At this point, we had a consensus leader. So I put it to further tests on a tiled kitchen floor, against basic dirt/splatter/sidewalk-salt issues and against stuck-on food. I then machine-washed and -dried the replaceable mophead twice to test for basic durability (its claimed life is 100 wash/dry cycles). Lastly, I tested it as a dust mop, first with the mophead dry and then lightly dampened with water from a spray bottle.

If you have kids, you have balls—basketballs, soccer balls, rubber balls and other round objects that roll around underfoot. Here’s a perfect way to use that narrow gap between a pair of garage doors (if you’re blessed with such an awkward spot). Just install angled “ball ramps” made from scrap wood. The balls fit neatly in the gap, and because the ball ramp is right there at the edge of the garage, kids are more likely to use it.

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Mop & Handle Combos are made from a variety of fiber materials for better absorbency with steel or wood handles for strength and long lasting durability. Includes mop and handle from a variety of brands and presented in many style and material selections. Reliable brands offer various types such as Cut-End, Looped End and Twist. Mop fibers and package quantities vary by model. Mop head refills are also available and sold separately.

Features 18G steel frame. Features gas struts on lid. Cam lock with keys are included. Extruded aluminum drawer pulls. stainless… steel side handles. Drawer dimensions 23. 5-in wide x 11-14-in deep. read more

A longtime favorite among spray-mop users, the Swiffer WetJet remains one of the best on the market for everyday touchups. The cleaning dispenser bottles and disposable cleaning pads are easy to attach and detach, but they also do an excellent job of getting rid of dirt, grime and pet hair. Reviewers say the WetJet cleaning solution smells nice and dries very quickly, meaning they don’t have to tiptoe around a wet floor for too long.

The O-Cedar did just as well on spot cleanup of slush I tracked into the test kitchen, absorbing drips and wet footprints in a single pass. On the sticky spill, it had no trouble dissolving the dried Coke within a few strokes, and it left no residue behind, either when dampened with dirty, cold snowmelt or after a rinse and wring with clean, hot tap water. In truth, most of the mops (Swiffer and OXO excepted—see “The competition”) did fine on this test, and the difference came down to a preference for the O-Cedar’s design and lighter weight.

Convenient low-cost lawn equipment storage. Precut predrilled parts for faster assembly. Lockable sliding doors add storage space…. Durable galvanized-steel parts. Arrow recommends roof strengthening kits for any customers in snowy climates this… read more

Tornado mop refill (Libman #2031). 6: Tornado mop refill (Libman #2031). Tornado mop. 100% synthetic yarn mop head resists odor causing bacteria. 3 green bands on mop head prevent tangling. Easy chang…

Perfect for home improvement experts and novice DIY-ers alike, this Steel Top Workbench With Flared Legs can handle any project yo…u throw its way. A solid and sturdy steel top is ideal for heavy duty work, while four flared legs offer additional… read more

The broom closet (or cupboard) may be tiny, but it can cause major frustration when it’s not designed well. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a new broom closet into your remodel or want to better outfit your existing utility zone, these ideas can help.

Top tray compartment. Easy to carry durable and portable. Powder coat paint for superior scratch and chemical resistance. 2 recess…ed side handles. Weight limits 4 small drawers – 33-lbs each bottom drawer – 44-lbs top tray – 33-lbs overall limit -… read more

Size: 4.5 H x 36 W, Color: White Triton Products Hole Pegboard Strip The epoxy coating makes them scratch resistant. Organize yo…ur garage using any open wall space or put LocBoard pegboard strips above your workbench or work area to customize the… read more

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Based on all these considerations, we picked 10 finalists, and settled on eight to test—all top-rated, and all 100 percent microfiber—in four styles: three spin, two cloth, and one each string, sponge, and flat, from Swiffer, Casabella, OXO Good Grips, O-Cedar, Joy Mangano, Mopnado, and Libman.

This Portable Bedroom Wardrobe Clothes Storage Closet helps store and organize your seasonal clothes more efficient than ever. Sel…ected non-woven fabric makes the wardrobe breathable, dust proof and easy to clean. Different compartments offer your more… read more

Simply put, they are too much—too big, too heavy, too complex. The problem isn’t mopping performance per se—the mopheads actually work pretty well. It’s the mop handles, the buckets, and the spin mechanisms. Using the spinners is far too hard—you have to step on the wet mopheads to lock them, then unscrew the bottom shafts (without accidentally, easily unscrewing the upper sections), pump the handles to make the wringers spin, and then reverse the whole process. Also, the mop handles come in multiple pieces that are too easy to accidentally unscrew while using the mops.

The replacement mop head for the Quickie Jobsite heavy-duty wet mop is for demanding clean-ups. This heavy-duty mop head is made from 100% cotton fibers with cut end style yard to minimize snagging. This replacement fits the Quickie Jobsite and most other janitorial or commercial mop handles.

I also talked to cleaning expert Jolie Kerr, author of My Boyfriend Barfed in My Handbag…and Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha. She’s written about every conceivable cleaning topic for Jezebel, Deadspin, New York Magazine, and Esquire—and although she prefers cleaning her floors by hand, with a bucket and rags, she’s tested mops of every sort and helped me narrow down my criteria.

Metal pegboard has 1/4-in. holes and L-shape edge flanges that create built-in standoffs. The panel sizes are normally in 16-in. and 24-in. increments. Metal pegboard has a cool industrial look and is darn near indestructible.

Economical full-size tool storage organization. Precut predrilled parts for faster assembly. Durable galvanized-steel parts. Locka…ble sliding doors add storage space. Arrow recommends roof strengthening kits for any customers in snowy climates this… read more

Patio, decking & fencing How to lay decking Discover our top tips on how to lay decking with help from Homebase. With our step-by-step process you can transform your garden and pick up the tools today.

HyLoft ceiling storage units are great for the HyLoft ceiling storage units are great for the garage basement attic closet office or any other room in need of storage space. These patented units adjust to accommodate any ceiling joist configuration on both finished drywall or unfinished ceilings. HyLoft ceiling storage units are ideal for storing holiday decorations luggage …  More + Product Details Close