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The heavy duty hook is a must have; very sturdy and works great with the rubber coating. I was able to get the two shovel, a large bamboo rake, two small rakes , a broom and a push broom off of the floor.

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For smaller projects that require less power, The Home Depot has a large selection of hand tools to help you get the job done. From shovels to rakes to shears and pruners, everything you need to put the finishing touches on your outdoor space is right here for your convenience. We also offer a variety of accessories and related products utility gloves and eyewear for protection, water and irrigation products to keep your yard healthy and happy, and landscaping pavers and step stones to help beautify your outdoor oasis. Also, be sure to check out our how-to guides and videos for inspiration and tips on lots of useful outdoor DIY projects.

The Libman 919 Lobby has an extremely wide mouth on the dustpan, so your aim doesn’t have to be perfect when collecting debris. The broom handle comes with a powder-coated grip, ensuring that your hands won’t get tired even if you’ve been sweeping all day long.

Our Small Yard Tool Rack can hold up to 15 tools and is a great space saver in any garage, shed, barn, or greenhouse. With this small tool rack, you’ll no longer waste time searching for tools you need because they will all be located in one convenient location.

Beyond costs, the Swiffer is just not as effective at cleaning as the O-Cedar dust mop. The Swiffer is effective at picking up dust, dirt, and cat hair, but it can’t get into cracks or corners as well as our pick because it uses flat sheets instead of a textured cloth. Plus, the O-Cedar Dual Action Flip Mop’s head is almost twice the width of the Swiffer’s, so the Swiffer takes nearly twice the time and energy to clean the same space.

The other reason to choose an outdoor broom is water. Many indoor brooms are “corn brooms” made of straw, which will moulder and rot if they exposed to water for too long. If you live in a climate where it rains regularly, sooner or later you will sweep something damp…or something icky that you’ll want to wash out of your broom (“Look what the dog left under that pile of leaves!”) Life is easier if you start with artificial fibers, which is what our top outdoor broom picks are made of.

The Rubbermaid FG638100 Red 1-Inch Handle Standard Corn Broom ($12) is “designed for rugged outdoor cleaning,” according to the manufacturer’s description, but it was smaller, lighter, and much less stiff than the other corn brooms in my sample. It simply was too soft and bendy to sweep pine needle debris or sand effectively, and it wasn’t terribly good at dislodging leaves from cracks in the deck, either. That said, it’s certainly cheap, so it’s a fine alternative if you’d actually like to buy a broom to sweep your kitchen.

The best dustpan to pair with the Casabella Wayclean Wide Angle Broom is the $6 OXO Good Grips Clip-On Dustpan. The OXO clips onto our favorite broom’s handle, and its 10.5-inch-wide mouth is big enough to match the Casabella. It also sits flush with the floor to stop dust from slipping past, and its deep ridge keeps stuff from spilling out. Our panel unanimously agreed it was the best dustpan we tested; it took the fewest sweeps and left the least residue behind.

Angle-cut bristles—This is a broom where the bristles on one side are cut short, and they get progressively longer until they reach the other side. This is convenient for getting into corners and under furniture.

Angled Head. The position of the brush head that is convenient for you will depend on the manner in which you sweep. For example, if you prefer to stand behind the broom and hold it at an angle to push it and the debris forward then a broom that comprises a brush head that is slightly angled from the handle will prove most useful.

It hangs the items securely with each ball capable of holding a maximum of 7.5 lbs. The rolling balls are designed to automatically adjust to the thickness of the handles. Installation is very easy and fast (maximum of five minutes). All you will need are included screws and wall anchors, screwdriver (not included). It’s toughened ABS plastic construction makes it extremely strong and durable. The counterbore on which the crews for installation go may be too deep limiting the plastic screw needs to sit on and securely mount this to a wall. Manufacturers of this product will do well to correct this design flaw.