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I’m pleased with this mop. I clean houses so I am very familiar with all kinds of mops. I deducted one star for one reason. It is difficult to lower the mop handle after spinning, you need it at an angle to mop with and although it is probably meant to be a little difficult, so it is steady when in the bucket, it shouldn’t be hard to get it in position to mop with. With that being said, I have used spin mops that cost much more and they had the same problem, if not more, usually more. I wish we could give half stars, because this would be a genuine four and a half star review, to be honest. It is adorable, I am pretty partial to purple, so I am ecstatic to have a purple mop and bucket. Very lightweight, easy to move, very convenient. It was a breeze to put together. I can no longer ring mops out by hand, so I LOVE and I do mean love that it takes nothing more than a minor push down on the mop handle to ring this out. I had a previous spin mop with pedal and the pedal broke within days, so I’m thrilled to be done with pedals. I love that this mop cleans effectively, but the floor is virtually dry by the time you’re finished. I have terrorist children who will not stay off the tile until my floors dry, but with this mop, it doesn’t matter. Thank GOD. Not only does it clean my tile, but it cleans grout. Our grout gets tacky and gross, from kids and pets. There’s no avoiding it. But this saves me from daily on my knees scrubbing. I had given up on expensive mops and was buying cheaper mops monthly, at least, for approximately the same price. But since I can’t ring by hand, I’d have to get a new one shortly after. The other mops with sponges always fall apart shortly after purchase. If this mop lasts me three months, it will have paid for itself and saved me a ton. I will update in a few weeks. For now, I love it.

Center the rack across the brackets, adjusting if necessary to prevent a slot from falling over a bracket. Mark for screw holes. Take the rack down to pre-drill and then use a screwdriver to secure it to the bracket with 5/8-in. screws.

I still haven’t received my mop there is no phone number to call it’s been a long time I have an order number but it’s not letting me get into the system so the order number is not tracking my order getting frustrated.

Includes 3 in molded drain. Tundra was started in Boulder, Colorado in 1993 – over 20 years ago. A liftgate will lower the product to the ground for you. It’s very important to us that you are happy w…

Excellent tool rack. Extremely sturdy and holds LOTS of hanging tools. Am taking a lessor rack down to put elsewhere so that this one can be THE go-to rack. Superb product and well worth the cost of purchase plus a hefty delivery price.

love this DOC rubber broom set. we’ve had one set for probably 3 yrs. use it all the time, in the house, in the garage, so easy to clean in warm soapy water. but I have found that my husband likes it so much it ends up out in his pole barn a lot so I ordered another set in another color, so when I need it i’ll know its there. works just like they say, great buy!

The ShippingPass assortment is continually being optimized. Products are added and removed for lots of reasons, but the main reason is to show items that we’re 100% sure we can deliver within the promised timeline.

For areas of carpeting, you will want to use shorter, more deliberate strokes. This action will build a stronger static charge, and help the broom get deep into the nap of the carpet. If used correctly, it is able to pull up pet hair from a freshly vacuumed floor.

FIAT mop service basins set the industry standard for quality, durability, and reliability. With our line of Terrazzo and Molded-Stone materials, and a comprehensive line of accessories, FIAT provides a complete package that is designed, engineered, and backed by FIAT’s commitment to be the best in mop sinks.

My commercial hangers use a 1/4 stud to catch the hole in the pegboard below the one that accepts the bent section.  The vise will allow me to press the 1/4 rod against the vise jaws while welding.  This will give a precise placement, so long as I get this setup right.

If you have not tried this broom, I highly recommend it. I have several pets and a traditional broom always seems to leave hair behind, however this broom leaves no hair behind. I actually found this broom while at the hair stylist and the word in the hair market is, this is the only broom several salons use since it does such a great job with hair.

I got mine built inspired by your design. Thanks for the concept and the tips. I didn’t follow the blueprints, but borrowed some IP our of it. I did include the wheels for easier access and also added a serrated edge. That way I can just rest a tool that I’m currently using (or in case the rack itself is full). I also found a purchased tool hanger hanging around and I attached it to the side. It might be over-engineered, but is fun to see how it’s been evolving. I can clearly see where my thought process changed during the build.