Shoes are an integral part of your wardrobe and should have their own area in your walk-in closet, so don’t intermingle shoes with hanging clothes or handbags. Creating individual places and separating clothes, shoes, jewelry and all the pieces stored in your closet creates a better line of sight and maximizes your closet’s functionality. Design by Clos-ette

If you have loads of smaller tools and drill bits and you don’t really have room for an extra-large toolbox, you can just add a small magnetic strip to the wall or just wherever you have room. This strip will keep those drill bits perfectly organized and handy so that you can just grab one when you need it. If you have a tool bench, this is the perfect way to keep drill bits close at hand and out of the way. Via: BHG – Every Little Bit

Shelf brackets designed to support clothes hanger rods aren’t just for closets. The rod-holding hook on these brackets comes in handy in the garage and workshop too. You can bend the hook to suit long tools or cords. Closet brackets are available at home centers and hardware stores.

This luxurious closet takes design to a whole new level with its decorative millwork, glass doors and built-in vanity. The mirrored closet door and ornamental vanity mirror visually enhance the closet. The shoe closet is neatly tucked behind double doors that open to reveal neat rows of shelves in varying heights to accommodate flats, heels and boots with ease. Design by Clos-ette

Brooms are one of the most basic but important tools in your janitorial arsenal, and they come in various forms to meet different needs. A broom that can perform the task at hand is vital to the sanitation and cleaning of any kitchen, restaurant, hotel, or office. We have a large selection of brooms to match any task!

With a one-two cleaning punch, Swiffer Sweeper is designed to sweep and mop your floors. Do not use Swiffer Sweeper wet cloths on unfinished, oiled, or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpete…

It’s portable for tools,screws and nail etc. Keep your tools safe and organized with this portable and convenient storage solution. Drawer Slide Type:Friction-slide. Number of Drawer Banks:3. Widest D…

If you have brooms, mops or garden supplies that you want to hang out of the way, an inexpensive wall organizer is a great choice. You just attach it to the wall and slide items in by their handles. This is a great way to keep brooms and other cleaning tools off the floor and keep them easy to access.

Rubbermaid Large Vertical Shed is great for storing Rubbermaid Large Vertical Shed is great for storing long handled tools and other lawn and garden equipment. Its stylish design specifically intended to blend into your outdoor living space. Durable double wall construction provides extra strength and security.  More + Product Details Close

String Mop Heads are available in cotton, microfiber, nylon, PET, polyester, and Rayon construction. Synthetic floor mop fibers are designed to withstand laundering better and dry faster than natural fibers, reducing growth of harmful bacteria. Rayon mop heads are ideal for applying floor finishes and disinfectants.

Premium Storage Contemporary 9-Cube OrganizerThe Closet Maid Decorative Contemporary 9-Cube Unit Bookcase provides an upscale way …to organize your belongings. Designed to take organization to the next level and for use anywhere in your home this… read more

Looped End Wet Mops: These are constructed with premium blend yarns to provide the best balance for pick-up & retention. These are produced with yarn spinning that allows for laundering without netting.

The Mopnado has the biggest bucket we tested (20 by 13 by 11½ inches, 5.1 pounds), and the Casabella the next largest (19 by 11½ by 11 inches, 4.6 pounds); compare these numbers with the O-Cedar bucket’s (14 by 10 by 11 inches, 1.4 pounds). Yet because they can barely be filled halfway (the wringer, which obviously has to stay above water, takes up the top half of the bucket), they actually hold less water than the O-Cedar, meaning more-frequent refills. And unlike the O-Cedar, their wringers can’t be removed, meaning they’re single-purpose tools that take up a ton of valuable closet space (they’re so big they cannot fit easily under most sinks). Both buckets also feature unnecessary gizmos. Each has a tiny soap dispenser that’s fussy to refill, and in the Mopnado’s case incredibly fussy to remove for refilling. (Squirting detergent from the bottle is much easier.) The Casabella has a silly drain plug, a tiny drawer whose purpose is unclear (replacement mopheads don’t fit in it). The Mopnado has a fold-out pull handle that’s so short you have to bend over halfway and crab-walk when you use it.

Our Lifetime 15×8 garden shed is sure to enhance your backyard with it’s sleek, attractive appearance and design. Molded wood-grain wall panels and a simulated shingled roof combine with natural colors to complement any surroundings. It’s not only a great looking building but it is also very tough! With double walled, 1 inch thick steel reinforced polyethylene plastic walls and heavy duty powder coated steel trusses the model 6446 Lifetime shed stands up to even the toughest weather. The huge storage space inside will give you enough space to conveniently store all your garden tools, yard equipment, pool chemicals, mowers and more! Easily get your things organized with lots of shelving included! The 6446 includes two 90×10 shelves, four corner shelves and two tool hanging peg strips. Unlike a wood shed the Lifetime is low maintenance, weather resistant and requires no painting! Feel good about supporting our economy, this building is made in the USA!

These are refills for your Simplee Cleen household mop or any other manufacturer that has the velcro strip across the bottom of the mop frame. It makes cleaning floors so easy and rewarding. Make sure…

This slim cabinet has no fixed center shelf, making it ideal for storing brooms and other tall items. At 16 inches deep instead of the standard 12 inches, it holds 34% more storage and has two adjustable shelves. Use alone or add the optional 16¿ Topper (WEW-1624) to vertically expand to 89¿ high storage. ELITE¿s quality features include distinctive Soft Edged Doors, Designer Hardware, Attractive Finishes and European Style Hinges.

