To finish, fill exposed screw holes with wood filler and let dry. Sand the entire shelf with medium sandpaper. Refill holes, as needed, with wood filler and let dry. Sand with medium-grit sandpaper. Then vacuum shelf with soft-bristled brush to remove sanding residue. Wipe clean with damp cloth. Apply wood conditioner, stain and clear coat for a beautiful wood finish. Apply primer and three coats of flat paint, followed with clear coat for a durable painted finish. Tip: Sand edges before applying clear coat to create a time-worn distressed finish.

Wait until your freshly mopped floors are completely dry before walking on them. Otherwise, you’ll see dull footprints marring your shiny finish. Keep pets and children out of the rooms until the floors are ready for walking.

Use this broom for heavy duty sweeping on concrete floors, driveways, garages and construction sites. Use for wet or dry jobs. Stiff polypropylene bristles are designed to withstand the harshest sweeping environments, including oil solvents, detergents, and most chemicals. A thick hardwood block, strong fiberglass handle, and metal support brace make this a broom that will last for years.

We recently attended the Mac Tools Tool Fair in Nashville, Tennessee and scoped out all of the new products for 2017. The fair also gave us an opportunity to see some of our favorite tools, and create a list of must-have tools for hardcore car guys. Sure, you probably have a great collection of tools already, but we’re passing along some tools that you could put to work in your garage. Price point, convenience and overall usage play into our compilation of cool tools, and the folks at Mac Tools speak our language when it comes to practical tools for car guys. Take a look at our list of must-have tools for your garage, and be sure to check out for even more selection.

I was so disappointed. The mop worked good but as soon as I went to spin out the water, I was not happy. Water starting leaking out from the pedal area. If the water level is as high as the pedal, which it almost always is, it leaks. I recommend buying one of the other brands.  see moreof Whendea’s review

Even if a mop is able to get some of that dirt free, it can do little more than just move the dirt around. A wet vacuum can actually remove the contaminates from the floor and ensure that they aren’t left behind.

It is vital that you move your refrigerator and mop the floor it sits on every couple of months. The area surrounding the fridge sees a lot of action, from spilled drinks to crumbs of food flying out of Tupperware. These things can get stuck under the fridge, grow mold, and attract termites and other bugs.

Traditional mopping with a socket mop and bucket is by far the most commonly used tools when cleaning. It is their suitability to manage a variety of cleaning tasks, especially within small areas, that makes them so popular. Kentucky mopping is the preferred choice with many professional cleaners. These hardwearing mops are ideal for cleaning a host of business environments. Flat mopping systems are increasingly a popular choice due mainly to the fact that bucketless mopping systems save time, as there is no need to fill mop buckets or wait for floors to dry.

Like a lot of other people, my wife and I love large plastic bins. But remembering what’s inside each bin is tough, and reading a small label is nearly impossible when your bins are stored high on garage shelves. We solved both problems by labeling our bins with large numbers. Each number corresponds to a page in a binder that lists the contents of each bin. It’s simple to change the list, and it’s a heck of a lot easier to find what you need by checking the binder than by rummaging through each bin.

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For the hook, I toe-nailed a 2×4 level with the bottom of the joists, flat side facing down/up (see photo). Since the hook goes up and over the member it hangs from (screws pointing down), this means that the hook top was 1¾in above the bottom of the joists.

Hybrid Series Generator by Firman®. Dual fuel generators run on gasoline or propane fuel, for flexibility while out on the road or during an emergency. For Premium features and performance during tailgating, boating, on the job site or…