Whisk Broom’s performances have seen him being retrospectively described as the U.S. Champion Older Male Horse and United States Horse of the Year for 1913,[13] but no formal voting or awards took place at the time.

Ok, so you’re bound to have duct tape in your garage. If you have several rolls of differently colored tapes or different types of tape, you can easily create a dispenser that mounts to the wall and keeps your tapes perfectly organized. A few boards and a hacksaw blade are all you need to create a great dispenser that not only keeps your tape organized, it cuts it the perfect length every time. Via: Americanwoodworker – Jumbo Tape Dispenser

3 Mop Organizer Cleaning Tool Holder Broom Hanger Wall Garage Self Adhesive Clip !! This set of 3 reusable broom & tool hook feat…ures a self-adhesive hook made of durable plastic with a circular hinged hook for a secure hold, hook measures… read more

The solution is to create a framework of horizontal wood strips and inexpensive shelf standards. It can hold almost any arrangement of shelving and hooks, at any point on the wall, and it’s easy to rearrange.

I love the way you are using the PVC pipes. There are so many different ways to use different things instead throwing things away. And lets just get creative. I saw on 1 blog here the other they made shelf out of pipes. 1 thing I used to do back in the days was to ask construction companies to give me useful things, they were suppose to throw away. Just for saving the environment. If everyone would do that, the world would have a much better place you know. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

You should make sure the size of the mop head included will meet the requirements for the area you have. Too small, and it will take you longer, too large and you’ll have trouble getting close to the edges or into corners.

Since these organizers bear weight, their construction should feature strong and durable material. Plastic is the favorite material for broom holders because of their lightness. However, they are not strong enough unless they are toughened. The best brands are those features toughened ABS plastic. Some great brands are made of lightweight metal.

Our 3 car garage was insulated, sheet rocked and painted. It was included in the build price. It is used only as a garage, not a workshop or for storage (except for lawn equipment of course). We have a full (semi finished) basement for the workshop and storage.

All gardeners, even the newbie ones, have some tools and supplies they need to know how to organize. Storing tool improperly can only lead to a mess pretty quickly. In order to avoid this problem, you need to know how to store your tools and supplies in an organized manner.

“I was told that steam mops were not all they are cracked up to be, and I’m finicky when it comes to cleaning my house, especially my kitchen and dining floors, which are that luxury vinyl. First, DO NOT BUY luxury-vinyl tiles for your flooring. It looks so nice, but cleaning the floors are a bitch, man. But, I digress. This steam mop has cut hours off of my mop job. Yes, I am that anal. I sweep, vacuum, and then mop. I use both pads for cleaning and switch them out when they get dirty. I rinse them out and continue to use when they fill up with dirt. In my house, there is a lot of dirt with a boy, three dogs, and five cats. Oh, and pee. Lots and lots of pee.”

Our tool shed was a disaster waiting to happen. Not only was I worried about tools falling over, but also stepping on sharp or pointed scattered on the ground. This takes care of both. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

The floor, foundation walls and steps have a Floortex™ floor coating in Nightfall. A GL Custom Steel cabinetry system and workbench were installed with a valance light bar, diamond plate backsplash and stainless steel counter top. Slatwalls provided additional storage space.

A. Always consult the owner’s manual to ensure that the mop is safe for use on your flooring. However, most steam mops can be used on marble, ceramic, stone, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, and sealed wood flooring.

Easy release design. Simply by lifting the handlet. 1 x Wall Mount Broom Holder. 12 x Broom Holder Screws. It can be used anywhere in the garage, garden, kitchen, laundry, offices and much more you wa…

Honey-Can-Do HNG-04414 Wooden Wall Rack with 3-hooks Cherry. Honey-Can-Do HNG-04414 Wooden Wall Rack with 3-hooks Cherry. Add a decorative and functional touch to you wall with this wooden wall rack. Included are 3-hooks that slide horizontally to accommodate items of different sizes such as ties keys jewelry or small purses. Wall mounting hardware is included. For best results …  More + Product Details Close

The floor and foundation walls have a Nightfall Floortex™ floor coating. Every single cabinet including is done on GL Custom Steel cabinetry for wall to wall storage (gun metal finish with finger pull handles). A slatwall on the left provides additional storage making it easy to add hooks and baskets.

The Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop’s most outstanding feature is its flip-down scrubber, designed for tough spots. There’s no need for a funnel or filler because the tank is detachable. It comes with two pads: one is smooth and one is ribbed for use on dirtier areas. At nine pounds, the Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop is a little heavier than other models, and it doesn’t have the adjustable handle that many customers prefer. However, the grip is designed to be ergonomic and, in use, it doesn’t feel heavy or cumbersome.

Of all the basic steam mops currently on the market, the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 is a top pick with experts and gets the best reviews from owners — by quite a large margin. Users say it cleans even tough, old grime and leaves floors sparkling. They also appreciate its excellent performance and easy handling, saying it’s much simpler to use than many comparable steam mops and even some spray mops.