After considering hundreds of wet mops and spending six hours testing eight popular models (and five buckets), our picks are the O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop and the O-Cedar Quick Wring Bucket. This duo beat the competition at sopping up rank gutter water, spilled cups of Coke, and every other test we tried.

Mason jars have a different type of lid – sort of a plate and a ring. If paint is left in there for ages and gets onto the plate, you can still pop it off and replace the plate – or both the plate and ring. If paint gets stuck to a baby jar lid, you’ll have a hard time twisting off the lid. Or ……. you could just try not to get any paint on any of the lids until you try to open the jar. Hope that helps.

Here’s a slick use for that old wooden tennis racquet that’s gathering dust in the garage. Drill a hole in the handle and screw it to the underside of a workbench. Position the racquet so it can swing in and out from under the table. Use it to hold tools, parts or other small items. Do you enjoy finding uses for everyday things? Here’s a collection of DIY home hacks you’ll love.

These wet mop heads are all durably constructed to handle the toughest spills and everyday cleaning. They’re resistant to shredding, tearing, and ripping. Choose from all our various colors and sizes to clean your narrow hallway or large dining room. You’ll also find a varied selection of handles to use with your mop heads. For more great janitorial supplies, be sure to browse our wet floor signs, floor dryers, and commercial floor scrubbers. If you’re wondering where to buy wet mops, we have a large selection of wet mops for sale at the lowest prices.

Size: 4.5 H x 36 W, Color: White Triton Products Hole Pegboard Strip The epoxy coating makes them scratch resistant. Organize yo…ur garage using any open wall space or put LocBoard pegboard strips above your workbench or work area to customize the… read more

With a one-two cleaning punch, Swiffer Sweeper is designed to sweep and mop your floors. Thick dry sweeping cloths conform to the surface of your floors and grout lines, trapping and locking dirt. Do …

We sought true wet mops designed to soak up messes and scrub stains in kitchens and bathrooms. That criteria eliminated spray mops, as well as specialized models designed to spread sealants or polishes. It also eliminated most flat mops. Despite how they’re marketed, flat mops generally can’t be wrung out—which you need to do whether you’re sopping up a spill or doing a whole-floor cleaning (i.e., wet mopping), and they’re usually used dry (on dust) or damp (to pick up incidental stains and dried spills). We made an exception for Swiffer’s wet-pad version: Even though the wet pad is a thin fabric sheet—versus most flat mops’ thick mat of microfiber tendrils—the company is so dominant in the cleaning market that we felt we had to test it.

Based on all these considerations, we picked 10 finalists, and settled on eight to test—all top-rated, and all 100 percent microfiber—in four styles: three spin, two cloth, and one each string, sponge, and flat, from Swiffer, Casabella, OXO Good Grips, O-Cedar, Joy Mangano, Mopnado, and Libman.

The mop head contains an antimicrobial additive within the microfiber, preventing odor-causing bacteria between uses. This microfiber twist mop is perfect for reaching and cleaning behind and around o…

Our solid 100% Aromatic Cedar Closet Kit (everything in one box) is made of the highest quality Appalachian Mountain Cedar. It is …beautiful, durable, and is the pinnacle of all the natural wood closets available in today’s market. This Aromatic Cedar… read more

The Mopnado’s wringing mechanism is similar to the one on the Twist & Shout. Instead of using a pedal to operate the mechanism, you simply push down on the handle. But the Mopnado also has a spin agitator, meaning you actually spin the mop head on the wet side of the bucket to remove dirt and grime, and then move it to the wringer to spin it dry. Reviewers like this feature, saying it does a better job of keeping grime off their mop head, and accordingly, off their floors. 

For this update, O-Cedar’s well-reviewed Microfiber Cloth Mop takes the top spot in our basic floor mop category. The Bona Hardwood Floor Care System is the best choice for cleaning hardwood floors. For those who want to put a bit of a song into their mopping job, check out the ever popular Twist & Shout spin mop.

The Oakbrook storage building features a high gable roof for extra storage and headroom. With its wide door opening, your items ar…e accessible and easy to move in and out. Perfect for storing and organizing anything, from lawn and garden equipment to… read more

I bought this and the head fell off after three minutes of use. There doesn’t seem to be a way to put it back on — a piece of plastic with pegs seems to unclip from the part that screws into the handle, but the pegs just slide through the hole. No instructions online or included in the bag. I don’t know if I got a defective one or I’m missing something.

I’m grading on a curve, since in the larger scheme of things, this is probably a 2-3 star kind of thing- and not a particularly quality nor heavy-duty cabinet. 4 stars, since it meets expectations and I pretty much knew what I was buying.

Some materials we dismissed are better for commercial/industrial applications. Ultracheap cotton string mops, for example—“rotten cotton” in Ron Wright’s phrase—are designed to be bought in bulk and disposed of; they tangle when washed, dry slowly, and turn stinky when damp. Rayon is a poor absorber but a great releaser of liquid, so it’s ideal for spreading floor wax, as on school and hospital floors.

Highlights:Size: 10 x 10Coverage: 580 sq.ft.Vinyl coated electro-galvanized steelDurable and stylish vinyl coating mimics the look… of many homesHigh gable roof designSliding doors are pre-cut and pre-drilledVinyl coated steel buildings are 5 times… read more