Two of the casters lock to keep the unit in place. The base of the tower has a grid pattern to keep tools from sliding off. –Brian D. Olson. Easy to assemble with no tools needed. We do our best to process as quickly as possible.

Lay your long-handled garden tools side by side with about 2 in. clearance separating each tool from the next. Use a tape measure to measure across the point where the handle meets each tool, determine the distance from the middle of one handle to the middle of the next and write down these measurements.

If you use a standard mop, you’ll need to fill a heavy bucket with water or a cleaning solution, and drag it around with you as you clean. By using the Shiwala Magic Mop instead, you’ll eliminate the need for a bucket; plus, this mop’s 360-degree swivelling head will be able to reach places that standard mops are unable to.

Our service spans residential, commercial offices, reception areas, apartment buildings, health facilities, doctors offices, law firms, retail locations ,along with apartments, summer homes, and estates. Services include, but not limited to:

Are you tired of piling up your long handled yard tools or household cleaning tools in a corner just to have them all fall over when you are trying to get the one you need. Keter has the solution for you with the Keter 35.5 in.

Mop Holder 5 Position with 6 Hooks. Function: Mop Holder (5 Hang Position with 6 Hooks). 1 set Magic Mop Holder 5 Position with 6 Hooks(241098). 241098 Mop Holder 5 Position with 6 Hooks 1 pc. It is m…

Product Type: Picture Hanger Tool. Works with all types of hanging hardware; Picture wire, Sawtooth hook, D-Ring and Keyhole. Hook Type: Hang and level Tool. Ideal for hanging pictures, clocks, mirror…

For use in areas where hygiene is a For use in areas where hygiene is a top priority. Ideal for hospitals kitchens bathrooms dairies around swimming pools or wherever metal components are undesirable. Acid-resistant polypropylene construction. Reinforced frame. Blade Material: Rubber; Blade Width: 18 in. Handle Material: Plastic; Handle Type: Straight.  More + Product Details Close

When using a hole saw, drill just until the pilot bit comes through the other side. Then flip the board, put the pilot bit in the pilot hole, and finish the cut. You’ll get a cleaner cut, and the waste piece won’t get stuck in the hole saw.

Lift the handle of the mop from the bottom part of the mop holder, once the handle of the mop is inside the slot, release your hand, the rolling ball will automatically grip the mop handle. If you wan…

This storage cabinet is the perfect addition to any garage or workspace. Pegboard and an included assortment of hooks ensure that organizing your tools has never been easier. Constructed into three sections when open this cabinet provides 96” W continuous mounting tool area . Plenty of space means you will finally be able to store all your tools in one place, without worrying about heavy and bulky took boxes.

a deformable supporting layer configured to be attached to the underside of the broom body and separately produced therefrom, said supporting layer including a set of bristles that are integrally formed with the supporting layer and which are made of an elastic polymer material, the supporting layer being in close-fitting contact against the underside of the broom body along at least the circumferential rim,

You like them already greatly diverted furniture trend for our interiors, find them transformed into tool holders for equipment of our gardens. Laid on the ground or suspended, pallets really all good! Have a look here: 25 Ideas to Recycle Pallets in Kids Pallet Playhouses, Huts or Cabins

Durable tool from Grainger can help you organize mops and brooms and other long- or short-handled tools. Color-code hygienic polypropylene tool hanger options to help prevent cross contamination. Mount tool holders on the wall to help provide easy storage. Use a janitor cart to help store your cleaning tools and take them with you to the cleaning task at hand. Shop Grainger today for tool hangers!Close

* Single bowl, wall mount mop sink * 18 gauge, 304 series stainless steel * 18/8 chrome and nickel content * 31/2 center drain * Bowl has four diagonal grooves to channel the water directly to the drain * Inside Bowl Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 6 * Overall Dimensions: 27 3⁄4 x 27 3⁄4 x…

Organize your yard and garden tools with the Yard Tool Corner Storage Rack by Trademark Home Collection. Cluttered garden tools can be dangerous and inconvenient. Not only can you burn precious daylight looking for a tool in an unruly mess, but worse yet you can take a rake to the face! Put your yard tools in their place and take control of your shed or garage. The Yard Tool Corner Storage Rack will allow you to save valuable space and keep your tools organized. Reclaim your garage or shed with…

Heavy duty hangers are made from 5/16” (7.9mm) wide by 3/32” (2.4mm) thick, zinc plated steel. All hangers have pre-punched holes for securing to the wall or a bench. Two different shapes to choose from.

