In the first instalment of his new autobiography, Hold On, Stay a While, Becker revealed that he had sex with the waitress, Angela Ermakova, only hours after his pregnant then wife, Barbara, had gone into hospital with contractions. While Mrs Becker was being treated, the former Wimbledon tennis champion consoled himself with a couple of beers. He then repaired to the bar of the trendy Nobu restaurant in London.

This studio’s resident artists never look far for their favorite medium. Wall-mounted rollers topped with a shelf stow painterly paraphernalia and dispense blank canvases awaiting an artist’s hand. Labeled industrial baskets hold each artist’s materials; a worktable complete with shelves and cubbies offers extra storage and a flat surface for coloring outside the lines.

A pair of small shelves can make a in how a room operates. These shelves brought cookbooks out of hiding, which in turn freed up cabinet space for storing kitchen essentials. Now displayed within easy sight of the cook, the tastemaker tomes are referenced more often, new recipes are prepared, and flavor experiences are broadened.

Hardwood handle. The mop attracts and holds dust from hardwood, tile and vinyl floors. It has a swivel head and wedge shape to access hard-to-reach places. Swivel head for greater cleaning flexibility…

Your child can easily find that favorite book, as the wall storage has an open front. If you hang the wall storage at a child-friendly height, it’s easy for your child to reach their favorite book for story time. Made of solid wood FLISAT Wall storage 002.907.78 IKEA $12.99

There are plenty of manufactured storage sheds available, but few are as practical as this DIY unit. This easy-to-build storage locker is low and compact, yet it’s spacious enough to hold your lawnmower, long-handled tools and other garden items. See how to build it.

Compact Garden Tool Storage Rack – Fits Over 30 Tools By StalwartCompact Garden Tool Storage Rack – Fits Over 30 Tools By Stalwart. Don’t have a lot of space?. Don’t have a lot of tools?. Easy to assemble, never any tools required.

For Summer 1988, the morning schedule was re-introduced, again under the banner heading But First This. Links were again presented from one of the two Presentation studios at Television Centre, from a set resembling a junkyard. This time four presenters worked on the series concurrently. Joining Andy Crane were, once again, actress and singer Siobhan Maher and two new faces – Colin Heywood and Sue Devaney. Sue was an actress, perhaps best known to Children’s BBC viewers as Our Rita in Jonny Briggs. Not much is known about Colin’s background – though he did re-appear the following year with a new name and ten years shaved off his age, as part of short-lived pop act Yell. He was last seen – by Simon Parkin – driving down the M4.

Planning the layout and buying materials can take a few hours, but you can do the actual installation, including ripping the plywood shelves and strips, in less than a day. Put up horizontal strips even if you have exposed studs or block walls—they’ll make it much easier to install shelf standards and hooks. Apply finish to the strips and shelves, if desired, before installing them.

Buy, build, or repurpose furniture pieces that bring fun forms and finely tuned function to walls throughout your home. This kicky colored sideboard doubles as a wine cabinet, cocktail-making station, and a storage spot for party goods. A stemware rack mounted to the bottom magnifies the piece’s purpose.

This tool storage caddy looks great in the photos. It held all of my yard tools as described, however; 16 days in it has collapsed und the weight of the tools. This was not a wise purchase. I would not recommend this item. Look for something much more sturdy!

The O’Cedar’s head is about twice as wide as a Swiffer’s. The cloth measures 17.5 inches across in the front, widens to 19 inches in the back, and is 5.5 inches deep. The Swiffer measures 10 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep, so it has much less surface area—even without counting our pick’s second side. Our pick’s double-sidedness also makes it better at reaching into corners where dust tends to gather. Some other dust mops we tested struggled to get dust out of tight corners, especially if it was clinging to the wall or above the floor’s surface.