More than a tool, it’s an heirloom. Take the effort out of your garden chores the P-grip Diamond Hoe from DeWit. This tool features four very sharp forged edges to make weeding a breeze. Designed to push pull while cutting weeds just below the surface – no chopping.

For areas of carpeting, you will want to use shorter, more deliberate strokes. This action will build a stronger static charge, and help the broom get deep into the nap of the carpet. If used correctly, it is able to pull up pet hair from a freshly vacuumed floor.

Size: 12 H x 33 W x 25 D Advance Tabco Single Floor Mounted Mop Sink Features: -For commercial use only.-Floor mop and service sink.-Drop front design.-Made in the USA.-Product Type: Service sink.-Finish: Stainless steel.-Cabinet Included: No.-Shelf… more

Creating a garden tool rack for stashing stuff in the unused spaces between studs is a smart move; adding these slant boxes to expand the space is smarter yet. They give your yard tools more “headroom” and give you easier access to long- and short-handled tools.

These techniques are exclusive to Magic Mops professional cleaning team and cannot be found or matched anywhere else. Our staff will never cut corners to save on time or rush through any home in order to meet a deadline. Each and every customer can feel assured that when they hire Magic Mops to clean their home that they are getting the very best in the industry.

Shipping pallets can be found for free at many hardware stores, furniture stores or even construction sites. Using a recycled pallet, recycled bow rake heads (who hasn’t broken a handle or two working the back forty) and less than ten dollars worth of hardware, this garden tool rack has rustic appeal and will help to wrangle the many garden tools one accumulates.

The most complete line of terrazzo Serviceptors for corner, recessed, pier or island installations, we offer models in a choice of 4 sizes. All sinks are available with plain shoulders or integrally cast 20 gauge continuous stainless steel cap. Terrazzo is composed of pearl gray marble chips cast in white Portland cement which produces a compressive strength of 3000 PSI seven days after casting; then ground smooth, grouted and sealed to resist stains and moisture. Integral brass drain body is cast in production and provides for a caulked connection of not less that 1 deep to a 3 pipe. Drain is centered on all models and comes with a flat stainless steel strainer and screws.

If you’re working with nailguns, saws, coil nailers, and other construction tools high up on rafters our Tool Hangers will make your job easier while helping you keep your tools close at hand so you can work faster. Our tool hanger rafter hooks work with many construction tools including: Bosch, Hitachi, Makita, Max, Paslode, Senco, Skil, Stanley Bostitch,and Porter Cable.

8′ Garage & Tool Organizer. Crawford by Lehigh tool storage system is used to organize rakes, shovels and most long-handled tools. Two 4-Feet sections hold up to 24 tools and can be hung on any type o…

A compact and stylish solution for mopping the floor, the Spray Mop has an in-built water tank that allows the user to control how wet the floor becomes by using the trigger handle to wet the floor before the Eco Cloth pad scrubs away dirt on any hard floor.

Let me start out by saying I love this product – it was easy to install, I was able to hang everything including shears, and it looks good too! Its constructed of hard plastic, but appears to be durable; the hangers are angled and deep enough to store two items on each hanger. Here are few tips for installation:

Awesome product! Went to our local home/garden show (where I was first introduced to your ‘broom’) last month and you were missing in action. Very disappointed :(. So happy when I found it online!!! We have English Setters and this is the best product to get control of the dog hair. We have some stained concrete floors and it works great on these…both sides. Squeegee side to move water quickly. Hope to find you next year at our OKC show.

Mop Holder 5 Position with 6 Hooks. Function: Mop Holder (5 Hang Position with 6 Hooks). 1 set Magic Mop Holder 5 Position with 6 Hooks(241098). 241098 Mop Holder 5 Position with 6 Hooks 1 pc. It is m…

Find wall space in a shed, garage or an outdoor location with an overhang large enough to keep the rain off. Position the tool rack on the wall with the top at a height of about 7 feet and level. Use four 3” deck screws uniformly spaced to attach.

I still haven’t received my mop there is no phone number to call it’s been a long time I have an order number but it’s not letting me get into the system so the order number is not tracking my order getting frustrated.

All 18 gauge stainless steel construction provides long life and easy maintenance. Floor mount design for ultimate in sanitation. Bowl size: 20x20x9.5D. Overall size: 24x24x14h. Includes a plastic basket Strainer. Etl certified. more

Bought 2 of these, 1 for the house and 1 for the garage. I had a similar one and it was on its way out. These work great especially if you want to keep the dust down when sweeping. Great for getting animal hair off of furniture too.

