Screw a pegboard to the shed wall and hang smaller tools, such as trowels, forks and scissors, from the pegs. Use a permanent marker to draw the outline of the tool on the board, so you’ll always know where to replace it after use.

Use a shower caddy to keep your a few small tools handy. Keep your hand tools organized you’re working on small jobs by repurposing a portable shower caddy. The handle on the caddy will make it easy for you to carry as you move from plant to plant.[11]

However, when I was organizing my tools, I discovered that it works really well for storing tools where some part of the tool needs to hang down below the rest of the shelf. Just cut out one of the wires and you have a custom storage shelf.

Pegboards and slatwall panels allow for easy garage organization, and many are designed to fasten directly over wall studs. Add pegs, shelves, hooks and other storage devices to these walls to hang tools, sporting goods and other equipment to help keep the garage floor clear. These systems can be easily rearranged to allow you to find the optimal organization system to meet your needs.

The diagram below shows one of the long garage walls that will be needed. This wall contains the rough opening for the man-door. You can see all of the necessary components of the wall required to assemble (frame) it. Notice that the wall framing dimension is 1 shorter than our overall length of 24′. The reason for this is that we will be placing 1/2 thick plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) structural sheathing all the way around the perimeter, after the roof is framed and sheathed. After the structural sheathing is installed, our finished framing measurements will equal 12′ x 24′. Study the components of this diagram and familiarize yourself with how it will be assembled and then we will explain the details of how it must be accomplished.

One of the primary hallmarks in organizing a garage and making it functional and clean is getting everything up off the floor and either hanging on the wall, stored in a cabinet or up on the ceiling. Our Garage Wall Organization section has great garage organizers to not only do the basics of storage, but also look great doing it!  Garage Wall Organizers featuring storeWALL and SlatWall mX which allow  for complete freedom of where you can hang hooks and shelves, with other garage organizers featuring tried and true Pegboard garage wall products.  We also offer garage wall organizers for the always present Bicycles, Lawn and Garden Tools and Sports related storage items like Golf bag storage, Winter sports and more…  The Garage Store also offer several exclusive garage organization products featuring custom built products like our Propane Bottle holders and introducing our  Motorsports related storage and accessory items which offer high function and look really great in the home garage.

Bring an end to messy storage closets full of tangled brooms, mops, rakes and sports equipment that crash and fall every time you move one item. Trying to keep your home clean and tidy shouldn’t be so…

This storage system solves two challenges: first, how to design storage space for the narrow alley between the garage side wall and the family car; and second, how to create a solid mounting surface to hold shelves and hooks that are capable of carrying hundreds of pounds of stuff.

If you have loads of smaller tools and drill bits and you don’t really have room for an extra-large toolbox, you can just add a small magnetic strip to the wall or just wherever you have room. This strip will keep those drill bits perfectly organized and handy so that you can just grab one when you need it. If you have a tool bench, this is the perfect way to keep drill bits close at hand and out of the way. Via: BHG – Every Little Bit

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What a great idea! We don’t have as many tools as you, but I store a lot of things between the beams on our garage wall just like you and this would help ensure they stay up & get put back where they belong.

Tall items work well stored in racks attached to the ceiling says Judson Crowder, CPO, owner of Restorganize, LLC and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. “Sometimes you only have four to six inches of space above the garage door, and that is just enough space to store your ladders, shovels, and rakes,” he says. “This keeps your walls clear for other storage, and the long-handled tools slide in and out with ease.” HGTV Smart Home 2013 demonstrates this type of storage with surf boards instead of shovels.

You name it, and we’ve got a Hook – Basket – Shelf or Rack designed to store all of the items in your garage featuring  storeWALL, Schulte and others, designed to help better manage your garage.  We also feature Motorsports accessories to really rev up your garage!

I use my whisk broom with my dust pans. Over time it will get shorter as the bristles wear out, especially using it outdoors on concrete. I think I average about 10 years before I have to replace it. It is inexpensive enough to have several handy when you need them.

You are a creative genius! I am so glad I found you at A Creative Princess! We just moved our shed this past holiday weekend. It will now be used as my garden shed for all of my garden tools. I was going to go buy pegboard but now that I see this, nope, not gonna do it! I will be buying some PVC instead! I will be posting on my blog once everything is in place! I would love it if you popped over and shared this at my party going on now at

I saw a great idea in a small organizing pamphlet by Martha Stewart! You put some nails in your beams and string a short bungie cord from one nail to the other. Then you store your shovels and rakes, etc. in those spaces within the wall between the beams. This is great for us because we don’t have a garage, only a storage shed about 6 x 8 and the tools don’t take up room in the shed so much as almost disappearing along the walls of the shed.

Even separate garages situated less than 3 feet far from the residence must have drywall on all interior wall surfaces. Before skipping the drywall for a different item, inspect your neighborhood building ordinance to validate whether drywall is needed for fire resistance.

I love the idea of cleaning without harsh chemicals, especially with my pets and kids running around. The price was a bit steeper than it is now when I bought my Shark mop, but it was great. I only got to use it about half a dozen times before the steam stopped going out the bottom and started coming out of the top around the fill tank. I emailed for help, and I was told it was likely just a clogged or bent tube, which was an easy fix. I opened up the back, and certainly did not find a bent tube. The tube and the rope-like cord around it were broken and frayed. The tube was gritty and crumbling everywhere inside the machine. The heating element/motor was boiling hot to the touch (and stayed that way for quite a while, even after not being plugged in for hours!) I followed the care instructions to the letter, because I had never spent so much on a mop when I could have gotten a basic mop for a couple dollars and not had a fire/shock hazard. I have owned it too long to return, unfortunately. I had a vacuum from this brand too that was nothing but problems from the beginning. Will never buy another Shark product. Not worth the money.

My husband got some bike hooks and put them in the ceiling beams, and using two hooks per item he hung them up that way. I assume you could use one per item or do it on a vertical beam, which could leave an easy side opening to put up and take down?

The Bissell Vac & Steam is about as advanced as steam mops get. As the name suggests, this is actually a steam mop and vacuum cleaner in one. It probably won’t replace a vacuum cleaner for most people, but it does mean you don’t have to get the main vac out before cleaning the floors.

Some spills were almost gone after two passes of the steam mop; others, such as mustard, clung tenaciously. We judged two models very good overall in cleaning up the small individual messes. The rest were middling.

Tools are essential for successful gardening and chances are that you will use them for your day to day gardening needs. There are many useful tools you will need in your garden, so it’s important to have them ready whenever you need them.

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