Make potting a pleasure with the Merry Garden Potting Bench with Recessed Storage. Ingeniously designed with a latticed tabletop that allows excess soil or refuse to be collected underneath, it’s built of kiln-dried fir for good looks and long wear. Available on Amazon; $140.

Use A Disc Hiller Assembly To Create Raised Garden And Seedbeds Or Bury Ground Crops Such As Potatoes And Carrots. This 14 In. Bed Shaper Can Be Used In A Series Of Two Attached To A Tool Bar To Achieve The Desired Mounds On The Field. … more

The 75 lb. Double-Arm Padded Hanger is made The 75 lb. Double-Arm Padded Hanger is made of steel and features protective padding. It is ideal for use in the garage workshop tool shed basement and home. The hook is suitable for storing sports equipment heavy work tools furniture and more. Mounting hardware is included and easy-to-follow instructions can …  More + Product Details Close

Want to get that leaf blower and string trimmer off the garage floor and out of your way? This easy-to-make garden tool storage rack has room to hang all your power landscaping tools, with a shelf above to hold battery chargers and extra string reels!

If your workbench has ever looked like the first image, you are definitely in need of a tool wall. Before you get started on any tool holders, pull everything you think that you’ll want to store on the wall out and sort it all. Decide what you want to have easily accessible and what you want to store in your tool box for less use. Once you’ve got a rough idea of what holders you need to make, start making!

EASY TO CARRY — Environmentally plastic material, lightweight and small. With a molded shell tool box with slots for easy storage and classification.MULTIFUNCTIONAL — 10-Piece including rakes, shovels, shears, secateurs, weeding knife … more

Enhance the rustic appeal of your kitchen or breakfast nook with a reclaimed-wood shelf featuring four hooks for hanging your favo…rite mugs. Born in a garage in Texas, (del)Hutson Designs is dedicated to the principles of hand craftsmanship and upcycling with rustic decor made from repurposed wood and materials. Style Name:(Del)Hutson Designs Repurposed Wood Shelf With Hooks. Style Number: 5504130. Available in stores. read more

Organize tools. Get your garden shed sorted out now so you’ll know just where to find what you need for spring planting. Investing in a wall-mounted rack can be a smart way to save on floor space and place tools, extra hose nozzles, bags of fertilizers and potting supplies in plain sight. While you’re organizing, take the time to give metal and wood tools like spades and trowels some winter conditioning. Clean off dirt from the blades, dry them completely and rub both blades and wooden handles w – mariana_calix

Gardening – Green-fingered souls among us can keep their plants in order in a space devoted to gardening. Transform a tired shed by adding practical storage to store pots, gardening tools, watering-cans and cloches. Add a workstation and chair for planting jobs, plus an outdoor radio for entertainment.

All your garden tools and supplies will be right where you need them with this rolling Garden Tool cart from Pure Garden. The spacious interior and removable tool tray are ideal for keeping all your gardening supplies in one convenient … more

Even hiding places can be attractive, so he offers a suggestion for tidying up those spaces. For his nursery-bed hiding space he removes the awkward brick pavers and stacks them in an out-of-the-way place behind the fence. Then, he levels the grade of the path with a shovel and a rake. He lays down a layer of landscape fabric, securing it in place with small stakes. Finally, Paul spreads mulch over the landscaping fabric. The new area is revamped.

We are a veteran owned and operated small business. Our job is to help you get the most enjoyment out of your truck or Jeep® through installation of the 4×4 products and accessories. In addition to accessory… read more

The first thing you should check in this instance is the transmitter battery. Dead batteries are often the culprit, though there are other causes seen as well. If the batteries are in good shape, take a look at the cables and tracks to make sure they are clear, clean, and sturdy.

There’s no need to kneel when you’ve got the Picnic Time Gardener Seat and Tools (literally) behind you! A detachable bag stocked with weeder, trowel, spade, fork, and hand rake tucks neatly under a sturdy canvas chair. Now you can sit comfortably as you work—and feel just as at ease when you stop to smell the flowers. Available at Picnic Promotions; $70.

Since 1843, we’ve set the standard for excellence in everything we do. No company on earth has a stronger or more compelling history of delivering the hardworking, innovative, powerful tools that help professionals around the world build, repair, and protect the world’s most valuable objects.

Cut and screw together the sides and ends with the ends protruding 1 in. beyond the sides. Drill holes in the top of the ends for a 3/4-in. dowel handle and tap it in the holes before assembling the ends and sides. Drill the 3/8-in. storage holes in the top edges of the sides before assembly.

The beauty of the Ryobi Expand-it system is that every tool is an attachment, rather than a stand-alone piece of equipment. The clutter could have been much worse if they all had their own handles and power supplies!

Options to obtain Tool Wall. Download from us or Partner for free. No time limit Purchase of additional Panels or Tool Management Free software with the purchase of storage Contact us for downloads, system information, pricing, system help and other information you need. Apollo Store Apollo Machinery is the manufacturer of Tool Wall storage Download the Tool Tracking software of 1 virtual panel of 60 Master tools and 1 (160 tools) panel of Common Tools plus 10k of BIN tools. *Ask us or your Machine/Tool supplier for the download link. If your supplier does not have it, he/she or you can contact  us under : to obtain it. Tool Tracking takes only a minimum of data input to be up and running. Feature rich Tool Management takes considerable more data to implement. All Tool Tracking data is part of Tool Management data at upgrading. Entered tool data can be used indefinably aiding your operation. Additional tool expansion panels can be purchased from your Machine/Tool supplier or from us directly. Or upgrade to the feature rich Tool Management version. Cost of each additional 60 tool panel: Tool Tracking Basic $ 120.- Upgrade to Tool Management $ 115.- Purchase our Tool Wall storage system in various configurations and we will include the accompanying version of the Tool Tracking software. The software has a setting that displays a user interface depicting the Tool Wall storage you have. This feature makes tool identification simple. We call it the “Virtual Tool Wall”. This option lets you buy panel sizes of 60 and 160 tools for 30 and 40 taper tool holders. All other holder panels have 60 tools. Prices for Tool Storage panels that are software supported start at $ 1995.- The software should be updated once per year to insure you have the latest version. Updates are available as of Oct 7th every year. Updates are free of charge. A 50% Tool Tracking software purchase credit will be applied when purchasing our Tool Storage within 12 month. *The direct download from this page is available until May 31st 2018

It works great and red pieces look really nice, but my husband had to use his own larger drywall anchors instead of the ones that came with the order. We didn’t have studs in that location. The ones they gave (small blue anchors) couldn’t hold the weight. He noticed he already had the same size screws wall control sent in a dry wall anchor pack, but were paired with much larger anchors, so he gave them a try. It went up fine after that and held everything! I would buy again. I paired this with their red pegboard as a gift and he loved it. The picture has an added 6 inch shelf. It’s a really great deal for all the pieces!

I was extremely concerned about getting such a large item from Amazon. But the concerns were unwarrented. Their delivery company called me the day before to schedule the delivery, the delivery men unloaded it from the back of the truck and even helped me unwrap it so that I could see there and then that there was no damage (there wasn’t).

This is a very simple holder utilizing dowels at an angle to secure my sets of metric and SAE combination wrenches. Once evenly spaced, the holes were drilled just above center using a drill press. The dowels were then glued in place.