…Kinlock service sink faucet is secured to the wall with a brace for heavy commercial and industrial use. Available in a Polished Chrome or rough-plated finish, the unit features inside-threaded couplings, loose-key stops in the shanks, a vacuum breaker and a pail hook for wash or mop buckets. From…

Onesweep on steroids maybe. If you like that one, you will love this one. It is far sturdier, and it works way better thanks to the higher quality head. It also comes with a handle that is one piece instead of several that you have to screw together.

Keep all of your tools organized in one place with this Tool Tower Rack. Front clips allow head-down storage and ensures stability. For easy transport, four castors help move tools to where you need t…

The rubber broom shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 has a broom body 1 with a set of bristles 2 arranged on its underside, the set of bristles being integrally formed in one piece and made of an elastic polymer material, such as TPE. Broom body 1 includes an injection-molded part made of polypropylene, configured to be hollow and produced separately from set of bristles 2. Broom body 1 has an underside which in the vicinity of area 3 is raised in the direction of both end faces, at an angle of 30° with regard to the imaginary extension of the central zone, a transition zone between the raised zone and the central zone being integrally formed in one rounded-off piece.

I apologize that I did not see your comment until now. My wife browses the advertisement circulars in the Sunday paper. If she sees something that she thinks is better she tells me I ought get one. In previous houses where we have lived there was usually a wooden workbench attached to the wall. In the house where we live now, there was no workbench. I talked about building one from wood, but she saw a metal workbench in an advertising circular first.

Mop Holder 5 Position with 6 Hooks. Function: Mop Holder (5 Hang Position with 6 Hooks). A good holder for the cleaning tools mop brooms or light sports equipment, etc. 1 set Magic Mop Holder 5 Positi…

Storage Racks Tool Tower Garage Holds Tools Organizes Tools Utility Rubbermaid. This Storage Racks Tool Tower holds 40 tools. This tool tower is ideal for long-handled garden tools. It has a molded-in weed trimmer and electric cord holder.

Furnish and install molded Mop Receptor Model MSR-2424 / MSR-3624 (specify) as manufactured by Florestone Products Co. Molding will be done under heat and pressure using matched metal dies. The unit will be one piece with no seams. Shoulders will be no less than 1 wide and 9½ inside. Receptor will have ribbed underbody and integral drain providing for a no-caulked connection to a 2 or 3 ABS pipe (specify drain size). Drain grid will be 18-gauge stainless steel, flat type, #430.

4. Rubber Broom by Ravmag- Built-in Squeegee Edge- Soft Scratch free Bristles- Perfect for Pet Hair- Great for cleaning hardwood vinyl carpet cement tile & windows- Water Resistant (Click Link to Check Price on Amazon)

This broom will get your floors cleaner than ever, and you will love it because it will take you less time and less effort to do it. As you sweep with this rubber broom, the pliable bristles will conform to the surface you are cleaning and build a strong static charge. A solid wall of sweeping rubber will remove all dirt in a single pass, and the static charge will help to pull the dirt along as well as keep things like fur and hair from flying away. This makes your job easier because it will take less sweeping to get the job done in the first place, and less RE-sweeping to keep it piled long enough to pick it up. This rubber broom is safe for use on any hard floor, and will never harm delicate surfaces like hardwood or natural stone. When sweeping tile and concrete, the flexible and sturdy bristles will reach down to clean the cracks and grout as you sweep, so nothing is left behind, and you don’t need to spend extra time or use special maneuvers to accomplish it. This is the best broom you will ever use, so don’t be fooled by cheap imitations. Thanks to superior features, better materials and more durable construction, this broom will outperform and outlast any similar looking one you may find.

Installing a simple pegboard in your garden shed keeps everything secure, organized and neat. Use basic materials such as a pegboard, paintbrush, satin paint, 2 D-rings, hooks holders and a comprehensive tutorial and display your items in plain sight. See more of it here!

