The Clincher Mop Holder (head only) features a locking collar that accepts any wood or fiberglass handle up to 15/16 inch in diameter. The no-slip locking device with twist-lock grabs the head and holds it securely in place while you tackle job after job.

I would’ve taken more photos if I knew Yelp needed ’em! The ‘art house’ bldg of hotel rooms has a few secret rooms… one on each floor. And the bldg is open to public from 3-10 p.m. (there’s a sign on the door to confirm). The broom closet is at the top. Explore the other two though! And park on Lava Road; the ‘art house’ bldg is right there so it saves you time walking through the whole McMenamins campus. Love how the bartenders exclaim Congrats you found us! to everybody who arrives. I hope they never tire of the greeting, b/c it’s a super nice touch. Kids are allowed; we treated ours to lemonade and brownie bites. Hubs went for a hot toddy to soothe a sore throat and he oohed with a this is really good reaction. I asked for a blackberry cider champagne mix summer drink that I discovered at a diner in the Gorge and the bartender was like that sounds good and was excited to try it for himself. We enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the coziness and I would love to return for a more relaxed visit sans kids!

The inexpensive O-Cedar Microfiber Cloth Mop is a cut above the rest because of its superior absorbency and washable, tangle-resistant mop heads, reviewers say. Users also say this mop is versatile enough to be used with or without a wringer bucket, with some saying it’s easier to control moisture levels by tackling that task themselves. Tall users especially like the extendable handle, which makes mopping less awkward.

The broom closet may seem insignificant, but a poor design can cause major frustration. Diamond’s Utility Organizer Cabinet is designed with organization in mind, so brooms and dust pans stay out of sight!

Slide-A-Shelf Full Extension Baltic Birch Slide-Out Shelf, 9 wide by 18.5 deep by 4.25 high Increase the usable storage space o…f the existing cabinets in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, linen closet or garage by installing poly-urethane coated… read more

The solution is to create a framework of horizontal wood strips and inexpensive shelf standards. It can hold almost any arrangement of shelving and hooks, at any point on the wall, and it’s easy to rearrange.

Color: Red ClosetMaid Premium Storage Bin ClosetMaid new Premium Storage Bins work perfectly with ClosetMaid 3-cube bench organize…rs. These bins provide an accessible and colorful way to organize toys, games, hats, gloves, blankets and more. Go ahead,… read more

Please consult your local building codes before purchase. Lifetime sheds are designed to be built on a flat level foundation of wood decking or concrete (not included). The building can be anchored in each corner of the floor. Anchoring hardware is not included. Not including construction of the foundation, you can expect assembly time of the shed to take up to 6 hrs for 2 adults to complete.

We have garden storage options for every budget. From wooden outdoor cabinets to plastic garden storage with both single and double doors, you’ll find the space you need to keep your garden and garage clutter-free. 

The O-Cedar’s wringer is a marvelous piece of engineering. Containing no moving parts, it’s instead a flexible one-piece plastic basket, pierced and folded like origami. When you press the mop into it, the bottom flexes downward and the sides move inward, squeezing out the water. It performs beautifully, and compared with the spin-wringers in our test, it’s far simpler and inherently more durable—no unlocking and relocking and no multiple moving parts like pedals, axles, and bearings. This is also more stable—it stays still when wringing; others wanted to skid across the floor.

Swiffer sweeper multi-surface wet mop textured cloths trap lock dirt deep in cloth. They are safe to use on all finished floors. Use with Swiffer sweeper. Textured wet mopping pad cloths trap and lo…

Our solid 100% Aromatic Cedar Closet Kit (everything in one box) is made of the highest quality Appalachian Mountain Cedar. It is …beautiful, durable, and is the pinnacle of all the natural wood closets available in today’s market. This Aromatic Cedar… read more

Last thought: As is, the raw edge of the particle board sits directly on the floor- and particle board absorbs water like a sponge. So keep that in mind. Since the 22 sides and front kick plate sit on floor, any irregularities or unevenness in the floor will cause the cabinet to be wobbly or not parallel with the wall (or both). It would be nice if this had some adjustable feet to elevate the cabinet slightly so that spilt water or mopping won’t result in damage and provide the ability to compensate for less than perfect flooring.

Craftsman 5-drawer tool storage center with riser is the best way to keep all your tools safely and neatly organized. No more hunting around for a tool you need-with this rolling storage center, you c…

Shelf brackets designed to support clothes hanger rods aren’t just for closets. The rod-holding hook on these brackets comes in handy in the garage and workshop too. You can bend the hook to suit long tools or cords. Closet brackets are available at home centers and hardware stores.

