Excellent tool rack. Extremely sturdy and holds LOTS of hanging tools. Am taking a lessor rack down to put elsewhere so that this one can be THE go-to rack. Superb product and well worth the cost of purchase plus a hefty delivery price.

This 3 Piece Magnetic Parts Tray Nut and Bolt Set will surely be a big help. Made up of premium quality materials that are proven and tested for its durability and functionality. This set securely stores nuts, bolts, and other metal parts.

CMS-SEC Features: -Double pantry faucet and pot filler, vandal proof. -Made in the USA. Country of Manufacture: -United States. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -43. Overall Length – Side to Side: -21. Overall Width – Front to Back: -26…. more

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I have dogs, lots of dogs. This broom is great for sweeping up their hair and scrubbing dog kennels. My friend recently got a border collie and was complaining about all of the hair in the house. I bought her one of these brooms and she loves it.

The next best thing to owning all the right tools is knowing exactly where to find them when you need them. Wall-mounted tool organizers and wall hooks keep your yard tools and other gear, like bicycles, off the ground and extremely accessible.

A rubber broom of this kind is described in European Patent B 0 405 819 and its counterpart U.S. Pat. No. 5,072,479 (the contents of which are incorporated herein by reference). The broom body and set of bristles in that case constitute a single molded part produced by the injection molding process. The molding tool used in production is configured in such a way that bristles protruding in the lateral direction extend beyond the rim of the broom body. This makes it possible, using such a rubber broom, to remove dust and dirt even from the area of corners made by a floor surface and a wall bounding the floor surface. However, the necessary molding tool is extremely difficult to manufacture and the unmolding of the produced injection-molded parts presents problems. For example, bristles frequently tear off in the process, rendering a rubber broom unsalable.

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It is an object of the present invention to further develop a rubber broom of the aforementioned general type such that while being simpler and more reliable to produce, it permits the corners of spaces to be cleaned with the same ease as the known configuration.

I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration I found in your garden tool rack plan/blog. I modified it a bit, increasing the dimensions to 48 x 32 and using 3/4 plywood and 2x4s. The added width increased stability and I was able to use an 8-foot sheet of plywood with no waste. I also had to decrease the on-center spacing of the holes to 3-7/8 to allow for a 12 x 8 grid of holes between the outer frames of 2x4s. The materials cost a bit more, but the result is heavy-duty and it saved a ton of space, not to mention holes in my shop liner!

Some mops featured on Snapdeal allow 360 degrees rotation of the mop head. Several of these items have microfibre cleaning parts for intensive cleaning. If you have parquet flooring, you can look for a wooden floor mop. Browse the products at Homecare home improvement.

I chose this company because they offered 2 heads and a price of $19.99. Do make sure to look around or you will easily pay $39.99 for the exact same product. My mop was shipped from Canada and took just under a week and so far it’s great. I would recommend this mop to everyone. Honestly, I used to make fun of the commercial for this product, then I was stuck using one in a 3 story house with a 4 year old and as soon as I left, I ordered my own. I’ve been telling everyone how my opinion drastically changed after using it. Great product. I would buy this again.

A website for your green inspiration! Discover great pictures of garden projects from all around the world but also some nice DIY (cinder block and wooden benches…), landscaping ideas (landscaping rocks…), and outdoor patio furniture… You will also find guides, tutorials, and tips about gas grills, fencing ideas, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, daybed, fire pit, lounge chairs, patio covers, lawn mower, brush cutter, DIY pool, outdoor projectors and many more! At 1001Gardens, it’s all about gardenings. Do not hesitate to contribute by sending us your garden pictures!

Lay your long-handled garden tools side by side with about 2 in. clearance separating each tool from the next. Use a tape measure to measure across the point where the handle meets each tool, determine the distance from the middle of one handle to the middle of the next and write down these measurements.

The rubber broom shown in FIG. 1 is configured in such a way that supporting layer 4 having set of bristles 2 is raised only in the zone of the opposing end faces. This produces laterally protruding bristles in these two zones, while outside of these two zones the bristles do not protrude laterally. However, the invention is not restricted to this configuration, but also encompasses other configurations in which broom body 1 is surrounded in all directions by laterally protruding bristles from set of bristles 2. Such a configuration is illustrated in cross-section in FIG. 2. Supporting layer 4 shown here and having set of bristles 2 is affixed to an intermediate plate 5, which is raised around its entire circumference in the direction of the rim of broom body 1 and is configured to be convex in the central zone. The bristles of set of bristles 2 thus protrude not only in the longitudinal direction beyond the two ends of broom body 1, analogously to FIG. 1, but also on both sides by the dimension B in the lateral direction beyond outer bounds of broom body 1. In this configuration as well, supporting layer 4 is produced in a flat shape and is subsequently converted to the shape depicted by being affixed to the intermediate plate 5. Supporting layer 4 is fastened in a form-locking manner to intermediate plate 5. For this purpose, supporting layer 4 is provided on its upper side with protrusions 7 extending parallel to its longitudinal direction and having a T-shaped profile, protrusions 7 being fitted into receptacles in intermediate plate 5 which have a corresponding cross-section and open downwards. The intermediate plate 5 is made of polypropylene. It is provided with four upward-protruding retaining tongues 8 which can be aligned with corresponding openings 6 entering broom body 1 in the lateral direction, and which, together with these openings, are penetrated by retaining bolts 9. Retaining bolts 9 are easily removable, permitting set of bristles 2 to be replaced with a new one after wear has occurred.