Phil, you make me feel ashamed. I should do something like you, because I have the usual tools stored in a plastic box and the others in a drawer of an old closet in the garage. Every time I go to work, I lose more time displaying and storing the tools than doing the work. Good idea, these customized hooks!

This weekend my husband and I made these with a few modifications.  We already had a 2×4 mounted to the wall for mounting clothesline hooks, so we notched the boards to accommodate it which actually made for a handy rail for mounting.  Then we notched the bottom of the boards to make securing them easier.  Making 4 of them and spacing them 18 apart gave us more flexibility as far as the variety of tools we’re able to hang.

Mop Sink Kit, With Faucet, Body Material Durastone(R), Color White, Overall Length 24 In., Overall Width 24 In., Overall Height 10 In., Bowl Size 24 In. x 24 In., Bowl Depth 10 In., Back Splash No, Drain Opening 3 In., Includes Drain Seal, Stainless… more

The following is an overview of the ShippingPass Pilot subscription service. You should review the Terms & Conditions for a more detailed description as well as service limitations prior to signing up for ShippingPass.

The Dutch Rubber Broom has a durable squeegee built-in along the entire length of the solid rubber head.  This feature doubles the use of the tool.  The squeegee is great for removing snow and slush from vehicles in the winter. Squeegee your floors and windows after cleaning them.  You’ll find just as many uses for the squeegee as you will for the rubber bristles of the Rubber Broom.

Stop wasting time and resources with those other brooms that only leave behind dirt, cause hair and fine particles to fly, and wear out quickly. This one will retain its shape for the life of the tool thanks to the tough, natural rubber construction. The head is virtually indestructible under normal use, and has the ability to last for many years. It doesn’t matter what surface you are cleaning, or the type of dirt you are sweeping. It will never scratch, scuff or mark any floor you use it on, and it’s able to clean any variety or dirt. Because the head is made from rubber, you don’t need to worry about it coming into contact with anything at your work site. Chemicals and cleaners won’t harm it, and the pliable rubber is safe enough to touch any surface too. If it gets dirty, you can even rinse it clean or use soap water for a more thorough wash.

Keep all of your tools organized in one place with the Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower Rack. For easy transport, four castors help move tools to where you need them. No tools needed for assembly. Two of the casters lock to keep the unit in place.

I used one of the wire stubs from step 2.  Place the heavy wire and the side cutters in a vise.  Begin bending the wire around the wire cutter with a hammer.  Move the side cutters and bent wire a quarter turn and continue making bends until a rectangle has been formed that fits around the side cutters.  Trim away excess wire.  Weld the ends to close the rectangle.

Consumers consider garage and basement storage among their top three home improvement priorities. ClosetMaid’s full line of garage storage products creates more space by getting items off the floor. ClosetMaid sturdy industrial-strength products also make garages safer and clutter free.

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Lazer Bond liquid resin that seals in only 3 seconds! Harness the magic with Lazer Bond liquid resin that creates a rock solid bond on virtually any surface. Lazer Bond liquid plastic creates a rock solid bond on virtually any surface. Simply apply the Lazer Bond liquid plastic resin and then…

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I began to rearrange my tools on the pegboard above my workbench so that it holds the tools I use most frequently rather than whatever I had room to place there.  In the photo is my hammer.  Notice how straight the handle hangs.  It was not always that way.  I had to do some customizing.  I may do more of that in the future because every time I go shopping for a pegboard hanger, the available stock has changed.

Portable Gardening Tool Stand Stake. Stake the stand into the ground near where you’re working and lean shovels. Canvas organizer has 3 small net pockets. rakes and any long handled tools upright against the stand for easy access.

If you use a standard mop, you’ll need to fill a heavy bucket with water or a cleaning solution, and drag it around with you as you clean. By using the Shiwala Magic Mop instead, you’ll eliminate the need for a bucket; plus, this mop’s 360-degree swivelling head will be able to reach places that standard mops are unable to.

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