I could not find this item in any stores and it is of the utmost importance here at the kennel. The old one was breaking and we had no idea how to find another one, and nothing sweeps up dog hair better. We were all extremely relieved to have found this on Simplygoodstuff.com

Stainless steel dehydrate basket. Putting the microfiber mop heads into the dehydrate basket,pressing the mop rod to make the mop head rotate and being dry. Dehydrate basket size: 17.7×11.2×9.4. De…

RRP: 109.00. White Magic Pure Spin Mop Hand Press White. Set inlcudes: Next generation microfibre mop heads. Cleaning/Care: Machine washable mop head. Colour: White. About Kitchen Warehouse. Origin: Taiwan.

This weekend my husband and I made these with a few modifications.  We already had a 2×4 mounted to the wall for mounting clothesline hooks, so we notched the boards to accommodate it which actually made for a handy rail for mounting.  Then we notched the bottom of the boards to make securing them easier.  Making 4 of them and spacing them 18 apart gave us more flexibility as far as the variety of tools we’re able to hang.

This is the second one of these brooms I’ve purchased. The first one lasted about 10 years before the rubber broke from around the pole. NOTE–Although they don’t list it, this does come with a metal broom pole.The rubber acts like a magnet and grabs loose hair. Perfect for a kennel, or grooming salon! (Posted on 2/11/2018)

We promise you won’t be sorry!  You can get your own incredible Dutch Rubber Broom for just $19.95 plus $5 shipping and handling (Outside USA, call or email for shipping costs)  Texas residents please add 8.25% sales tax to their order.

INCREDIBLE CLEANING TOOL: Ravmag’s large rubber broom will get your floors cleaner than ever with less time and less effort to do it. The versatile broom sweeps wet and dry surfaces and can be used indoors and outdoors with the same great results.

The mop can be rotated 360 degree, clean your house thoroughly. Type: Flat mop. Mop Material: ABS. 2 x Mop Cloth. Fits: Room, Wall, Window, Ceiling. – It can clean your room, window, air-condition, wall and other high place that are not easy to be washed.

The 20 litre bucket has a built in spinner that removes excess water in seconds for streak free floors, and the fast drying action means you can store your mop quickly and easily without tatty, smelly fibres or the need for continual rinsing.

The Dutch Rubber Broom has a durable squeegee built-in along the entire length of the solid rubber head.  This feature doubles the use of the tool.  The squeegee is great for removing snow and slush from vehicles in the winter. Squeegee your floors and windows after cleaning them.  You’ll find just as many uses for the squeegee as you will for the rubber bristles of the Rubber Broom.

I LOVE this broom and have had a pr of them for more years than I can remember. Probably 20+ They don’t wear out since they’re rubber. Best thing on wood floors with shedding pets and outdoor debris off shoes. Gets the smallest stuff too. I,m buying a couple more for the patio & shed.

The only suggestion I would give to the producer/seller is to use better quality screws, because just soon I tried tightening the ones provided in the package the head stripped off, I had to go thru the hassle to take’em out and use 2 same length bolts I luckily had in my hardware box.

The Magic Mop was designed to essentially suck grease off of food.  If I recall correctly, it was touted to be made of the same synthetic fiber that is used to suck foam off of airport landing strips during a potential airplane crash.

I purchased this broom for my son on the advice of a friend who had the same issues with pet hair. My son has a Golden Retriever which drops hair every time he turns around. This broom, for this purpose, works extremely well on wooden floors or carpet, gathering all the hair within the scope of the rubber bristles and I know my son is really glad he has it. It has eased his frustration in trying to clean up a daily problem. I’ll bet it works for similar debris.536122m78

Mop Sink, Without Faucet, Body Material Durastone(R), Color White, Overall Length 24 In., Overall Width 24 In., Overall Height 10 In., Bowl Size 24 In. x 24 In., Bowl Depth 10 In., Back Splash No, Dra…

I received the Shiwala mop yesterday and put it all together. No problem. I needed to wash my kitchen floor, which is hardwood. Spray worked fine but the mop didn’t stay flat on the floor. It kept turning on its edge. Didn’t matter how I used it. It wouldn’t stay flat. I tried various things but it just wanted to work on the edge only. Not sure why. I checked the manual but when the mop arrived the mop itself was already attached so I assume it was correct.