Are you tired of piling up your long handled yard tools or household cleaning tools in a corner just to have them all fall over when you are trying to get the one you need. Keter has the solution for you with the Keter 35.5 in.

Awesome product! Went to our local home/garden show (where I was first introduced to your ‘broom’) last month and you were missing in action. Very disappointed :(. So happy when I found it online!!! We have English Setters and this is the best product to get control of the dog hair. We have some stained concrete floors and it works great on these…both sides. Squeegee side to move water quickly. Hope to find you next year at our OKC show.

The intermediate plate may have at least two retaining tongues protruding upward, which may be aligned with the corresponding openings entering the broom body in the lateral direction and which, together with these openings, are penetrated by retaining bolts. After wear of the set of bristles has taken place, this arrangement makes it particularly easy to replace the worn set of bristles with a new one.

Took this thing out of the box, put it together exactly as per instructions, pushed the shaft down to test, the mop head spun. That was the last time it spun. Item has never been used and is defective. If I return it I will have to pay shipping which will cost about the same as the refund I will get. I might as get some use out of it by keeping it and using it as a dust mop. If you are looking for a spinning mop, don’t waste your time or money with this cheap piece of, well you know.

Focus your innovative juices toward creating something you can use to store your garden tools such as a potting bench. Making your own bench gives you freedom over design and size preferences. Click here to see the DIY post!

This Magic Mop is great for any type of floor, spins 360 degrees, pulling messes to the inside of the mop so you’re not just pulling and pushing dirty water around. This super smart mop has more more..

Secure hold triple tool holder mounts to the wall and creates a place to store frequent and seasonally used long handled tools such as shovels rakes brooms other garden tools and even heavy items like string trimmings and lawn edges. The holder accommodates three long handled tools and safely and securely stores them. The holder is 35% stronger than the leading hooks providing superior strength. The spring opening and deep v-groove helps keep tools from accidently falling. Providing safety and…

Good ideal. In the United States, where we’re still stuck in the metrology Dark Ages, wall studs are normally spaced 16 inches (406.4 mm) on center. By doing what you did, the rack will accommodate short, D-handle tools as well.

Name 42 in. Resin Wheeled Tool Storage Rack 8-Drawer Polypropylene Wheeled Storage Bin Organizer Cart in White/Gray/Black Gradient 24 in. x 18 in. 3 Tub Shelf Plastic Cart, 4 in. Casters in Black Wayar 6-Shelf Plastic 4-Wheeled 9-Drawer Trolley in Rainbow

Includes 3 in molded drain. Tundra was started in Boulder, Colorado in 1993 – over 20 years ago. A liftgate will lower the product to the ground for you. It’s very important to us that you are happy w…

The product arrived BROKEN. I contacted the seller to inform them it was broken when I opened the box and they asked for pictures. I sent pictures and haven’t heard from them sense. I decided to make the best of it and rig it so I could use it. Okay so where do I start now? lol The spin bucket gets stuck, the rim on the spin bucket pops off, the pole is horribly cheap and VERY short. I love the idea but this is a terrible design and made from cheap materials. The mop head constantly pops off, after a few uses the spin action either on the mop or the bucket gets very stripped out and you can’t spin the mop anymore.. When you mop instead of the head staying in place it spins and moves as you mop so mopping does no good. It’s more like rolling a ball on the floor type action then wiping the floor. The mop bristles hardly touch the floor, Basically the only part is a very small section under the mop the actually does any cleaning at all. VERY POOR DESIGN CHEAP MATERIALS. This product when I purchased it was SOOOO over priced for what I received AND it took forever to get.

The soft natural rubber bristles are suitable for cleaning any delicate surface in the home, they will never scratch furniture. They are tough enough to clean effectively rough walkways outdoors without wear or loss of shape. It is also an excellent wet scrubber, because it is made of one piece of natural rubber. It’s rubber broom one side and a squeegee on the other side. While scrubbing with water any floor, just flip it over and remove excess water with its internal squeegee. 

This storage cabinet is the perfect addition to any garage or workspace. Pegboard and an included assortment of hooks ensure that organizing your tools has never been easier. Constructed into three sections when open this cabinet provides 96” W continuous mounting tool area . Plenty of space means you will finally be able to store all your tools in one place, without worrying about heavy and bulky took boxes.