I’ve rounded up some of the best DIY garage organization ideas for you! If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, treat yourself to some organization tips that go beyond the pegboard. These tips are useful for real families who need help organizing those 20 garden tools, 5 bicycles, 10 basketballs, and 15 fishing rods that might currently be scattered all over the garage floor. 🙂 To learn more about each idea, click on the blue links. Happy organizing!

These wet mop heads are all durably constructed to handle the toughest spills and everyday cleaning. They’re resistant to shredding, tearing, and ripping. Choose from all our various colors and sizes to clean your narrow hallway or large dining room. You’ll also find a varied selection of handles to use with your mop heads. For more great janitorial supplies, be sure to browse our wet floor signs, floor dryers, and commercial floor scrubbers. If you’re wondering where to buy wet mops, we have a large selection of wet mops for sale at the lowest prices.

From the Manufacturer About the Brand Gala India’s one of largest manufacturer of home cleaning tools brings out Spin Mop Handle and Refill. Special micro fiber refill which is effective in cleaning. Easy to clean under corner. Micro Fiber Refill with super absorbent capacity, Super Spin system which makes drying refill faster, Special Cleaner to clean remove dirt & clean refill. Rod which have Special lock system on pipe which makes it easy to lock & unlock pipe for easy height adjustment. Rod Features Quick Lock Quick system that not only just adds to the conveniences but also aids in cleaning the mop itself by keeping it firmly locked. Unlock Unlock the white clip on the rod before dipping in the bucket. 360 Degree 360 degree cleaning, reaches under furniture and hard to reach areas. Micro Fiber Refill Features – Cleans up like magic – Microfibers attract dirt, dust and impurity – Rapidly stick to the refill – Can be easily washed in washing machine – Makes entire process of cleaning faster and more effective – Washing and keeping the refill clean is convenient Compatible Refill is Compatible with all Gala mops – Gala Spin Mop, Gala Twin bucket mop, Gala Jet Spin mop and Aqua Spin Mop. Applications Used in all types of floors like tiles, slate, linoleum and wooden floor.

GREENGUARD Gold certified. Thick solid maple top provides a durable work-area for creativity. Includes an actual detachable metal …vice and assortment of wooden work pieces with 4 translucent trays. Features our exclusive Tuff-Gloss UV finish. 25H x… read more

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Whitmor’s Six Shelf Closet System will create extra space in any closet. It will hang using a standard closet rod or wire shelving…. This features easy no tool assembly and a sturdy coated metal frame with durable resin end connectors. This closet is perfect for storage in the closet, basement, laundry room, or garage.  Whitmor is a 4th generation family-owned and operated business. Since 1946, Whitmor has been dedicated to bringing organization home by creating products that simplify everyday life. Ensuring that those products are built with integrity, value, and innovation is our commitment to you. And our promise is that we will always be here for you should you ever need us as we stand behind our product 100%.   Whitmor customer service is available in English and Spanish Monday through Friday from 8am – 4:30pm CST.  Call us and we will gladly assist you in your language. You may contact Whitmor toll-free at 1-888-944-8667 or via email at customer_service@whitmor.com. read more

Organize your tool box drawer. Pliers/Wrench Rack is constructed out of plastic and will hold up to 13 tools. There are two different size of slots to accommodate all sizes of tools. The front edge al…

Tornado mop refill (Libman #2031). Wring Type: Twist. Tornado mop. 100% synthetic yarn mop head resists odor causing bacteria. 3 green bands on mop head prevent tangling. Easy change, machine-washable…

Our test space was a kitchen and living room with engineered hardwood flooring (a sealed hardwood layer on top of a composite base). We started with the mops dry, simply considering how they felt when held and swept around. Then we filled the buckets with plain water, wetted and wrung out the mops according to the manufacturers’ instructions, and re-wiped the floors to see how the mops’ characteristics changed with the added weight and friction. (Microfiber works by mechanically scrubbing up stains and physically absorbing them, and generally does not require detergent. Our test mops are 100 percent microfiber, so all our tests were done with plain water.)

Tornado mop refill (Libman #2031). 6: Tornado mop refill (Libman #2031). Tornado mop. 100% synthetic yarn mop head resists odor causing bacteria. 3 green bands on mop head prevent tangling. Easy chang…