The Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System S6002 is Shark’s newest addition to its unique, two-in-one spray and steam mop It can be used as a simple spray mop, or, for a deeper clean or tough stains, can be used as a steam mop. The flippable pads can be changed out without touching them with your hands, allowing you a longer cleaning time with less hassle. This steam mop does well on heavier stains, too.

Mount a pegboard to the wall and use the peg to hang your tools. Pegboards are a popular storage option because it’s easy to move the pegs around to organize your tools exactly how you want them. Arrange your tools by size to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.[4]

I love this and love the way you are in the pictures working on it:) Thanks for including the reminder about the measuring spoons, I need to try this (start small then…) Just dropping in form Just a party with My Peeps to invite you to share this at Freedom Fridays. Hope to see you there!

You can find vintage garden gear, such as these outdoor spigot handles and spring clips, at flea markets, antiques stores, and online for as little as $1 each. Use them to organize your garden gear with this fun and functional tool rack made from old wood molding, flea-market spring clips, and brightly colored outdoor spigot handles (The Old Time Junk Shop; All you need is a free morning, the tools in a basic kit, and a little creativity and elbow grease. To mount each handle, use a ¼-inch galvanized lag screw threaded with a corresponding nylon spacer, both available at hardware stores.

Bear in mind that if the garage shares a common wall with the house, you need a fire-rated wall structure. Same goes for the ceiling if they have a common attic. 5/8 FireX drywall is probably the cheapest way to meet the requirement.

Although it doesn’t have a removable water tank, this was the easiest stationary tank to fill, thanks to an easy fill opening that helps prevent spills. The dirt tank is also easy to use, and features a built in Drop-IT system. All you have to do is press the lever to empty the debris into the trash.