This Gladiator Garage Gear Track Starter Kit is This Gladiator Garage Gear Track Starter Kit is ideal for use throughout the house. The included GearTrack channel and hooks provide convenient storage for entry door items with hooks to handle a backpack jackets keys and sports equipment. Perfect for use in a utility room for cleaning tool storage. Give …  More + Product Details Close

The Hurricane Spin Mop is the amazing mop and bucket system that cleans practically anything and everything, picking up dirt then spinning it away! Then place it in the dryer side and push on the peda…

So what did I pay for? I asked Anthony to come back and correct these oversights, and he could only come at a time that I wasn’t home. I left the key, and he left the place in a similar state. When I asked him for a partial refund, he stopped answering my calls and texts.

These tool organizers are great! I was impressed with how well they are made – and didn’t take very long to put up in my garage. I was so happy with the two I purchased for myself, that I purchased two more to give to my neighbor as a Christmas gift! Thanks! Kate in FD

Terrazzo mop-service basins feature portland cement and marble chip construction. They are suitable for commercial use, and they feature integral stainless steel drains to ease installation. Stainless steel caps help to protect against heavy use. The low mount design helps to make it easy for maintenance personnel to place mops and buckets inside with minimal lifting.

I love my Rubber Broom. I have so many pet hairs with 2 dogs and 4 cats. I have used it with the handle to remove the gaits from the rug, gather them together on the floor, clean the dust off the ceiling fan and ceiling and walls. I take the pole off to use the broom end to remove hairs from the furniture and cat tower. When the carpet cleaner came to clean carpet and couch, he vacuumed the pillows but couldn’t get the hairs off, so I brought out the broom end and he was so impressed that I gave hI’m the invoice copy and he said he would order 2 for the cleaning Suggestions for the product would be a sturdier pole and connection and add a second broom attachment that is less wide and thus easier to manuver in small spaces than the wide broom and has one side that stick’s out in a point to get in the furniture cracks and corners. It is overall a great and useful product.

After experiencing the satisfaction of cleaning with a magic mop, you might want to turn your attention to other household cleaning supplies. Windows need non-streak products. Doors need products that will remove grime and finger marks around handles. With children around, you might prefer hypo-allergenic products. Explore a range of anti-bacterial products for kitchens and bathrooms at eBay today and makes your spaces sparkle!

The MUSTEE Mop Service Basin was made with matched metal molds using extreme heat and pressure. The drain’s integrally molded and comes with a drain seal for installation to 3 in. ABS, PVC, (Sch. #80)…

Useful Storage Kitchen Clean Tool Rack Mop Brush Broom Organizer Holder Hanger DD1107. 1 Mop Broom Holder. Multi-functional High Quality Wall Mounted Holder. Has Internal friction grip and hook for mo…

Awesome product! Went to our local home/garden show (where I was first introduced to your ‘broom’) last month and you were missing in action. Very disappointed :(. So happy when I found it online!!! We have English Setters and this is the best product to get control of the dog hair. We have some stained concrete floors and it works great on these…both sides. Squeegee side to move water quickly. Hope to find you next year at our OKC show.

Organize up to 30 tools in any corner for more floor space, happier garages, and saner storage sheds with this corner tool rack from Rubbermaid. With no tools required for basic assembly, the rack als…

CARPET PET HAIR REMOVER: The bristles have advanced cleaning technology that works to lift dust, dirt lint and hair. use it to quickly remove pet hair from high traffic areas and where your dog or cat like to sleep.

This mop is ideal for hard floors and requires no wet hands. The flexible mop head allows for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. New Split bucket mop. 2 Mop heads include. Spin dry,spin clean. The handle is made of premium stainless steel.

Heavy duty, chrome plated brass dual handle sink faucet with top reinforcing bar and pail hook on spout. Vacuum breaker integral stops, chrome plated hot and cold handles. 3/4 hose end spout with pail hook, top reinforcing bar and mounting bracket…. more

Keep all of your tools organized in one place with the Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower Rack. For easy transport, four castors help move tools to where you need them. No tools needed for assembly. Two of the casters lock to keep the unit in place.

Lot sale of (3) new Master Tradesman 20′ x 30′ Blue Polyethylene Storage / Utility Tarp by KS America. Master Tradesman, 20′ x 30′, Blue, Polyethylene Storage Tarp Covers. Rolled Metal Rope / Bungee Grommets Every 3′.

Model BTC363724. New, 38 Space, Rolling Long Handled Tool Rack by Structural Plastics Inc. Will Hold up to 38 Long Handled Tools, Tiki Torches, Bulb Changers, Paint Roller Extenders, Fishing Rods, Flag Poles & Just About Any Other Long Handled Item.

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