The other issue we had to solve when moving the dryer was the vent. Since our laundry nook borders an exterior wall, we just had to poke a hole through our wall and install a dryer vent. And by poke, I actually mean hammer drill through the stone siding on our house.

Keep your bulky ladder out of the way yet easy to access. Suited to 150-pound ladders of any length, the Racor Ladder Lift relies on a fixed ceiling-mounted hook and rope and pulley system that does all the heavy lifting — and makes a ladder feel surprisingly light. The unique locking mechanism holds the rope securely to avoid accidental release. Photo courtesy of Racor

Third broom holder I’ve tried; this one appears to be the real deal. 5 slots/6 hooks, and made of durable plastic (not brittle) with rubber/nylon inserts to grab the tool handles as they slide into place. The jamb rollers, which aren’t spring loaded but fall into position by weight, don’t allow any slippage that I can tell. I’ve not hung anything heavier than a kitchen mop so far but it’s good to date. The retractable hooks do protrude (total distance from wall is about 4-5 inches), so be careful if mounting behind a door. Comes with all the hardware you need to mount, but you’ll need to get at least one pair of screws into a stud for security.

Saving space this mounted mop holder is great for saving space and storing your cleaning supplies. The holder mounts onto the wall via screws and can hold brooms, mops, swiffers, etc. Great for organization organize your mops and brooms in the basement.

Lehigh Group/Crawford #SG2 2PK 7/8 Spring Grip. Manufacturers change colors and item details frequently and often do not update pictures. We have no personal knowledge or experience with this product or ability to customize it.

There’s simply nothing more convenient than a hose for watering. Hoses come in a variety of materials (vinyl, rubber), lengths (usually 25, 50, 75 ft.) and even colors (traditionally green or black, now a rainbow of choices). This heavy-duty rubber hose will hold up for years, especially if stored under cover in cold climates. Although you can always rely on your thumb, the spray attachment gives you more options (for instance, a soft stream of water for watering newly seeded areas or a hard blast for cleaning mud off of tools). Available from