The Advance Tabco K-288 16 high two sided splash is an essential accessory for your 9-OP-20 and 9-OP-40 mop sinks! This splash mounts onto your mop sink to help maintain a safe and sanitary workplace by containing dangerous and unsightly spills. It is… more

Have you tried traditional mops, spray mops or steam mops and got frustrated by how ineffective or overpriced they are ?. – and a good cleaning job for most floors usually means all kinds of heavy lifting and moving furniture!

The mounting brackets were not in the original package but customer service was very friendly and apologetic and sent them immediately. I love this rack. Make sure it is really solidly mounted though. I had a hard time getting the screws in so drilled the holes a little bigger – big mistake. The rack fell off the wall once it had tools on it. It has excellent storage capacity and versatility and is very solid. I want another one.

For use in areas where hygiene is a For use in areas where hygiene is a top priority. Ideal for hospitals kitchens bathrooms dairies around swimming pools or wherever metal components are undesirable. Acid-resistant polypropylene construction. Reinforced frame. Blade Material: Rubber; Blade Width: 18 in. Handle Material: Plastic; Handle Type: Straight.  More + Product Details Close

There may be a time when you need a hanger for your pegboard, but cannot find or adapt the right commercial hanger.  My commercial hangers are a little thicker than 3/16.  I am using 3/16 rod here.  Do a rough calculation of how much rod is used in the bends on the commercial hanger and make a bend to replicate the first bend as seen here.

I always thought pegboard and hangers were too extravagant. I have sometimes used a piece of plywood and some nails in place of hangers. Once I had some commercial hangers, but drilled a few custom holes in some plywood about 3/16 inch thick. That meant deciding where each tool would go and never changing its location, unless I drilled new holes. Only in recent years did my wife insist I have a metal workbench. It came with pegboard and some hangers.

For the tall unit, use the bottom wall plate for the bottom of your box. Attach the plywood to a 1-in. gap at the bottom for removing dirt or dropped items. For the shorter slant boxes, install your own blocking to create the bottom; leave a gap at the bottom of the plywood for those, too. We show 48-in. and 16-in. versions; you can make yours any depth or length you want.

I wanted to hang all of my spring clamps on a separate wire hanger.  I decided to lengthen one of the hangers that came with my pegboard.   If you look at the photo you can see the weld where I added length. 

…Reach Brush and Comb Set features extra long ergonomically angled handles that make grooming easier for those with limited arm movement, frozen shoulders or arthritis. Durable ABS plastic with anti-slip rubber handles. The Long Reach Brush Set makes bushing you hair enjoyable! 14 brush and 15L comb.

Keep all of your tools organized in one place with the Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower Rack. Front clips allow head-down storage and ensures stability. For easy transport, four castors help move tools to where you need them.

Type 316: Similar to type 304, but also contains a small amount of molybdenum, which is an alloy element #304 does not contain (but one that provides even stronger resistance to some deterioration). Types 304 and 316 are grades of stainless steel that are most often used in plumbing, as well as in the manufacturing of kitchen utensils and sinks.

Are you still doing that old dance with hair and dust? Traditional brooms seem to simply stir them up and move them around. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’ve even cleaned. Not so with the DOC rubber broom. Its electrostatic bristles attract hair and debris as you clean. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs all over your home. Just rinse them clean when you’re done. 

Select the more attractive side of the pallet and measure 14” from the top (the end opposite the cubby) Mark spots at 9” and 12” from each side. Anchor bolts spaced 3” apart will be used to hold long-handled tools. Note: Pallets are not uniform in construction. If a measurement of 14” from the top falls in a gap between slats, adjust placement by an inch or two, if necessary. 

The Rubber Broom is designed to be pulled back, not pushed, on carpets or tile floors.  It can be used as a push broom on other floors, but best results are obtained by using it as a pull broom.  On carpets, it MUST be pulled.  Keep the bristles vertical and flush against the carpet and make short firm strokes  (the length of the strokes may vary with the type of carpet).

I LOVE this broom and have had a pr of them for more years than I can remember. Probably 20+ They don’t wear out since they’re rubber. Best thing on wood floors with shedding pets and outdoor debris off shoes. Gets the smallest stuff too. I,m buying a couple more for the patio & shed.

Some disposable cleaning wipes are effective, but you’ll need to replace them after every use, while you can wash the Shiwala Magic Mop’s head and use it again and again. Moreover, if you’re dealing with a very stubborn mess, a disposable cleaning wipe may just rub it around as opposed to getting rid of it.

Generally, storage (especially outdoor storage) is never enough, and there is never a perfect way around that. Learn how to build a bike storage shack that comes with planting space on top from this DIY!