Rubbermaid presents us with a unique broom holder. Unlike the holders discussed above that you mount on the wall, this particular brand is actually a corner tool rack. The corner storage maximizes space usage giving the rack capability to hold up to 30 tools. Its hardened plastic construction makes the tool rack sturdy and compact yet lightweight and portable.

What a great use for leftover PVC. {We both have tons in our garage, because both of our husbands are tradesmen} We hope this inspires some families and camps to keep organized with gardening this summer.

The Bissell Symphony Pet All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop also made fast work of cleaning up food soils, but the Bissell 19404 PowerFresh performed better in high traffic areas. The scrub tool and nylon utility brush attachments of the Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner garnered excellent results in both areas, but it did not perform as highly with just the microfiber pad you would normally use to mop a floor.

The floor and foundation walls have a Nightfall Floortex™ floor coating. Every single cabinet including is done on GL Custom Steel cabinetry for wall to wall storage (gun metal finish with finger pull handles). A slatwall on the left provides additional storage making it easy to add hooks and baskets.

During summertime, the to-do list for your garden seems endless! Once one task is crossed off the list more weeds grow, more roses need dead-heading and more veggies need harvesting! Creating an organized and inspiring workspace and tool storage make these days easier and more productive.

Also, try to put your tools in a place that is easily accessible during the busy gardening season, and where you’ll be more likely to put them away when you’re done. If you live in a cold climate, try to have a place where you can put your gardening tools away for the winter, or swap them out of an attic or storage space for your winter equipment.

Do you have an old garden rake taking up space in your tool shed? Take the rake part off the handle and hang it on the wall. Now you’ve got a place to hang hand tools or bundles of flowers for drying.

The Dirt Devil Easy Steam Hand Held Steamer The Dirt Devil Easy Steam Hand Held Steamer makes it easy to clean above-floor surfaces such as countertops shower doors window treatments and even inside the refrigerator. Its Jet Tip Extension provides a blast of concentrated steam to get into tight spaces- a burst of fine steam helpful for cleaning …  More + Product Details Close

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“I love this mop, but I was skeptical at first. One guy said in a review that he would sleep with it. I told myself, you won’t ever love a cleaning appliance like that. But then I got this and cleaned all my floors today. Twice. That’s how dirty they were (I thought they were pretty clean!) I would absolutely sleep with this mop. It’s easy to use with NO SCRUBBING and no streaking on my laminate! What?! Yes. It’s that good. Order it. You won’t be disappointed.”

Some people garden to grow fresh fruits and veggies to use throughout the year. Some want to have the prettiest rose bushes on the block. No matter your reason for gardening, if you’ve been at it for some time, you’ve likely amassed quite the collection of garden Are they in a mess in your shed? Taking up valuable space in your garage? Get them in order with these genius garden tool organization ideas for everyone from the amateur to the experienced gardener. You’ll also want to check out our garden diys and our can’t-miss garden hacks!

Use a shower caddy to keep your a few small tools handy. Keep your hand tools organized when you’re working on small jobs by repurposing a portable shower caddy. The handle on the caddy will make it easy for you to carry as you move from plant to plant.[11]

The whole idea behind a steam mop is that it offers you convenience, which means fast heat up times and fast dry times. It also means that you shouldn’t have to stop several times to refill the tank, or unplug the cord just to finish the room. After all, a longer cord allows for easier reach to electric sockets and less likelihood that you’ll have to unplug the cord and wait for the unit to heat up again just to finish a room.

Installed slatwall panels to a height of 6 feet around the perimeter of the garage which provides a lot of flexibility for future storage and organization. A hose reel was installed in the back left corner with a couple of shelves. Beside the central vac are a couple of wire baskets with some mesh baskets below.

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We coated vinyl flooring with catsup, hair spray, toothpaste, pasta sauce, olive oil, cat food, pancake syrup, mustard, barbecue sauce, and other sticky household stuff and let the goop harden overnight. Admittedly, this was a much tougher test than the typical small kitchen spill.

This is one of those clever “Why didn’t I think of that?” ideas. So simple, too! Use a sturdy kitchen paper towel holder (like this one shown in the picture) for your garbage bags in the garage. Because garbage bags are considerably heavier than paper towels, you’ll want to make sure the towel holder is secured well to the wall. You would also need a skinny rod to ensure that it will fit through the small opening in the center of the garbage bags.

