Clean your tiles, hardwood, deck, patio and even carpeting with ease. This multipurpose broom serves as a broom, floor brush, and squeegee. The included squeegee on the back side is nice for dying floors, cleaning spills or doing windows. Can be used with soap and water for scrubbing floors, washing boats, RV’s and vehicles or cleaning hard to reach window.   

Note: If your garage has a short ceiling (or your tools have extra-long handles), create a cutout in the top of the plywood face, as shown in Figure A, to allow more entrance and exit leeway for your tools.

By outfitting your establishment with any of these mop sinks, employees will be able to drain dirty water into a contained unit rather than dumping it outside. You’ll even find larger units with side cabinets that store all your other mopping supplies in one convenient location. And, since all of our sinks are constructed from durable materials, you can expect to receive a product that will last you years of reliable service. Make sure you have wet mops, wet floor signs, and wet mop buckets to thoroughly clean your hard floor surfaces. If you’re wondering where to buy mop sinks, we have a large selection of mop sinks for sale at the lowest prices.

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High – quality materials: The mop rack is made of high quality ABS, green and durable;. Folding damp joints: The pothooks on the rack is well-designed to be folding up and down, supported by folding d…

As a wet mop, Shiwala will effectively clean up messes from almost any type of non-carpeted flooring. Therefore, you can use the mop to clean the floors within various rooms in your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. If you use it as a dry duster, it’ll also clean up dirt found on carpet, walls, and railings.

Wall Mounted Mop & Broom Holder Hanger Tidy Storage Cleaning Rack Organizer Tool Features 1 x Wall Mounted Mop Holder. Maximum load bearing 5KG. Paste it on a clean wall. Easy to use, do not hurt the …

WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!! This broom is FANTASTIC!!! I vacuumed first then used the broom to see if it really got the dirt that was deep in the carpet. Yikes, did it ever. I can’t believe I was walking on the carpet in bare feet. The carpet even looks brighter. The broom is light weight but super sturdy and well made. Get This broom. You will be so pleased with the results!

Very unreliable seller, delay in delivery, no reply to customer. When I wanted to cancel, changed shipping status from request shipping to shipping on delivery so I am unable to cancel. Normally local delivery takes a couple of days but took more than a week and never reply to my query. This seller has a lack of integrity and hope Qoo10 will monitor this seller.

When you use your Shiwala Magic Mop, you won’t need to exert a great deal of effort in order to clean up household messes, nor will you need to worry about damaging your floors. To get rid of wet messes such as beverage stains or pet urine, you’ll simply need to pump the mop’s handle to spray water or a cleaning solution, and slide the head over each mess. When dry, you’ll also be able to use this mop as a duster. Its head’s centre pad will attract wet and dry messes without scratching your floors, and regardless of its level of wetness, the head won’t leave drips behind.

The Magic Mop was designed to essentially suck grease off of food.  If I recall correctly, it was touted to be made of the same synthetic fiber that is used to suck foam off of airport landing strips during a potential airplane crash.

I used one of the wire stubs from step 2.  Place the heavy wire and the side cutters in a vise.  Begin bending the wire around the wire cutter with a hammer.  Move the side cutters and bent wire a quarter turn and continue making bends until a rectangle has been formed that fits around the side cutters.  Trim away excess wire.  Weld the ends to close the rectangle.

Floor mop sink. A liftgate will lower the product to the ground for you. It’s very important to us that you are happy with your order. 17 1/2 in (H) x 24 in (W) x 20 in (D). Tundra was started in Boul…

HIGH QUALITY DESIGN: Made of 100% TPR rubber, this broom is designed for the most grueling jobs. It is tough enough to handle any job, yet won’t damage any surfaces. it comes with 55’’ sturdy steel handle with a powder-coated finish. The long length lets you get to hard-to-reach places.

Pocket hose holder is the neat, convenient way to store your garden hose, including collapsible hose, magic hose, shrinking hoses and other types of flexible hoses. Protect your water hose from the elements and color bleaching from the sun. Although the pocket hose holder is small and compact, it…

Product Features:Utility sink finished in whiteNumber of basins: 1This sink is warrantied and manufactured by SwanstoneOverall Dimensions:Overall sink length: 36Overall sink width: 24Overall sink height: 10Basin Dimensions:Interior depth:… more

Mop Sink, Without Faucet, Body Material Durastone(R), Color White, Overall Length 24 In., Overall Width 24 In., Overall Height 10 In., Bowl Size 24 In. x 24 In., Bowl Depth 10 In., Back Splash No, Drain Opening 3 In., Includes Drain Seal and Stainless… more

Use our ingenious All-Terrain Broom & Squeegee to make a clean sweep of any surface – indoors or out! It uses natural static electricity to collect everything from leaves to the smallest particles quickly and completely.

Mop Sink Service Basin 24 x 24 x 10 in. White Fiberglass. Features a large 10 deep basin, making it roomy enough for a variety of cleaning tasks. – Integral molded in drain for connection to 3” ABS, …

My grandkids had spilled orange soda on my oriental rug and I’ve tried a variety of ways to clean it without much results. This broom paired with a high traffic rug cleaner finally got the stain out. The brush has the right toughness and density to work the product into the rug and removed the stain after it had dried.

a set of bristles arranged on the lower side of the broom body, the bristles being made of an elastic polymer material and forming one piece, the bristles being manufactured as a separate piece from the broom body,

…Liquid Lawn is perfect for dry patches, dog spots, high traffic areas and frustrating shady sections. And it blends perfectly with your existing lawn. Hydro Mouse Liquid Lawn Refill covers up to 200 square feet. Includes 1 lb. Proprietary Grass Seed Blend and 2 oz. bottle of Magic Mousse Formula.

…Cart as seen on TV has a patented, ergonomically designed extendable handle that allows you to pull more weight with less effort and the non-slip rubber grip provides optimal comfort. With the Smart Cart, you can haul 110 lbs, and because it’s made with a durable, flexible, and waterproof material,…

There may be a time when you need a hanger for your pegboard, but cannot find or adapt the right commercial hanger.  My commercial hangers are a little thicker than 3/16.  I am using 3/16 rod here.  Do a rough calculation of how much rod is used in the bends on the commercial hanger and make a bend to replicate the first bend as seen here.

Tips from the Experts: Mop sink requirements are normally determined by the municipality in which the restaurant is located. Most municipalities require some basics which are: 1) Separate compartments for washing, rinsing and sanitizing. 2) A certain number of feet the sink should be from any cooking equipment. –Hap

So what did I pay for? I asked Anthony to come back and correct these oversights, and he could only come at a time that I wasn’t home. I left the key, and he left the place in a similar state. When I asked him for a partial refund, he stopped answering my calls and texts.