RRP: 79.95. White Magic Mini Spin Mop. Set inlcudes: Next generation microfibre mop heads. Cleaning/Care: Machine washable mop head. Double function bucket. Warranty: 12 months. About Kitchen Warehouse.

I was so pleased with my tool organizer that I couldn’t sleep; so excited that my garage might finally have some order. It is now holding two shovels, a weed eater, several hand saws, an electric trimmer, a bike pump, a rake, and has room to spare. Couldn’t ask for anything more. We tried to mount it with a battery powered screwdriver but only got the screws half way in. Fortunately, my brick mason had a heavy duty electric screwdriver and finished the job. I did buy new screws per several reviews. A great find!

(2) Mop head replacement. Skid proof anti-friction TPV handle is more easy on the hands and wrists than regular mops. The flat rates quoted in the table will apply to most destinations in the countrie…

The KOHLER Iron/Impressions Above-Counter Cast-Iron Vessel Sink in The KOHLER Iron/Impressions Above-Counter Cast-Iron Vessel Sink in White is designed to complement a variety of bathroom decorating schemes with its cast-iron construction that ensures durability and long-lasting enjoyment. It has a seamless 1-piece design that is easy to keep clean. The basin features a single-hole faucet drilling.  More + Product Details Close

Focus your innovative juices toward creating something you can use to store your garden tools such as a potting bench. Making your own bench gives you freedom over design and size preferences. Click here to see the DIY post!

Humans shed, too. Especially women with long hair. And while it’s easy to sweep up hair that lands on hardwood or laminate flooring, getting it out of carpets and rugs is a completely different story.  A vacuum is rarely able to suck up long strands, and when it does, it can clog the mechanism or worse, give off that awful burning hair smell. Suffice it to say, we thought we were going to have to manually pick up hair off our carpets forever, until we found rubber bristle brooms. 

Advance Tabco products are built to handle the daily demands of any restaurant, cafe, or juice bar. Priding themselves on durability and versatility – since 1929 – has led Advance Tabco to becoming one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel… more

Do you need weekly or bi-weekly maid/housekeeping service, a one-time move-in/move-out house cleaning, or maybe you want your home sparkling for that special occasion you’re hosting. It’s time to discover Magic Mops Cleaning. Your home will be cleaned to your highest expectations by trained professionals at surprisingly affordable rates. We will scrub and polish our way through your whole house until everything is clean and just the way you want it. Magic Mops Cleaning will exceed your expectations at every visit going above and beyond other housekeeping companies by providing customized, detail-oriented, home cleaning.

We take a huge pleasure in the market by delivering best assortments of Magic Mop. These mopping machines are acquired from best vendors of this realm. They are light weighted and use for easy mopping experiences. They are handy more..

I love this mop. I was on the fence about ordering it because of some of the negative reviews. I finally broke down and bought it after my other mop broke. So glad I did. My daughter and father in law enjoyed watching me using it. Lol. I was really excited when I realized it will spin in the water tank as well as the dryer side. I’m guessing the bad reviews were from people that didn’t take the time to read the instructions on how to assemble and use mop? Easy peazy. No more wringing out the mop from dirty water, and it took half the time to mop floor. It was actually enjoyable and fun to use. Will definitely buy again.

In the middle of remodeling a bedroom and bath, the sheetrock clean-up was horrendous! We loaned the crew our Rubber Broom, and they were very impressed. So, as a thank you gift, we gave the foreman one for himself and then one for the crew. They are guarding them with great security!

When using on carpet or anything similar, you will want to use the pulling method. Short deliberate strokes, pulled toward you, will give the best results on carpeting. This will help to build up the static charge and pull out the hair and dirt from deep in the carpet.

Usually floor mounted, a mop sink can give janitorial staff a convenient place to fill and empty mop buckets, clean mops and other supplies, and obtain water for other housekeeping tasks. The typical service sink sizes are 28-inches wide and 20-inches front-to-back, and 20-inches wide and 16-inches front-to-back. Each size is available in 6- and 12-inch depths. Useful accessories for a janitor sink include backsplashes to protect walls and floors from splashing water, and drop fronts for conveniently emptying containers.