However, drywall can get pretty beat up after a few years of use, and many people prefer to replace it during a garage remodel. Removing it is a hassle, but take advantage of the opportunity to add insulation for a sound barrier between your garage and house, or to put in any extra electrical or plumbing work if you’d like to use the space as a workshop or a bar. “It’s a good idea to add some extra blocking and additional framing during a garage remodel, to provide plenty of places to hang shelves and hooks for heavy equipment,” says Eric Reinhardt of Reinhardt Construction and Maintenance in Elkin, N.C.

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Our 3 car garage was insulated, sheet rocked and painted. It was included in the build price. It is used only as a garage, not a workshop or for storage (except for lawn equipment of course). We have a full (semi finished) basement for the workshop and storage.

I purchased a shark steam mop about a year ago and to date, I have been very pleased. I was never very good at mopping and I would always have streaks on the floor when I used a traditional mop. I don’t have that problem with the Shark steam mop. It’s not a miracle worker but it’s a handy little cleaning tool. I’ve found that if you dampen the microfiber cloth before starting it helps a lot. Also, you have to really let it get hot before you start to get the most steam. Another tip I’ve found is that you really have to “pump” the mop and you go back and forth over the floor. The more force you put behind it, the more it will steam and thus thoroughly clean the floors. I use it on our kitchen tile (it doesn’t completely clean grout) and on our wood floors and it always leaves them shinny and clean. Haven’t had any trouble with durability-it works as it did the day I took it out of the box. I highly recommend a shark mop over a traditional mop, it’s just so much easier, achieves the same results!

Everyone is always looking for ways to be more organized, and it can be hard to find a home for some items, no matter how put together your home is. But a simple pegboard like this can help keep rooms clean, and items in plain sight and within reach when needed. Your wall never has to be marred by miscalculated nail holes or markings.

Easy release design. Simply by lifting the handlet. 1 x Wall Mount Broom Holder. 12 x Broom Holder Screws. It can be used anywhere in the garage, garden, kitchen, laundry, offices and much more you wa…

The cost and complexity of your irrigation equipment depends largely on the climate you live in. Most gardeners can get by with a hose and a fan-type sprinkler for irrigation. For areas where the hose cannot reach, you will need a watering can. When it comes to cost, you usually get what you pay for with hoses. Look for a hose that is rated for at least 50 lbs per square inch of pressure and reinforced with mesh to prevent puncturing. Non-kinking hoses are a bonus, and if you are ever able to find once that is absolutely un-kinkable, let me know!

Still, the expert reviewer at Allergy Buyer’s Club gives the Sienna Luna top marks for its quick heating time, maneuverability and steam quality. Users also say it’s a fantastic steam mop and they like the option to convert it to a handheld steamer for cleaning other surfaces. It’s also the number four pick at, where they like it’s adjustable settings and included accessories, like brushes and extension hoses, which make it more versatile for other jobs as well.

A. Most steam mops use reusable pads. However, you must clean them regularly. Most can be machine-washed on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent, but consult your owner’s manual for the proper washing procedure.

Spades are similar to long-handled garden shovels, except their blades are squared off and flat. Spades are designed for cutting rather than lifting. They are excellent if you want to make clean edges around borders and beds, cut deep roots, or create straight-sided trenches. A good spade will have similar design features to a long-handled shovel-ample resting room for your feet on each side of the top of the blade, a comfortable handle, and a strong blade.

Like all steam mops, the PowerFresh is intended to clean only with water, although, as we’ve already noted, the manufacturer recommends distilled, rather than tap water. For those who like the clean smell of scented cleaning products, Bissell includes several scent discs. Purdy describes their fragrance as Febreze-like. There is also an upgrade to the Bissell 1904, the Bissell 19404 PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop (Est. $90). The 19404 is the version tested by, it’s identical to the 1904, with just a few differences in the accessory package.

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Our illustrations and instructional process are based upon a 12′ x 24′ one-car garage with one man-door and one overhead door. We have broken the thinking-process down into the concept of the Long Garage Wall and the Short Garage Wall. This makes sense since they have to be framed separately for the reason that they meet at a ninety-degree (90°) angle at each outside corner.

The Ewbank 830UKR Evolution 3 Manual Floor and The Ewbank 830UKR Evolution 3 Manual Floor and Carpet Sweeper is a bag-less and cord-free alternative to the traditional vacuum and cleans hard wood floors and carpets picking up dust lint crumbs pet hair and other fine particles. This portable carpet sweeper has synthetic bristles that dig up dust and …  More + Product Details Close