Size: Large ClosetMaid Wire Basket ClosetMaid’s collection of decorative wire accessories improves the functionality inside your c…loset or throughout your home! These simple solutions feature tool-less installation to make organization quick and easy…. read more

I’m grading on a curve, since in the larger scheme of things, this is probably a 2-3 star kind of thing- and not a particularly quality nor heavy-duty cabinet. 4 stars, since it meets expectations and I pretty much knew what I was buying.

Solution: Don’t put dirty rags back in the closet. It’s too hard to distinguish between clean and dirty ones. Launder them after use. Keep small clean rags in a hanging bag so you don’t have to worry about folding or stacking them. Larger towel rags can be stacked on a shelf.

With a capacity of over 8,500 cubic inches, you’ll always have a place for your tools, make-up, clothes, arts & crafts, kitchen ac…cessories, gardening supplies, and more. Strength and durability are the hallmarks of The Original Pink Box, and with our… read more

96 French Heritage Closet Set with 4 Adjustable Hanging Rods and Bridges. Set includes two 24 tops and bases, two 24 bridges an…d 4 adjustable closet rods.Clutter in your closet? The French Heritage Closet System, in fresh Parisian White finish,… read more

Lastly, Kerr notes that “the single most important thing” you should do when mopping is replace the mop-water often. Microfiber can absorb a ton of dirt, but eventually you’ll simply be swishing dirty water around.

If you find this item cheaper elsewhere (price plus shipping and taxes), please fill out our Pricematch Form and we will beat any valid online competitors price! *We do not pricematch past orders, local stores, club or warehouses and the item must be in stock.

Steve Boothby – Broom Closet (CD NEW)Label: Cd Baby.Com/IndysFormat: CDRelease Date: 31 Jan 2012No. of Discs: 1UPC: 884501670210Album Tracks1. Elizabeth2. The Broom Closet3. Rainbow End4. Like a Saint5. Glamour Walked Here6. Yesterday’s Soldier7. Neon Glow8. The Crossing9. Silver into Gold1

We did not test two other finalists: the Twist & Shout Mop and the Rubbermaid Self-Wringing Ratchet Twist Mop. Though both have top-notch user ratings, we had concerns. At the time we were ordering test models, the Twist & Shout was out of stock at Amazon and the other top retailers, leading us to worry about availability. As it follows the basic spin-mop style (in function and size, of both mop and bucket) we suspect we would have rejected it anyway. But it will be included in our next test if the supply problem has been solved. The Rubbermaid is physically similar to the Joy Mangano, so we expect it would suffer some of the same shortcomings. It is also a blended-fiber mop—not fully microfiber—meaning it is likely designed to both mop up messes and spread floor coatings; for this guide, we focused on mops designed exclusively for mopping up messes, at which pure microfiber is tops for home use.

Sears Outlet carries sheds and outdoor storage from top rated brands like Craftsman, in a range of sizes, so you can find the best shed for you. Choose from materials like metal or plastic, and decide on whether you are looking for a horizontal or vertical style shed for your garden space. Looking for used sheds for sale? Sears Outlet carries reconditioned, like new and new sheds, storage buildings and outdoor storage, all for sale at cheap prices. Looking for more items to deck out your garden? Check out our outdoor power equipment, or keep your lawn in tip-top shape with our great selection of garden hoses and sprinklers. Sears Outlet also has great sale prices on outdoor living and accessories, like patio furniture and yard accessories.

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A floor mop is a necessity for frequent touch-ups or quickly cleaning up spills. Floor mops have either a set of strings, strips of cloth or a sponge for cleaning and absorbing spills. They can be used with a bucket, or you can just wet them in the sink, wring and mop. Some have systems for wringing, while others need to be wrung out manually, or you can use a bucket with a wringer. Owners like that these mops can be used with any cleaning solution they choose.

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With a one-two cleaning punch, Swiffer Sweeper is designed to sweep and mop your floors. Do not use Swiffer Sweeper wet cloths on unfinished, oiled, or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed tiles or carpete…

For many, cleaning and organizing the garage is a mundane task that is so dreaded it simply never gets done. We have found a collection of different ways that you can easily and quickly get that garage in good order. Not only are these methods and effective, many of them will cost you nothing but a little time.