The relaxed lifestyle of French Wine country comes The relaxed lifestyle of French Wine country comes to life in Crosley’s new Roots Rack. Its rustic design is reflective of a time when recycling wasn’t a societal choice but a way of life. Starting with a solid pine top we simulate the popular reclaimed wood look by hand–etching a …  More + Product Details Close

These techniques are exclusive to Magic Mops professional cleaning team and cannot be found or matched anywhere else. Our staff will never cut corners to save on time or rush through any home in order to meet a deadline. Each and every customer can feel assured that when they hire Magic Mops to clean their home that they are getting the very best in the industry.

The Magic Mop Guarantee:   We offer our clients 100% satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with an area we’ve cleaned, call within 24 hours and we’ll come back and will clean it again at no additional cost.

The Small Hand Tool Rack TB052 can be used for vertically storing up to 5 hand tools or 1 trimmer line in an enclosed trailer or the back of a pickup truck. Prevent your small hand tools from scattering all over the place in the back of your pickup truck or enclosed trailer with the Small Hand Tool Rack TB052.

Traditional mops can be ineffective, and just push water around the floor. The microfibre head of the 360° Magic Spin Mop is ultra-plush and absorbent, meaning it picks up dirt and traps it, without leaving any streaks or residue.

…Reach Brush and Comb Set features extra long ergonomically angled handles that make grooming easier for those with limited arm movement, frozen shoulders or arthritis. Durable ABS plastic with anti-slip rubber handles. The Long Reach Brush Set makes bushing you hair enjoyable! 14 brush and 15L comb.

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When comparing this tool to any other similar one, it will always be at least as good, and in most cases it is better. This broom is extremely high quality, and it easily outperforms every other option.

The rubber broom shown in FIG. 1 is configured in such a way that supporting layer 4 having set of bristles 2 is raised only in the zone of the opposing end faces. This produces laterally protruding bristles in these two zones, while outside of these two zones the bristles do not protrude laterally. However, the invention is not restricted to this configuration, but also encompasses other configurations in which broom body 1 is surrounded in all directions by laterally protruding bristles from set of bristles 2. Such a configuration is illustrated in cross-section in FIG. 2. Supporting layer 4 shown here and having set of bristles 2 is affixed to an intermediate plate 5, which is raised around its entire circumference in the direction of the rim of broom body 1 and is configured to be convex in the central zone. The bristles of set of bristles 2 thus protrude not only in the longitudinal direction beyond the two ends of broom body 1, analogously to FIG. 1, but also on both sides by the dimension B in the lateral direction beyond the outer bounds of broom body 1. In this configuration as well, supporting layer 4 is produced in a flat shape and is subsequently converted to the shape depicted by being affixed to the intermediate plate 5. Supporting layer 4 is fastened in a form-locking manner to intermediate plate 5. For this purpose, supporting layer 4 is provided on its upper side with protrusions 7 extending parallel to its longitudinal direction and having a T-shaped profile, protrusions 7 being fitted into receptacles in intermediate plate 5 which have a corresponding cross-section and open downwards. The intermediate plate 5 is made of polypropylene. It is provided with four upward-protruding retaining tongues 8 which can be aligned with corresponding openings 6 entering broom body 1 in the lateral direction, and which, together with these openings, are penetrated by retaining bolts 9. Retaining bolts 9 are easily removable, permitting set of bristles 2 to be replaced with a new one after wear has occurred.

Keep your garden tools organized and sharp by cleaning them and then filling those empty clay pots in your homestead with sand. Afterward, stick the tools in. The step by step DIY article is available here!

Took this thing out of the box, put it together exactly as per instructions, pushed the shaft down to test, the mop head spun. That was the last time it spun. Item has never been used and is defective. If I return it I will have to pay shipping which will cost about the same as the refund I will get. I might as get some use out of it by keeping it and using it as a dust mop. If you are for a spinning mop, don’t waste your time or money with this cheap piece of, well you know.

It is vital to mop the floors and other surfaces of your home, once you have removed the dust. The chief tools for mopping are a mop and bucket. Snapdeal offers diverse types of mops for your home needs. The basic utilitarian types are good enough for effective cleaning. However, they cannot be used for mopping large areas at a time. An improvement over this variety is the spin mop. You can choose from the wide assortment available at Snapdeal. The mop has an on and off switch on its handle which allows you to squeeze out the water. It comes with a partitioned bucket, which prevents spillage and mess.

The present invention relates to a rubber broom having a broom body with a set of bristles arranged on its underside, the set of bristles being integrally formed in one piece and made of an elastic polymer material.

From the garage to the house to the car. Keep your spaces tidy and clean with this multipurpose broom and hand brush set. Synthetic rubber bristles reach deep into carpet and fabric surfaces, building up an electrostatic charge that attracts pet hair and debris. For wet messes, the broom is equipped with a squeegee side. From Don Aslett.

Useful Storage Kitchen Clean Tool Rack Mop Brush Broom Organizer Holder Hanger DD1107. 1 Mop Broom Holder. Multi-functional High Quality Wall Mounted Holder. Has Internal friction grip and hook for mo…

Mop Sink with Stainless Steel Capped Corner Drop, Without Faucet, Body Material Precast Terrazzo Composed of Marble Chips Cast In Portland Cement, Color Palomino Tan, Overall Length 24, Overall Width …

Keep your long handled gardening tools organized without taking up a lot of space with this Stalwart compact garden tool rack! don’t have a lot of space?. don’t have a lot of tools?. Easy to assemble, never any tools required.

Organize all your yard tools with the monkey bar large yard tool rack. This rack will securely store 12-20 yard tools off the floor. Only 4 screws into 2 studs 48 apart, and you’re finished. No longer do you have to hang yard tools on nails on the wall where studs exist; this gives you the versatility to store everything off the ground and regain valuable floor space. This rack does not limit you on the size of yard tools; you can hang a wheel barrow, shovels, rakes, weed eaters, leaf blowers, and hedge clippers.

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A rugged broom that is ideal for tough commercial and industrial applications. This commercial broom has a head that is thicker and wider than the regular household size, and it also has longer bristles. The part where the head screws onto the pole is also a bit thicker on this version, so it will remain more sturdy under higher stress. This is the perfect tool for sweeping while you work because it reduces cost, saves time, and eliminates frustration. If you compare performance of this tool against traditional versions, it will outperform all others for every application. It’s easier to use, requires less work to achieve results, and will remove more dirt from your floors with each pass. Add to that the fact that this commercial broom is virtually indestructible, and you have a superior tool that will produce great results, and remain in like new condition for years. Perfect for construction sites, warehouses, barns, factories, plants, kennels, retail locations and more. Any place that sees large areas of floor cleaned on a regular basis can benefit from this product. It makes the job quicker and easier, and it will last much longer without wearing out or losing its shape.