The present invention relates to a rubber broom having a broom body with a set of bristles arranged on its underside, the set of bristles being integrally formed in one piece and made of an elastic polymer material.

Easy shop project for home or school : build a garden tools shelf to organize your tool shed, garage or basement. Watch how I turn a couple of salvage boards and some screws into a handy storage rack perfect for hanging large/long gardening tools out of the way.

8′ Garage & Tool Organizer. Crawford by Lehigh tool storage system is used to organize rakes, shovels and most long-handled tools. Two 4-Feet sections hold up to 24 tools and can be hung on any type o…

I use this broom to help me clean EVERYTHING! I poke a rag at several points in it and clean walls ansd windows. I clean the tub and shower stalls with it. This is all besides the obvious that it is the BEST broom around. Wood floors and anyone that has pets it’s a wonder! I can put a wet rag down and scrub away with it, the floor spotless in no time! Set the rag off a little and I can clean the baseboards with one easy swipe of the broom NO bending. Did I tell you I LOVE this broom! Thanks 🙂

Mop Holder 5 Position with 6 Hooks. Function: Mop Holder (5 Hang Position with 6 Hooks). A good holder for the cleaning tools mop brooms or light sports equipment, etc. 1 set Magic Mop Holder 5 Positi…

This inexpensive tool rack will hold eight long-handled tools and at least ten hand tools with plenty of space left over for small pots, potting soil, gloves and other gardening miscellany tucked away in a convenient cubby.

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The good thing about customizing one’s own hanger hooks is that you can make them fit a special tool or jig you have that is not easy to hang with the normally available hangers. And, as I said, I recently went to a store looking for a special hanger, but they had only one or two styles. None of them were what I needed. So, I decided to begin modifying standard hangers.

Floor mop help to keep you from lifting heavy buckets of dirty water, which in turn makes it far easier to change out cleaning water without splashing or injury when compared with raising buckets to a leg mounted mop sink. This floor mounted mop sink is constructed with the intent to last a lifetime. Constructed of durable 16 gauge stainless steel and featuring a 1-1/2 backsplash, this mop sink is designed to connect to 2 waste piping. Easy to clean three sided apron enclosure means this can be placed against any wall, providing versatility in installation. Install under a wall mounted faucet or near a spigot for easy bucket filling!

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Keep your long handled gardening tools organized without taking up a lot of space with this Stalwart compact garden tool rack! don’t have a lot of space?. don’t have a lot of tools?. Easy to assemble, never any tools required.

The rubber broom shown in FIG. 1 is configured in such a way that supporting layer 4 having set of bristles 2 is raised only in the zone of the opposing end faces. This produces laterally protruding bristles in these two zones, while outside of these two zones the bristles do not protrude laterally. However, the invention is not restricted to this configuration, but also encompasses other configurations in which broom body 1 is surrounded in all directions by laterally protruding bristles from set of bristles 2. Such a configuration is illustrated in cross-section in FIG. 2. Supporting layer 4 shown here and having set of bristles 2 is affixed to an intermediate plate 5, which is raised around its entire circumference in the direction of the rim of broom body 1 and is configured to be convex in the central zone. The bristles of set of bristles 2 thus protrude not only in the longitudinal direction beyond the two ends of broom body 1, analogously to FIG. 1, but also on both sides by the dimension B in the lateral direction beyond the outer bounds of broom body 1. In this configuration as well, supporting layer 4 is produced in a flat shape and is subsequently converted to the shape depicted by being affixed to the intermediate plate 5. Supporting layer 4 is fastened in a form-locking manner to intermediate plate 5. For this purpose, supporting layer 4 is provided on its upper side with protrusions 7 extending parallel to its longitudinal direction and having a T-shaped profile, protrusions 7 being fitted into receptacles in intermediate plate 5 which have a corresponding cross-section and open downwards. The intermediate plate 5 is made of polypropylene. It is provided with four upward-protruding retaining tongues 8 which can be aligned with corresponding openings 6 entering broom body 1 in the lateral direction, and which, together with these openings, are penetrated by retaining bolts 9. Retaining bolts 9 are easily removable, permitting set of bristles 2 to be replaced with a new one after wear has occurred.

There comes a point in some people’s lives when they have to make money just to meet the rent and get food.  I was in one of those situations (and I’m pretty much right back to this scenario now).  Contracts are signed, the information on the product you are to shoot the ad for is delivered-along with samples of the product-and you secure a location to shoot (in this case it was a ridiculously expensive house with a great kitchen).

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