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Can you put the head in the dishwasher? I notice another brand says you can do that. Also, how long does the handle telescope to? Looking to buy one like this that will get dog hair off carpeting and hard floor. Thank you!

Be more organized with the Suncast RTC1000 Tool Rack with Wheels. You can use the rack to store your garden tools and will not have to worry about losing your garden tools again. The rack enables you to be more systematic and organized so that you dont have to search for the required tool through a cluttered tool box. The garden tool rack with wheels makes it convenient for you to take this rack anywhere. The rack can hold more than 30 tools at a time. Whether the tool has a long handle or short handle, you can easily keep it in the garden tool organizer. The side clips on the rack enables you to secure the handle of the tool so it can’t fall out. The garden tool cart requires little space and can be effortlessly kept in your garage or shed. It is simple to assemble the rack and it is very durable The Suncast RTC1000 Tool Rack with Wheels enables you to be more organized, while transporting and storing your garden tools with ease.

DE10332407A1 (en) * 2003-07-17 2005-02-24 Carl Freudenberg Kg Broom and joint to fasten it to broom handle has two cleaning bodies on opposite sides of a broom body, pivoted about a joint for use of one body when first one is worn out

This convenient wall-mounted mop sink faucet features a 6 1/2 long heavy cast spout and lever handles, ideal for filling mop buckets for all of your janitorial tasks. As an added convenience, this mop sink faucet comes standard with a 3/4 garden hose… more

The set of bristles 2 is a component of a deformable supporting layer 4, which is produced in a flat shape and is deformed during its application to the underside of broom body 1 in such a way that a continuous close-fitting contact against the underside of broom body 1 results, at least along the circumferential rim. The bristles of set of bristles 2 located in the vicinity of the end faces are thus moved into a position in which they extend by the dimension A beyond the end face of broom body 1. This permits the rubber broom to be effectively used for cleaning corners where a flat floor surface meets a perpendicular wall.

Lay your long-handled garden tools side by side with about 2 in. clearance separating each tool from the next. Use a tape measure to measure across the point where the handle meets each tool, determine the distance from the middle of one handle to the middle of the next and write down these measurements.

I am so pleased with these items. The broom makes it so easy to clean floors and rugs with debris on them. It actually picks up debris that is difficult to collect with a regular broom and pan. I would definitely recommend this 3 piece broom set for easy clean up to anyone. This is a great invention.

We promise you won’t be sorry!  You can get your own incredible Dutch Rubber Broom for just $19.95 plus $5 shipping and handling (Outside USA, call or email for shipping costs)  Texas residents please add 8.25% sales tax to their order.

This set of mop and bucket will bring you an effective and efficient cleaning experience with minimal labour and little mess. New Split bucket mop. The handle is made of premium stainless steel. The mop gives you the ability to control the amount of water applied to the floor, as well as easy wringing and quick-drying floors.

Portable Gardening Tool Stand Stake. Stake the stand into the ground near where you’re working and lean shovels. Canvas organizer has 3 small net pockets. rakes and any long handled tools upright against the stand for easy access.

* The Kinlock service sink faucet is secured to the wall with a brace for heavy commercial and industrial use. Available in a Polished Chrome or rough-plated finish, the unit features inside-threaded couplings, a vacuum breaker and a pail hook for wash or mop buckets. From wall to spout, the reach…

Useful Storage Kitchen Clean Tool Rack Mop Brush Broom Organizer Holder Hanger DD1107. 1 Mop Broom Holder. Multi-functional High Quality Wall Mounted Holder. Has Internal friction grip and hook for mo…

This Hand Tool Rack TA051 allows for the vertical storage of up to 6 hand tools in an open trailer, allowing you to free up space for other important equipment. For open trailers. Comes with mounting hardware.

This 3 Piece Magnetic Parts Tray Nut and Bolt Set will surely be a big help. Made up of premium quality materials that are proven and tested for its durability and functionality. This set securely stores nuts, bolts, and other metal parts.

We are in business to provide a professional cleaning service.  This involves taking pride in we what do, having the right kind of cleaning materials and solution, the right kind of employee, respecting the privacy of customers, protecting self and customers with with the right kind of insurance and green products.

Some mops will drip as you use them, leaving drips behind that look almost as bad as the dirt that’s been eliminated. Fortunately, the Shiwala Magic Mop has been designed with the avoidance of dripping in mind. Due to the fact that this mop won’t drip, you’ll be able to comfortable carry it from spill to spill without worrying about leaving a trail of liquid behind you.

Mop Holder 5 Position with 6 Hooks. Function: Mop Holder (5 Hang Position with 6 Hooks). A good holder for the cleaning tools mop brooms or light sports equipment, etc. 1 set Magic Mop Holder 5 Positi…

I purchased this broom for my son on the advice of a friend who had the same issues with pet hair. My son has a Golden Retriever which drops hair every time he turns around. This broom, for this purpose, works extremely well on wooden floors or carpet, gathering all the hair within the scope of the rubber bristles and I know my son is really glad he has it. It has eased his frustration in trying to clean up a daily problem. I’ll bet it works for similar debris.536122m78

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Roller Mop 45 Handle 10 1/2 x 3 Head White/Blue 446840 – Sold as 1 Each. Mop is safe for use on vinyl, tile, marble, and stone. Application: Floor Maintenance; Mop Head Size: 1…

I stayed at a furnished house while traveling with my husband early this year and the owner had this delivered the 1st day I was there. (Not purple though.) I was excited, it was really easy to put together, less than 10 minutes. Please note, some of these spin mops only spin at the top to spin out the water, this one has a 2nd spinner inside that spins out the dirt as well. Make sure you look for this 2nd spinner because it makes a huge difference. I’ve never seen a mop so clean everytime you mop with it. The spinners seriously clean out the dirt and then will spin out almost all of the water, or less depending on how many times you spin it. I stick to 4 spins for each and then the floor won’t take forever to dry. There is an on/off screw type device in the middle of the mop handle that you must turn slightly so it will spin and slightly back so the head won’t come out when mopping.

Crawford by Lehigh tool storage system is used to organize rakes, shovels and most long-handled tools. Two 4-Feet sections hold up to 24 tools and can be hung on any type of wall. Made of heavy-duty r…

This is a great broom for my tile floors. Keeps all the dirt and puppy hair in the broom so it doesn’t spread as I am sweeping. Great for the expensive carpets you shouldn’t vacuum. Also great for sweeping the stairs in the pool. Really is the only broom you will ever need or want.